Who Is That Again??

19 04 2012

Dear loyal readers of Hockey’s Finest,

After reading a comment from one reader earlier today, I realized that sometimes we writers (me in particular) sometimes don’t explain things fully.  We get a little keyboard/wordpress happy and just start typing out things that make sense to us, but not at all so that you hockey lovers out there understand our shorthand for the boys.  So here it is, my list of current nicknames, but don’t worry,  your favorite may end up on here soon enough!

Captain Sexpanther:  Jonathan Toews

I know no one will argue with me on this, but I mean DAMN.  What other nickname would suffice?  None, that’s what.  All I have to say is every time I think of him, I have a flashback to “10 Things I Hate About You” when Julia Stiles says “I want you.  I need you.  Oh baby, oh baby”….but I’m completely serious when I say that about Toews.

McDreamy:  Patrick Sharp

He’s the Patrick Dempsey of the hockey world.  That flow is ridiculous.  And look at how cute his puppy is!  M loves :) Other possible nicknames?  DILF.  You know you agree.

Lil’ Peek-A-Boo:  Patrick Kane

You know when you pay games with little kids and they always seem to have that mischievous grin on their faces like they just did something wrong?  Ladies and gentlemen, that is Patrick Kane to the T.  He’s always up to no good, but damn does that smirk of his make you weak in the knees.

Nugget:  Martin St. Louis

Look how tiny he is!  I call everyone that is below 5’4″ “nuggets”, since I’m 5’8″ and seem to tower over them.  Even though St. Louis is nowhere near 5’4″ (he’s listed as 5’8″), he looks like a 12 year old boy who got lost on his way home from school in terms of height.  He’s a fun-sized hockey player, but demands the respect of a man the size of Zdeno Chara.  Love this lil’ nugget.

Beauty:  Kris Versteeg

Ah, Monsieur Versteeg.  Je t’aime.  *fangirl* Anyway, there’s more to Versteeg than meets the eye.  He’s one of the characters that everyone wants in the locker room.  If you don’t believe me, look back to a post I did a few weeks ago on him and see some of his personality.  You’ll fall in love.  But watch out, he’s mine :)

The Wonder Twins:  Daniel and Henrik Sedin

During my sister’s freshman year of college (she went to Boston University, whaddup), she lived down the hall from two guys that we liked to call “The Wonder Twins”.  These kids had known each other since elementary school, and were now living together, and still do live together, in college.  They were attached at the hip and the closet (they frequented Ed Hardy……ew).  Same with the Sedins, except for the whole actually being twins thing.  They know what the other is doing at all times, and I’m still baffled that Vancouver somehow landed both of them.  Other possible nicknames:  TweedleDee and TweedleDum.

Santa and Buddy the Elf:  Brandon Dubinsky and Brian Boyle

Ever since NHL 24/7:  Flyers vs. Rangers, I’ve been obsessed with Brian Boyle.  I already had the obsession with Brandon Dubinsky.  When they showed the Rangers’ Christmas party, I fangirled my jersey off.  When Boyle shouted, “SANTA!  I KNOW HIM!” at Dubinsky, I fangirled my face off.  Yeah.  My whole face.

That’s all the nicknames for now, but I’m sure there’ll be a few more in the future.  Do you have any nicknames for your favorite players?  Let us know in the comments!


Ohhhhhh $#!+

14 02 2012

That’s all that’s running through my head these days.  Ladies, ASSEMBLE!  Our boys are in trouble!  And by our boys, you know I mean the Blackhawks.  Do you want Captain Sexpanther to keep this look on his face for all eternity?

It's like someone just stole his lunch money

They’ve dropped 8 in a row.  EIGHT.  They’ve dropped to sixth overall in the Western Conference, and people are starting to talk about Coach Quenneville losing his job.  Never fear, boys and girls, Coach Q is here to stay.  How do I know this?  Well, first of all I’m a certifiable genius.  And second, Stan Bowman himself said that Q is going nowhere.  So keep your pants on, Barry Melrose, and QUIT GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK ALL THE WAY IN ITALY!  I mean frick, even Mike Babcock was asked about his potential reaction should Q be fired, and he said he’d be “100% stunned”.  Even the coach of the Blackhawks’ biggest rival has enough respect and knowledge of Chicago and their front office that he knows Q is going nowhere fast.  Praise Jesus.

So, do us (and by us, I mean me) a favor and say a little prayer for the boys.  The bromances are suffering because everyone’s a little on edge right now, and Lil Peek-a-boo and Captain Sexpanther aren’t sleeping in the same bed.  This gives M the sadz.

Put on a happy face, boys!  The skid will be over soon enough :)


…I have a new boyfriend…

30 09 2011

It’s 11:12pm, 1 minute past 11:11pm. Wanna know what I wished for?!

Yep, I wished for him

I know, I know…I was at a Bruins game—so I should be cheering on my boys. But really, I couldn’t help but just stare at Ottawa’s lineup. First of all, let me just say that if Konopka winked at me ONE MORE TIME (a total of 3 for the whole night)…I would have hopped the glass and– well, I’ll stop myself there…. No, I’m not joking. There were 3 distinct winks right at me. Like: slammed-up-against-the-glass-looking-right-at-me kinda winks. **swoon** Second of all. To the 50 year old man who stole the puck Konopka threw over the glass for me….YOU SUCK! He was winking & smiling at me, not you. Pretty sure, given the chance, he’d take me over you. Give me back my puck.

Dear Konopka, I told my friend from Ottawa to let you know I’ll be waiting for you here in Boston next time you’re in town. You know….to give me my puck, of course… [insert evil smile & devil horns here]

And lastly, a HUGE thanks to my Uncle who gave me free tickets to tonight’s preseason game. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to sneak my way down (past security) and into glass seats. I LOVE YOU! (PS– keep the tickets coming my way).

Anyway, on to the game. Bruins lost, as you all know. But…who cares?!

Timmy was a Boss, as always…

Timmy T, ladies & gents. Timmy T!

Lucic scored. (the one Bruins goal of the night…)

All I could think about was the song "All I Do is Win" when he scored...

But…he couldn’t do it without the help of his BEST FRIEND (and one of the CUTEST bromances on the team—besides Seguin & Marchand):

Horty <3 back in action

Oh yeah, and for my Pens fans…here’s a throwback for ya:

Taught Kris Letang almost everything he knows...

I have to admit, Gonchar isn’t the most photogenic person on the planet. In fact, I even got a picture of him picking his nose….

the alcohol delayed my reactions....but I swear...his fingers were up there...

Alright, it’s now 11:35…and I’m dreading my alarm clock at 6am. So when you see me tweet about how much I regret coming to this game (& starting my pregame at 4pm) —just remind me that I had a hell of a time & now have a new boyfriend. If you could also remind me to pop some Tylenol for my hangover….you guys would definitely be the best readers EVER.

Konopka: I’m waiting for you. Next time don’t be such a tease. Stop by & say hi. I dont bite………hard. Go ahead. Call me a puck bunny….I dare you ;)

God bless digital cameras <3


Countdown: 27 days! (Bromance Edition)

9 09 2011

Well, there are 27 days left on this countdown. That’s like less than a month! *HAPPY DANCE* 

Anyway, I decided I’d hit on a bromance today. Any guesses as to who they are? Don’t go cheating & scroll down now…

You ready?

I’m not sure you are…

Clearly, I need a life because I’m taking this too seriously.

Ok. No more screwin’ around. Countdown time.

Happy Max Talbot & Bruno Gervais days!! Did you guess right?! That’s right, these two “butt buddies” —as S likes to call them— are almost as cute as the Flower & Max bromance.  Keep your skirts on Pens fan. Don’t go blowing up our email on how wrong I am…I said ALMOST as cute. Flower & Max still win in my book. Although, S may say her favorite bromance is Downie & Stammer. Eh, S?! (You got that right sister! It will take a lot to change that -S)

they are bestestestestest friends. kinda like us!

Now, I know I said I was happy about this day on the countdown…but I can’t help but feel a little sad. Max is supposed to be #25 this season. He’s supposed to be wearing the Black & Vegas Gold sweater. He’s supposed to live in the Southside so S & I can go stalk him during her 3 month internship. He’s supposed to be a Penguin.

Instead, he got sucked in by the dark side. We don’t blame him though…the dark side makes some tempting offers. I’m just not sure I’m ready to see this…

We know Maxy Baby, we don't like that orange on you either...

But there is a silver lining to Max’s new move. I get to see him OPENING NIGHT on October 6th in Boston! (Jealous! -S) Still looking for tickets cheaper than $250 a ticket by the way…

Anyway, That’s 27 games before the Pens play Boston! 27…ha…seems to be the trending number in this post…

Countdown: 37 days

30 08 2011

If only my “hockey buddy” read this blog. If he did, I’m pretty sure he’d freak out at the next guy on this countdown. Besides Timmy T…this next guy is his FAVORITE Bruin. If only #37 actually knew my hockey buddy…it could turn into a beautiful bromance. (PS —  did you all know that ‘bromance’ is now an actual word in the dictionaries?! SCORE!)

There are Patrice Bergeron days left in this long (way too long) countdown.

A little over a month left, girls & boys. A little over 3 weeks left until training camp! We’re in the home stretch. We can make it! Stick together. And when you think  you can’t make it any longer (and/or severe depression begins to set in: tweet, email, text, or call someone who is a hockey lover like yourself.

Or you can come on over here, write a comment and S & I will take good care of your hockey fix.

If you need a laugh…watch this…

7 06 2011

I love it when S decides she doesn’t want to study. Her go-to activity?! –youtube. And let me tell you, she finds the BEST videos ever. We have a whole list of videos to share with you, but we’ll spread them out. We don’t need to cause any heart attacks.

First up: A Flower & Jordan Interview

Warning: Make sure all food and liquid is out of your mouth before watching. I spit my water out on my keyboard when S sent me this. And then watched it again and DIED laughing.

Boys will be boys!

And we miss our boys! Who’s up for a field trip to Montreal this weekend?! Max and Mr. How’s My Hair are known to hang at the Grand Prix…

I’ll drive if ya’ll give me gas money!

Is it October yet?!

30 05 2011

S & I are dying. It’s only June (almost) and we’re already ready for October. Why?? The Pens are being so quiet this off season–S & I are not happy.

We miss our boys. How could you not?! I mean, look at them!

I miss the hair...and the eyes...and hands...oh hell--I miss the him all together.

I fear that if JStaal appears in any new pictures, I may lose my best friend...she'll be on the next plane to wherever he is.

We miss the Flower & Max bromance

How can you not miss this?! It's true love!

We miss the boyish childish behavior that keeps us smiling all season long. Gotta love boys and their video games!

Man oh man do we miss the sense of humor…

Poor Neal, he was the target of an April Fools joke and didn’t even know until AFTER all the pictures and videos were taken…

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...

At least he was a good sport about it. And if I remember correctly, he was the prankster when S & I were at their practice in March…

Good lord do S & I want to see Mr. 87 back in uniform

S & I want to bust out our Pens gear again! (Although, I’ll be honest….I still rock the hat–ok fine, and the shirt. but I the jersey is tucked away in my closet)

Do you think if we make enough noise HBO will do another special on the Pens?! I mean you have to admit, they were extremely entertaining. I can’t stop watching it. Pretty sure that is what’s going to get us through the long, hot, hockey-less summer…

Yes, we realize the season isn’t over yet. The Big Bad Bruins are playing the Canucks for the chance to raise Lord Stanley. But it’s winding down and we can’t handle it. We’re trying to remember what our lives were like before the season started. And oh my goodness, if the lockout keeps us from not having a football season…I might die.

Goodness gracious, I think I’ll jump for joy when training camp starts in September. Hurry up, October!! S & I want to book our next trip to the ‘Burgh!

We miss you Pittsburgh <3