Lockout Bordem

11 10 2012

Ok ok … I know. Awful blogger award goes to us here at Hockey’s Finest. We’ve neglected you all in your time of need. But really, we’ve all been so depressed that we’ve just had nothing to say…

…until now.

“Vacation” is over and it’s because of this:

So apparently, Columbus is the place to be…

Stinger, the CBJ mascot, must be super bored because he gathered all of his friends and created this beauty of a video. If this doesn’t put a smile on your sad, depressed, little hockey-deprived faces I don’t know what will. Hell, I think we should keep an eye out … maybe it will catch onto some of the other teams… or players. Now that would be something I’d be willing to see.

Keep an eye out, friends! If you find anything, let us know!

Until then, tonight is “opening night” … and there is still no hockey. But I have a solution that will help (or at least I know it will help S & I) Everyone: grab your alcohol, your re-runs of HBO’s Pens/Caps & Flyers/Rangers, and sit back. No one says we have to spend this lockout in depression. We can at least make it tolerable for ourselves.

Bringing this back:

Happy Thursday, kiddies. Keep a smile on your face. We’ll make it through the drought together.



PS – if you’re still bored tonight even after the alcohol and re-runs… download Gongshow’s Saucer King app! I’m on Level 4 and DETERMINED to be an “All Star” by the time this lockout is over.



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