Free Agent Frenzy

1 07 2012

S  here, blogging from the Windy City of Chicago.

Today is not only Canada Day, but the beginning of Free Agent Frenzy in the NHL. While L is chilling on the lake, I have been blowing up her phone with the latest updates. Oh, and in case you were wondering…we are both rocking our Gongshow Gear “Free Agent” buckets!

I am posted up on my computer watching and scanning the Twitter feeds. Parise watch is becoming a little too Lebron James esque, so until that is settled I will update you on some other highs and lows:

  • Colby Armstrong waived by Leafs and picked up for one year by Montreal.
  • Zenon Konopka to Minnesota Wild…L and I like this move.
  • Steve MacIntyre resigned by the Penguins for 2 years.
  • Aaron Asham takes a deal from the Rangers, and I cry myself to sleep tonight.
  • And my personal favorite so far…Tanner Glass signs with the Penguins.

Tall and strong.

So without further ado, the girls at Hockey’s Finest send a big welcome to Mr. Glass for joining our favorite hockey club. You are officially on our radar, and we can’t say that we mind it. You are quite the looker Mr. Glass…

He’s smart too! Look momma, a Dartmouth grad!

I will try and keep you all updated as more free agency news comes in! -S

Welcome to the Big League, boys!

29 03 2012

This week has had S & I spinning. Two of our college favorites have officially made it to the NHL and since they are officially out of our league — I figure it’s time for a blog shoutout (Let’s face it, getting your own post on Hockey’s Finest means you have REALLY made it into the big leagues -S). We’re crying as we right this. As much as we love to see them in the big leagues, we’re sad yet another boy has slipped through our fingertips.

Enter Jason Zucker.

I think a few months ago I mentioned him in a post when I went to the DU vs BU game. It didn’t take long for S to fall in love — especially since he was a Wild prospect. (Minnesotan Pride! -S)

Just incase that team wasn't yummy enough...

This 5’11” 174lb Newport Beach native was drafted by Minnesota in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft (2nd round, 59th overall). He’s finally 20…which makes our love for him a little less creepy. He makes his NHL debut tonight against the Florida Panthers. So ladies, make sure to look out for number 16! I’m positive he’ll do amazing in Minnesota.

Enter Alex Chiasson.

Poor Chuck. This girl has been a trooper. She’s had to put up with my fangirling all season and it’s all because of this boy.

Two words: French Canadian.

Not gonna lie, I didn’t even know he existed until this season. Well — wait, that’s a lie. I knew he existed. But I never cared. UNTIL! A friend from work mentioned being friends with him. FRIENDS! That meant I had a connection, right?! Wrong. I’m way too shy for that. So, I just bit my lip and listened as she told stories. His dorky sense of humor is definitely what caught my attention.

This 6’4” 195lb Montreal native has been a BEAST for BU this year. He led the team in points. 15 Goals, 31 Assists. Total BAMF. He was drafted in 2009 by the Dallas Stars (2nd round, 38th overall). He’ll be finishing the remainder of the AHL season with Dallas’ affiliate, the Texas Stars.

Good luck to these fine boys. We can’t wait to watch you guys grow as athletes.

*sigh* Time to go scratch them off our “could be” list, S…


Wheeling and Dealing

25 06 2011

The girls here at Hockey’s Finest would like to extend a congratulations to the league on yet another great NHL Entry Draft.

Some of the highlights:

-Seeing those boys put on their new jerseys and ball caps

-Watching all the proud mommas tearing up in the audience

-The ticker at the bottom of the screen updating fans on all the trade news (DRAMA CENTRAL!)

-Witnessing the first draft pick for the Winnipeg JETS 2.0 franchise

– And last, but certainly not least, Gabriel Landeskog

Couldn't Resist

Which brings us to the main point of this post. To all the draftees…Welcome to the big leagues boys! We look forward to watching you develop as men and hockey players! Love always, S & L

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