Holy Potential Sweep, Batman!

6 06 2012

It’s D-Day, ladies and gents.  Game 4, Devils vs. Kings, with a potential sweep on the line.

I don’t even want to think about the game, because I’m going to be jumping at every time move those players make, and my new roommate is going to think I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

And what do I think of that?

Yup.  That’s how I feel about it.

Anyway, how awesome would it be for Richards and Carter to hoist the Cup after being traded away from the Flyers, separated for the first half of the season, then reuniting and becoming the dynamic duo they once were on the east coast?  I’ll tell you how awesome:  it would be nearly as awesome as Stammer growing his flow back, Jeff Skinner and I becoming besties, and Captain Sexpanther walking into my apartment right now and proposing to me COMBINED.  Okay, it probably wouldn’t be as awesome as me and Tazer getting’ hitched, but it’ll be close.

Get excited, everyone.  No matter what the outcome of this game, it’ll either extend an already exciting series, or give a franchise it’s first ever Stanley Cup.  Leggo.


Died and gone to heaven…

10 02 2012

Bauer Hockey just posted a video tour of JORDAN STAAL’S house…aka my dream house.

They must know that I just found a stray dog and named him GRONK. Or maybe it’s in honor of him making his TRIUMPHANT return tomorrow vs the Jets. Take your pick,I don’t care. All that matters is, HE’S BACK!!!


The calm before the storm…

3 10 2011

Typical boys. Just when you need them, they disappear.

It works the same way with our hockey boys. Just when we want them…they give us nothing. It’s been so long since we have found a blog-worthy topic. S & I call it: The Calm Before the Storm. In just 3 short days, our favorite boys will be back. We’re getting so impatient.

Since there’s not much to update you on, we’d like to take the time to let you guys know how excited we are for our first regular season as bloggers. We hope to not disappoint you (with our busy schedules and all). Now, there’s only 2 of us here at Hockey’s Finest & 30 different teams to cover. If at anytime you find a “Hockey’s Finest” blog worthy topic that we missed, slap us up beside the head with it & tell us to post it. Really, we wont mind. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in actually watching these boys & their game to comment.

We’re going to do our best to share the love between teams this season, but as you can see from  our summer posts…it’s hard for us to veer away from our favorite boys.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the 2011-2012 regular season just as much as we already know we will. Strap on your seatbelt ladies & gents. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.

For your viewing pleasure…here are a few pictures we drooled over loved today…

This one almost killed S...(sorry chica)

Luckynumber87 has come up with the PERFECT caption for this picture. "Those. Thighs."

Happy 3 days, everyone! :)

Countdown: 11 days!

25 09 2011

I have missed him.

1. His face

2. His crooked smile

3. His dominant on-ice presence

But guess what readers! Jordan Staal is BACK!


In eleven short days his regular season journey will begin.

A little lower next time, please and thank you : )

I am poised and ready in front of my TV to sigh like a fan-girl each and every time his skates touch the ice.

Who wouldn't dream about this face.

I have been waiting for what feels like an eternity to say this…There are JORDAN STAAL days left until the puck drops!

Countdown: 15 days!

21 09 2011

Oh, Dustin Jeffrey…what can we say about you?!

You captured our hearts the second we saw you on 24/7. We knew you were a perfect fit for the hockey club. We couldn’t help but notice how adorable you were…ok, fine…not adorable. You’re flat out sexy.

And when you scored your first NHL goal…we clapped loudly!  (check out the 1:06 mark)

You quickly became one of our favorite Penguins. While S & I were waiting (impatiently) to see the scores of the Pens v. Bruins game on March 5th while we were in Canada–we couldn’t help but squeal (literally) when we saw you scored the GWG. I’m pretty sure our hotel neighbors thought someone was dying….that’s how loud our squeals were…

But then this happened…and you heard S & I’s hearts snap in half all the way from Florida & Boston (as if Sid & Geno going down weren’t enough…)

Well Dustin, we’re so happy to have you back. We hope your knee feels better. And if not, come see us. We’ll kiss it better.

Countdown: 19 days!

17 09 2011

This guy, right here, needs no introduction. (Isn’t that an introduction in and of itself? HA!-S)

Pretty sure (given the chance) S & I would totally cheat on our “hockey husbands” with Toews. (No doubt! -S) I’m also pretty sure we’d have no problem sharing. I swear before S moves to Chi-town, I will find Toews. Stick a GPS tracker on him somewhere (while trying to get an “autograph” and “picture” with him). Let him go. Then we will BOTH “bump” into him wherever he may be in that city. Maybe he’ll consider it fate and just marry us both. (I always knew you were brilliant…-S) I call Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. S you can have Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. Sundays–well…I think we should give him a day of …. rest. (Psh, REST?! I think not. -S)

*evil laugh*

Happy 19 days until the regular season! ;)

Countdown: 21 days!

15 09 2011

Today S & I had 2 names listed next to the #21. James van Riemsdyk and Brooks Laich. But since she won the Maxime Lapierre argument, I think I can win this one ;) Compromise. That’s what friends do, right!? Or maybe this is me taking advantage of S being very busy with school this week… (love you)

I pick Brooksie. You wanna know why?! …

Be right over.

I mean really…can this guy ever NOT be oozing sexy?! Way back in the day (…last december) S and I had a brilliant conversation that I wish I saved. Something about taking Laich and Green away from Washington and building our own dream team. Complete with Toews, Crosby, Staal, Letang…..and anyone else we could think of. Would be nice, right girls?

Anyway, so the guy works out in his skates…how beastly is that?!

Yes, I perfectly timed this screenshot.

I think I’ll end this post on a good note. Happy 21 days :)