Mission Accomplished.

3 06 2012

As you all know, it was a semi Hockey’s Finest Office party this past week in the Windy City! S & I spent the last 10 days burning up the streets of Wrigleyville.

Here’s a short & Sweet recap:

A few months ago, I posted this picture…

Captain Sexpanther’s bachelor pad

Thanks to an architectural boat tour of Chicago, S & I found it. Not going to lie, we giggled like little school girls when we realized we found it.

cha-ching! to the left, ladies.

Say hello to Tazer’s building. Now, which floor/number — I have no idea. I’ll leave that to all you lovely stalking girls (and when you find out, let us know). But judging by the view in his picture above, it matches up. Coincidentally, S & I would love to live in the apartment building across from him on the other side of the river. (Note: We made that decision BEFORE we found his building)

Another trip update, we had brunch with S’ aunt & uncle at Trump Tower — and y’all know who lives there… ;)

Why hello, PKane.

We saw the private “Residence Entrance” and I had to literally hold myself back from jumping past the gaurds and running around like a mad women in search of Kaner.

Of course, we couldn’t pass these up when we saw them:

Introducing, our boyfriends.

I’ll let you figure out who gets who!

Chicago, we love you. And in fact, S & I made a SOBER (just pointing that out) pact that when she graduates from school, we’ll get an apartment in the Windy City together (if we get jobs). So all you Chicagoans may get to keep us for a while!


P.S. — Midwestern ladies, what the hell is in your water?! You all are breeding trees for men. Holy tall. Send one to me, please.




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