Anything Crosby Makes for a Good Day

9 08 2012

Welp, we’re a day late posting…I know. But I saw this and went all “daaaaaammmnnnnnnn…” and then got distracted. I blame all the pain killers I’ve taken in the past two weeks. (getting your tonsils out sucks!)


Mr. 87 turned 25 yesterday. Our favorite Captain is growing up so nicely. Dont you think?

those eyes could burn a whole right through anyone…

Anyway, we’re about 65 days (ish) away from hockey season. The mornings are starting to cool down here in Boston. Enough to the point where I dont want to get out of the shower in the morning. That means two things: 1– it’s almost my birthday. And 2– it’s almost Fall.

Fall also means two things: 1. football. And 2– HOCKEY, BABY! Hell to the yeah.

So ladies, here’s some eye candy for you to enjoy.



Celebrations: Stammer

7 02 2012

In the past, we’ve given a couple birthday shout outs randomly. But I say we should make this a regular thing. After all, where would we be with out the birth of these wonderful men? (What a sad world it would be- not to mention a hell of a lot less beautiful- S)

We decided what better player to start with than number 91?! Steven Stamkos. One of our favorites. (Tampa REPRESENT! Woot!- S) Tonight somewhere in Tampa, Steve Downie will be lighting candles and laying out rose petals (or shoving shaving cream in Stammer’s face, watch here) in preparation for his other half’s birthday. I mean, they are a duo…so I can only imagine they will be celebrating together.

Stammer & the Hammer. True Love.

Happy Birthday Stammer! We love you! And we hope you and your other half have a romantic great night.