21 06 2012

Take a look at this for a second, ladies:

The Top Prospects of 2012

Does anyone else see the problem with this? S & I do.

Problem: THEY. ARE. BABIES. 

There aren’t many times when I feel old…but these boys look 18 years old max. With all our favorites becoming daddy’s and getting married…S & I were looking forward to the Draft. One word: Potential.

Unfortunately, we forgot that we are no longer 18 and that we are in fact almost pushing cougar status. So while these babies’ dreams are coming true this weekend, I’ll be sticking my head in a tub of ice cream to drown my sorrows.

Anyway, enjoy the Steel City boys! We’re quite jealous. May each one of you have the BEST time of your life. And hopefully, we’ll see one of you as Rookie of the Year at next year’s NHL Awards.

Pittsburgh, we miss you.





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