Throwing out a bone…

5 06 2012

Where are all our men at?

Lately, we have had an odd amount of men following us (on Twitter @HockeysFinest). For a second, we thought for sure it was a mistake. Why would men want to follow a blog in which females talk about “sexy men” all day long.

Then S was all “maybe they have a thing for our cute female readers that comment” (yeah — she called y’all cute) “or the cute writers” … so that’s theory number 1. Men follow the blog because hockey loving females are a small breed?? …Maybe.

Anyway, I was thinking this morning. What if we throw you guys a bone? One post a week, we highlight the young, beautiful, sexy females involved in hockey (players, media, celebs, etc). I know the list may be short — but it could be something to entertain all of you. I’m almost positive you don’t come here to read our fantasies about other NHLers — or maybe you do?

We like to please. Therefore, we need our men followers to comment, tweet (@hockeysfinest or @laurenroche) — is this a good idea to y’all? If we hear nothing…we wont do it.

So guys, comment/tweet away. Is this something you want to see on here? Or maybe you’re lookin’ for something a little more stat heavy? Let us know — or else we won’t change a thing. You’ll be stuck reading our inner thoughts about the beautiful men around the league….forever. ;)





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