28 05 2011

This is how I feel today…

It was dramatically worsened by watching the Stamkos post game last night. I am beyond proud of the Tampa Bay Lightning for the playoff run they put together. Thanks for making living in Florida easier! But a BIG congratulations is due to the Boston Bruins. Those boys pulled it out and deserve a big pat on the back. But on that note, I am formally announcing my support for the Vancouver Canucks. L knows me better than I would ever like to admit! -S

Oh how I am going to miss this…

What do you mean I can't use my hands?!


I can’t even put my thoughts in writing right now…

28 05 2011

Did that really just happen??  …I can’t even think straight. My blood pressure needs to come back down, I need to stop shaking, my heart needs to settle down, and my stomach needs to stop yelling at me.

Thank god for Chuck from WUYS for being with me tonight or else I’m not sure I would have survived.

Well Vancouver, you now know who you will be facing next wednesday…

Congrats B's!!

I’m going to let this night marinate until morning before I post anything big.

Dear Tampa Bay Lightning,

I really like you as a team and I mean that sincerely. This whole series I’ve defended your team here in Boston, trying to show as much respect for you as I could. I wish that both you and the B’s could join forces and go beat Vancouver for Lord Stanley together. As much as I want to be so happy for the B’s…a part of me is disappointed for you. You threw everything but the kitchen sink in that game tonight and I’ll remember it forever. Congrats on your amazing season Tampa. You’ve officially turned your city back into a Hockey Town!



Herb Brooks would be proud…

27 05 2011

Toucher and Rich (@Toucherandrich) from 98.5 The Sports Hub released a great mash-up this morning of this little guy here pretending to be Herb Brooks from Miracle and B’s highlights from the season to get everyone ready for tonight’s Game 7.

Thankfully, I was able to find the youtube video of the little guy. He’s so adorable.

Everytime I listen to it, I can’t help but ‘awwwwww’

Click here if you want to listen to the mash-up 98.5 was playing this morning. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Definitely gets your heart pumping. Who’s ready for tonight?! I know I am!

(hopefully that audio works for you guy, had trouble trying to get it to work–let me know if it doesn’t)

Game 7, Baaaaby!

27 05 2011

Happy Game 7 of the ECF, everybody! There is nothing like watching a do or die game. Tonight will be the battle of the goalies. Who’s going to be flawless?

Stay in your cage Timmy--or it's the invisible fence collar for you!!

Tampa's favorite, Roli

I am in my element. Tonight, I bleed black & gold. I live for days like this! It’s one of those: sick to your stomach–bouncing your knee up & down–biting your lip–heart pounding–hard to breathe–rocking back & forth–kinda games that every hardcore fan loves (regardless of what they may say). Life can’t get any better today!

You can bet Vancouver will be sitting by their TV watching tonight’s game to see who they will be facing next Wednesday night. All of the East Coast will be holding their breath to see who will be representing the ECF in Lord Stanley’s Finals. Both teams are so close, they can taste it.

It's so shiny...

People are walking with a little more pep in their step here in Boston. We’re seeing the light after a long 20 years of nothing. Tampa’s dying the channel blue & creating human ‘bolts’ in support of their team. People who haven’t been watching the playoffs are now flipping on games just because it’s what everyone is talking about.

One team gets the W tonight. S & I are already shaking in anticipation. We’re little balls of energy who can’t sit still.


And just in case things go south (no pun intended) for Boston tonight…I should say this now while I’m still in a positive mood:

Good series, Tampa. It was everything I expected it to be! I will also be sending you my next hair salon bill so I can dye all the gray hairs I’ve acquired this past series…

Thanks a lot Bolts.

We All Live For Game 7

27 05 2011

There is nothing better than watching a game 7, especially in the conference finals. Each team playing with their hearts, and pride, on the line. It’s do or die. The only thing that makes a game 7 more magical, is when it’s your team out there on the ice. I cannot wait to see the Lightning and the Bruins battle for a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals tomorrow night. There is no question that those boys will leave everything out on that ice as they chase down their dreams. -S

History Lives for Game 7

Nathan Horton is my hero…

27 05 2011

Talk about bad hockey manners…

Nathan Horton got frustrated with the Tampa fans last night and decided to retaliate. Who throws stuff onto the ice after their own team wins?! Apparently Tampa…

S is very angry with Mr. Horton for this…but I approve 150%. (it’s as soon as the team starts walking off the bench)

You show ’em, Horton! Don’t take no crap from no one! ;)

Tisk Tisk Mr. Downie…

26 05 2011

Behave young man…don’t make me tell your mom about your bad hockey manners.

I think S & I bbm’d each other at the same exact time saying something along the lines of “Oh downie…”

As much as I try and be mad at Steve Downie like the rest of Boston, he’s kind of amazing. Deep down Ference is wishing he did it first…kinda like his “glove malfunction” in Montreal. Sorry Andrew, Downie beat ya to the punch.