Mission Accomplished.

3 06 2012

As you all know, it was a semi Hockey’s Finest Office party this past week in the Windy City! S & I spent the last 10 days burning up the streets of Wrigleyville.

Here’s a short & Sweet recap:

A few months ago, I posted this picture…

Captain Sexpanther’s bachelor pad

Thanks to an architectural boat tour of Chicago, S & I found it. Not going to lie, we giggled like little school girls when we realized we found it.

cha-ching! to the left, ladies.

Say hello to Tazer’s building. Now, which floor/number — I have no idea. I’ll leave that to all you lovely stalking girls (and when you find out, let us know). But judging by the view in his picture above, it matches up. Coincidentally, S & I would love to live in the apartment building across from him on the other side of the river. (Note: We made that decision BEFORE we found his building)

Another trip update, we had brunch with S’ aunt & uncle at Trump Tower — and y’all know who lives there… ;)

Why hello, PKane.

We saw the private “Residence Entrance” and I had to literally hold myself back from jumping past the gaurds and running around like a mad women in search of Kaner.

Of course, we couldn’t pass these up when we saw them:

Introducing, our boyfriends.

I’ll let you figure out who gets who!

Chicago, we love you. And in fact, S & I made a SOBER (just pointing that out) pact that when she graduates from school, we’ll get an apartment in the Windy City together (if we get jobs). So all you Chicagoans may get to keep us for a while!


P.S. — Midwestern ladies, what the hell is in your water?! You all are breeding trees for men. Holy tall. Send one to me, please.


Sweet Cherry Pie

4 04 2012

Last night at the Gahhhhden:

Pens + Bruins = death of L

Thanks to my AMAZINGLY AWESOME cousin, we had 2 tickets to the game. 5th row (maybe 6th row). And I got to witness my boys win 5-3. I’m now 2-0 when it comes to going to Pens games…..not that I’m saying I’m their good luck charm or anything….. ;)

Few things to recap

1. Tanger and Flower flirted with each other the entire night. Laughing like little girls and whispering things in each others ears while sitting on the bench. I’d like to think they were talking about me…but I’d be lying. It was probably along the lines of “Wanna braid each other’s hair later and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s?!”

2. Sidney Crosby scored a goal (make that 2).

duuuuuhhh. when does that NOT happen?!

And instantly I get a text from S talking about how I’m no longer  a Crosby Goal Virgin …. nice S, real nice. (She’s so right though– I had never seen Crosby score in person. It was as glorious as I imagined it would be. Suck it, Crosby haters.)

3. James Neal + Andrew Ference = FIGHTTTTTT!

Once again, S sent me a text. “Did you just get pregnant? Because I think I did…” I basically had front row seats to one of the BEST things I’ve ever seen at ANY hockey game. James Neal. Fighting. Right in front of me. *swoon* And if I wasn’t busy drooling, I would have grabbed video. But I was trying to restrain myself from jumping over the glass and bashing Ference’s face in for picking on my boy.

The Real Deal.

The entire game James just got under every B’s players’ skin. You know how he’s the ” little brother we all love” to the Pens? Well, he’s the “little pain in the a$$ that we all hate” to the Bruins.

4. Joe Vitale took a puck to the face. And to make matters worse — it came from Zdeno Chara…which ends well for NO ONE. But, like the amazing man he is, Big Z was the first to the scene of the accident making sure Joey was alright.

5. Johnny Boychuk had a knee on knee collison with Arron Asham and went down faster than a sinking ship. He had to be carried off the ice by his players. Poor guy. But it leaves me with this question: “Does Asham have a knee made of steel?”


Good luck, Johnny. Hope it’s nothing too serious. To make Bruins fans feel better — I hear he walked out of the arena without crutches last night. One can hope that’s a good sign.

Anyway, few other small things. I feel the need to defend the 2 people I heard getting bashed the most last night (besides Crosby).

6. Jordan Staal is hated in Boston. Or maybe it was just my section of people. Thankfully, S wasn’t around. If she was, the bail money she set aside for me would have been used on her instead. An old woman behind me said “Someone just needs to end him for the night.” UMM — HOW RUDE!

7. Also, no one likes Kris Letang either. Look, just because he’s an AWESOME actor and can fake an injury to get a penalty called — doesn’t mean he’s the worst player in the league. That only just means the Ref’s are suckers.

Welp, that’s my 2 minute break down of the madness that occurred last night. I can’t wait till next October until S & I are reunited in the ‘Burgh for a couple games.


Do we have any readers from Montreal?!

14 03 2012

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

If we do, this post is for YOU!


Yeah, it’s me. FYI: If you see a Mazda 3 with Massachusetts plates who is jumping lanes and is lost…don’t honk. Just show me in the right direction. Also, I’ll gladly take any suggestions of bars/restaurants/etc.

Since I have limited time, I need your help. It’s time for Operation: Find L a French Canadian Husband. I’m not joking around. What else would I be going to Montreal for? To see the sights?! PFFFFT…who does that?!

If you could kindly start lining up the suitable Bachelors outside the Marriott Chateau Champlain this weekend– it would be greatly appreciated. Preferably, anyone who looks like this:

nnnuuuuuggggghhhhh.... *drools*

Ooooor this: 

Requirements: MUST SPEAK FRENCH! 

Heh … ok … enough non-sense. What I really wanted to say is that I will be attending my very first game at the beautiful Bell Centre. *FANGIRL SQUEAL*


And on the best night ever! St. Patty’s Day! HOW EXCITING!

Meh--Isles. But, hey! I'll take it.

All Bostonian readers: you may want to scroll away from this part and stop reading here.

Yes, I will be in Habs gear. **GASP!** Carey Price to be exact. I know. It’s supposed to be forbidden or something. But come on, a game in the Bell Centre deserves the home team apparel! It would be like peanut butter without jelly. It simply wouldn’t be the same. Plus– the Habs are only enemies when they play Boston. Or when they hurt my men. Max Pacioretty– I’m talking to you. (And I hope for your sake I don’t bump into you on the street. If I do, we’ll fer sure be droppin’ the gloves.)

Anyway, we have quite crappy seats…but I hear it doesn’t matter where you are– it’s epic either way. And since I’m still on the family phone plan — my Dad has kindly allowed me to send a few twitpics once inside the Bell Centre so I can share my experience with you all. (Data in Canada is going to cost me an arm & leg) So, say thank you Daddy!

Pretty sure S wants to disown me for going to a game without her, but what she doesn’t know is that I’ll be blowing up her Facebook by tagging her in every single last photo. XOXO ;)

So, this is me signing off for a while. Doubting I’ll have any chance to blog until I’m back Sunday night or Monday.

Peace out, y’all. I’m Canada Bound.


(PS — I won’t be disappointed if you all take Operation: Find L a French Canadian Husband seriously. Like I said, just line ’em up in front of my hotel and you’ll automatically receive an invitation to the wedding.)


And the verdict is…

2 09 2011

Well, some of you follow us on Twitter & this morning I posted this:


I’m proud to say that S got her top two choices!!! That’s right folks it’s time to send your congratulations this way because S is heading to 3 months in Chicago & 3 months in Pittsburgh! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this news. Literally, I jumped up & down on my back porch like a nutcase when she called with the news–seriously, my neighbors think I’m insane…


S will be moving to Pitt during the hockey season (2012-2013)...

In fact, she’ll be moving when all the players are coming back from their grueling summer workouts– and I will be RIGHT behind her. Whether it’s a vacation or a job– I’ll be there :)  So I feel the need to warn the city of Pittsburgh

We, Hockey’s Finest Girls, are HUGE Pens fans…therefore, we are NOT responsible for our actions if we see JStaal, Sid, or Tanger walking down the street. However, if you see us…and we’re about to do something stupid–or make a fool out of ourselves–in front of these gorgeous men…please, feel free to step in & take us away from the situation. Our goal is to NOT scare these boys away… ;)

Even though S isn’t in Chicago for the hockey season, I’m still 1,000% positive that we will find our way into some sort of trouble while in town (because of course I will be visiting her while she’s there too). So the same rules apply. If you see us, please–feel free to stop us.

Or you can say ‘screw it’ and join in on the fun :)

Hockey’s Finest Field Trip, anyone?!

CONGRATS S!!! I LOVE YOU!! BOOKING MY FLIGHTS NOW TO VISIT NOW ;) Chicago & Pittsburgh, here I come! 


Trivia Tuesday: End of the World Party!

23 08 2011

bye bye world!

Everyone should already know by now that the East Coast felt one of it’s biggest earthquakes in years! Well, maybe not years…I actually don’t know when the last one was but I’m sure it was a while ago. (That’s the only Trivia part of this post–because I really got nothing today) S & I are certain it’s the start of the end of the world and you know what?! We couldn’t be more excited. Who wouldn’t want to see the end of the world!? I mean, come on. The movie 2012 was nothing short of AMAZING.

Plus, we’re thinking of throwing a huge End of the World Party–complete with loud music, lots of alcohol, hockey players…oh can’t forget a pool & hot tub because when I leave this world, I want to be sitting between a shirtless Kris Letang and a shirtless Sidney Crosby. (There better be a shirtless Jordan Staal included in this shin-dig -S)

"L & S want 4 of everything. Kegs of beer and lots of whiskey... oh and the dress code is bathing suits."

We’ve decided this party will be held in Florida because we have a better chance of breaking off of the US and floating away. Can you imagine?! An island full of hockey players…and just S & I to share them all?! (Muahahahaha Best idea EVER! -S)

"Let's party!"

There are limited invites to this party…so contact us now!! The girl to guy ratio is going to be extremely one-sided. I’m thinking 4 or 5 guys for every girl?? Is that fair??

Party: Hockey's Finest style

So ladies, when the President (Prime Minister or whoever runs your country) jumps on TV (radio, internet, or however he/she communicates with you) and tells you it’s time to say good bye to all loved ones…here’s what you do. Grab onto the nearest hockey player, jump on a plane to Florida and come join S & I for the biggest blow out (pun intended) of the century. Anything goes. We’re going out with a bang.

Boston & Florida take Toronto: Part Quatre

21 07 2011

Well Ladies & Gents, this is our last part to go through. Make sure you read to the end, it’s the best part…

Day Trois/Quatre

Like I said in the last post, Day 3 never really ended. It just kind of blurred into Day 4 & before we knew it we were back at Pearson on our way home. But before we get to that–I have to send out a shout out to our 3 Canadian boys from Kitchener/Waterloo who entertained us on our last stop of the night. I’m positive one was named Andrew…the other two were–uhh– Justin? Or was it John?? (Jaime the Ginger! That’s how I remembered it -S) And I feel like there was a Mike in there too. Well anyway, if you’re from the Kitchener area & you know of 3 guys who partied until the wee hours of the morning in Toronto with 2 American girls, tell them we say hi.

On a side note: we learned one thing when hanging with these boys…

If someone offers you a “Polar Bear” — just say no. BLEH! Most disgusting thing ever. Also, if you’re given the chance, order a Pornstar. It may look like toliet bowl cleaner–but it is AMAZING. (I was the brave soul who ordered that first and got all the teasing until they tried it -S)

So–Day 3/4 ended around 3am when S&I decided it’s probably best that we shut our eyes for at least 2 or 3 hours before our flights. We arrived at the airport around 7am & let me just say, everything Biznasty, JLupul, & other players have said about Pearson…is true. (We should have just stayed. I was hungover and the customs lines were WAYYYY too long -S)

he's not lying...

Anyway, S&I parted ways & went to our different terminals way too soon. She totally missed the best part of the vacation. About 20 minutes before my flight to Montreal boarded, you will NEVER guess who appeared at my gate…

ahaha this actually happened. here's proof.

Yup. 2 Pittsburgh Penguins prospects on their way home from Development Camp & I was the lucky girl who got to see them. Let me tell you, they look even better in person. I quickly did a little fan-girl squeal in my headbefore snapping a picture while they weren’t looking (sneaky, I know…). (And texting me all about it. I was ready to bite the bullet and just buy a ticket to Montreal! -S)

I’d be lying if I said they didn’t look my way…but I’m pretty sure it was because of the way I was dressed. You had to see it. I looked like a young girl who had just had the longest night ever & then had to wake up for an early flight the next morning….oh wait–

I sat there self-consciously in my Roots sweatpants (which look huge on me thanks to the “boyfriend” style), my Aaron Hill Jay’s shirt, and my Leafs hat as they looked my way & snickered. I looked like a walking Billboard for Toronto. No doubt they knew I was watching them, but I didn’t care–when would I ever see them again? Like any good girl, I resisted the urge to ask for an autograph & picture…instead I just snuck a peak of them sleeping on the plane. Yes, they looked like adorable sleeping puppies.

Day 4’s song is the best yet…

Hope you enjoyed reading about our vacation just as much as we enjoyed living it.

Boston & Florida take Toronto: Part Trois

20 07 2011

Day Trois

As always, our vacations just get better & more interesting as time goes on…

We decided to take a ferry over to the Toronto Islands in the morning for some needed beach time. But even a beach trip couldn’t be normal…

We made our way to Hanlon’s Point–hoping & praying that what we had read was just a myth. Unfortunately, we were wrong.


Our stay the past couple of days had not been what we expected on the guy front. That being said, we definitely didn’t want to see them naked (Especially since they all seemed to be over the age of 60 -S). So God must have been watching over us because then he pointed us in this direction:


I’d like to say we were safe on our side of the beach, but look to our left once and our eyes burned. Once we decided we had seen enough naked people to last us a lifetime, we decided to head back to the mainland in search for some good ‘ole Poutine. Our noses brought us to an adorable little sports bar called Hoops–the food was delicious. Since this would be our last night in town, S had the brilliant idea of a bar crawl ending back at this bar for some late night Poutine to send us home with our belly’s full. We were also told that “this is the place to go between 12am-2am” — sounds familiar, eh?? (::cough::RealSports::cough::) But we decided to give it a shot anyway (We really should have just ended the day here. -S).

Back to the hotel it was to get ourselves ready for our last night out. Hemingway’s was our first stop– apparently, it’s where all the business men hit up to kick back and relax after a long week (Like suit-monkeys are even our type…NOT! -S). Let me just mention that we had declared this night a wine night. Keep that in mind as you read on. This place was such a bust, it’s not even funny. We decided to finish our bottle (Yes–we ordered a whole bottle. It was the only thing that was going to save us…) and make an early exit to our next bar.

Next stop was Madison’s Avenue–another “hit” according to a waitress we had that weekend. Another bust. Little to zero good wine selections & our “gay-dar” was going off…that or French Canadians are very touchy-feely with each other. Anyway, on any other night, that would have been a blast but tonight we were on a mission. We barely finished our 1 glass of wine–which by the way was the smallest glass I’ve ever seen on the face of the planet…

uhhh...where's the rest of the glass??

We ran out of there so fast–no, really…we ran–and headed back on the subway for what we thought we were going to call an “early night”. We made our way back to Hoops for our “late night” poutine fix (which didn’t actually happen “late” at all).

NOTE: notice the switch in beverage choices.

Only Beer & Liquor could fix this disaster of a night…

The bartender must have noticed our self-esteems were down & decided to “help us out”. He told us that this wasn’t exactly the area we wanted to be in but that there was a fun little bar just down the street that we may like. To be honest–this is the part in the night where things get blurry & I have no idea what the name of the place is (All I know is that it sounded Irish…I think -S).

Anyway, I’m stopping this post here because well–our last night ended on our last morning (3am). We’ll pick up the last part of the “night” during Part quatre tomorrow morning. :)

So, to be continued…

Oh and also, this song came on while we were eating Poutine the second time for the night. Once it came on, we knew it was time to leave.

Our first thoughts had something to do with Mike Comrie. *smashes head repeatedly against a wall* That’s when we knew that it just wasn’t our night…