I miss you …

25 11 2012

So I was giving myself my daily dose of self-destructive behavior by checking up on all our favorite boys via Tumblr. Sigh. Safe to say, I’m having withdrawls.

S & I went to the Wheeling Nailers game 2 weeks ago … and that was fun. But not fun enough. Yeah — we saw potential…and even a Scotty Hartnell look-a-like, but it was nothing compared to our boys.

Then, I went to the BU game last night… and thats always fun. But still just not the same.

So when I saw this picture, my heart melted. I miss you Geno.

He’s got some weird obsession with animals. But thats why I love him.

I’m praying this all ends soon. And yes, I’m hopeful… sort of.



Pile. Of. Mush.

16 10 2012

So. Side note: There was just a major earthquake. Not. Fun. I live in Boston, not California. Smarten up, Mother Nature. I don’t enjoy your games..

Anyway, back to what I really wanted to talk about.


Is this not absolutely adorable?! Hockey players + little kids = my heart exploding. I just can’t handle it.

Ok. That is all.


P.S. – keep your eyes peeled for HUGE news about the lockout! My lips are sealed in fear of jinxing everything.

Oh Max….

2 09 2012

I swear…we’re meant to be.

I can’t get over how adorable this interview is. He’s so talkative.


You’re Welcome.

13 08 2012

Happy Monday. If you had a rough day like me, this will most likely cheer you up…I hope.

Carey Price and Tyler Seguin in one video. Oh. My. Lord.

Thank you, Under Armour!

PS – Isn’t this kind of odd? A Hab & a Bruin? Does this mean I don’t have to hate the Habs anymore and can wear my Price shirsey with pride? Are they a lovable team?

…Probably not. Wishful thinking for this Boston girl.


Anything Crosby Makes for a Good Day

9 08 2012

Welp, we’re a day late posting…I know. But I saw this and went all “daaaaaammmnnnnnnn…” and then got distracted. I blame all the pain killers I’ve taken in the past two weeks. (getting your tonsils out sucks!)


Mr. 87 turned 25 yesterday. Our favorite Captain is growing up so nicely. Dont you think?

those eyes could burn a whole right through anyone…

Anyway, we’re about 65 days (ish) away from hockey season. The mornings are starting to cool down here in Boston. Enough to the point where I dont want to get out of the shower in the morning. That means two things: 1– it’s almost my birthday. And 2– it’s almost Fall.

Fall also means two things: 1. football. And 2– HOCKEY, BABY! Hell to the yeah.

So ladies, here’s some eye candy for you to enjoy.



What happens in Olympic Village, stays in Olympic Village…

2 08 2012


Normally, I wouldn’t post something like this. But it involves some of our beloved hockey players. And to be quite honest, I found it to be absolutely HILARIOUS.

It does deserve a disclaimer, I believe. I’d say anyone under 18 probably shouldn’t read it. But then again….ESPN is the one who posted it. So, do what you will…but don’t say I didn’t warn ya :)

Ever wonder what happens at the Olympics? More specifically in the Olympic Village?? Some Olympians, Bobby Ryan being one of them, opened up about the secrets (or not so secret) of the Olympic Village.

Here’s a little sneak peek:

……no comment…..

Go ahead and read, if you dare… [click here]

So, who wants to go to Russia in 2014? I’m in…


New Wallpaper for You.

11 07 2012

ESPN. Us hockey fans love to hate you. But it’s a time like RIGHT NOW that we absolutely frickin’ love you. Like — want to take you out to dinner, buy you the most expensive entree, the most expensive bottle of wine, and then take you back to our places for dessert — kind of love.

As if we needed more proof that he was a hottie.

Way too deliver yet again, ESPN. Keep the hockey players in the mix. We like.

Maybe some Max Talbot, Jonathan Toews, Kris Letang, Zach Parise, Chris Higgins in the future? Just throwin’ that out there.

Now, for your off season dose of hockey porn. Ladies, this picture comes with VIDEO!!!

Holy moly. I’m going to go take a cold shower now. Magic Mike last week and now a naked Brad Richards…my body can’t take much more of this torture.

Enjoy ;) We know  we will!