Lockout Bordem

11 10 2012

Ok ok … I know. Awful blogger award goes to us here at Hockey’s Finest. We’ve neglected you all in your time of need. But really, we’ve all been so depressed that we’ve just had nothing to say…

…until now.

“Vacation” is over and it’s because of this:

So apparently, Columbus is the place to be…

Stinger, the CBJ mascot, must be super bored because he gathered all of his friends and created this beauty of a video. If this doesn’t put a smile on your sad, depressed, little hockey-deprived faces I don’t know what will. Hell, I think we should keep an eye out … maybe it will catch onto some of the other teams… or players. Now that would be something I’d be willing to see.

Keep an eye out, friends! If you find anything, let us know!

Until then, tonight is “opening night” … and there is still no hockey. But I have a solution that will help (or at least I know it will help S & I) Everyone: grab your alcohol, your re-runs of HBO’s Pens/Caps & Flyers/Rangers, and sit back. No one says we have to spend this lockout in depression. We can at least make it tolerable for ourselves.

Bringing this back:

Happy Thursday, kiddies. Keep a smile on your face. We’ll make it through the drought together.



PS – if you’re still bored tonight even after the alcohol and re-runs… download Gongshow’s Saucer King app! I’m on Level 4 and DETERMINED to be an “All Star” by the time this lockout is over.

Shopping Buddies

13 08 2012

Dearest Maxime,

Where do you shop?

I mean, come on, look at those SOCKS! Only you could pull those off.

Where can I get my pair?

I’ll be in Montreal for my birthday in 2 weeks. Mark your calendar. I expect you to be waiting at my hotel to take me shopping.

And then maybe take me to a bar and party the night away…while wearing said socks.



You’re Welcome.

13 08 2012

Happy Monday. If you had a rough day like me, this will most likely cheer you up…I hope.

Carey Price and Tyler Seguin in one video. Oh. My. Lord.

Thank you, Under Armour!

PS – Isn’t this kind of odd? A Hab & a Bruin? Does this mean I don’t have to hate the Habs anymore and can wear my Price shirsey with pride? Are they a lovable team?

…Probably not. Wishful thinking for this Boston girl.


S, this is for you…

11 07 2012

…because I love you. And you should love me for it. :)

From yesterday’s Alumni game in Thunder Bay:

2 Staal’s on one bench! GASP!

Hey — I wonder how many “too many Staal’s on ice” penalties we will have next season. I have to admit…I would giggle for a little bit.

He may be married…but he’s still hot.

S, I love you. Once I find the link to the interview he did today — I’ll be sure to stop your heart with that too :) Since your family is with you this week, I dont mind causing bodily harm. They’ll rush you to the hospital in time.



PS — when I was tagging this post, I totally typed in Pittsburgh Penguins until I realized he’s no longer with the Pens. That kinda hurt a bit…I wont lie… *sniff sniff*

UPDATE: I dont know who you are– but you’re brilliant:

*sings* S-T-A-A-L

Why is this so funny to me?

9 07 2012

I can’t for the life of me figure out why I find this so funny.

I blame the sun. Today, I fell asleep on a float in the pool today and am now a lobster. Delirious.

But maybe you can share my amusement…

Sick moves, boys…

Now if only Tanger and his hair were involved in this gem. Life would be complete.

Happy Sunday…


PS — I’m going to go bathe in aloe now…

You would think I would learn…

9 06 2012

Every year I say “OMG! It’s the F1 in Montreal this weekend! WHY AM I NOT THERE?!”

And you want to know why I want to go so bad?

…No…not because I LOVE watching cars race (although, F1 is SICK) but because of this…

pure perfection.

Again, I’m missing it.

So right now, I’m putting it in writing.

NEXT YEAR — I will go to the F1 weekend in Montreal. It’s set in stone. I’m going. Who’s in?


PS — A little joke for your Saturday afternoon … maybe it’ll relieve your Game 7 anxiety.

Happy Off Season, ladies!

6 06 2012

You’re dose of off-season yummy-ness.

Gabriel Landeskog & Victor Hedman. Swedish Gods.

Hey Victor, CATCH!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd squat. Perfecting hockey butts for women everywhere.

thank god for the swedish

I honestly don’t know when this was taken– I’m assuming fairly recent. But whenever it was….they both look great. I’m expecting a text message from S in …ohhh, about 10 seconds….







Dear Sidney

5 06 2012

Must you do this to us? I mean, it’s hardly fair.

You got us all literally panting over here at the Hockey’s Finest Office.


Please wear that shirt more often. And unbutton one more button. Or two. Or three. Oh hell…unbutton them all.




PS — for those who need more context to this photo, Crosby was at Game 3 last night with Matt Duchene. So if you wanna know where he is right now– it’s LA. Happy hunting, ladies.


T Shirt Hockey?

4 05 2012

So I stalked S on Twitter — and saw that she retweeted a tweet from Chad Brownlee. We mentioned him in a post about a week ago when we heard his new song “No Silver Cup”. I think he deserves a gold medal. He’s just….I can’t even…

Dierks Bentley and Chad Brownlee invented a new kind of hockey. No puck? No problem. Just roll up shirts in balls and have at it.

To make this video even better — they were in Winnipeg. As if I needed another reason to love Dierks and Chad.

Where can I get my tickets?!

What a couple of beauts.

PS – I’m officially adding Brownlee as a tag. This gem deserves one.

No Silver Cup

25 04 2012

Thanks to S (and Gongshow Gear) this beauty of a video invaded my newsfeed on Facebook.

Chad Brownlee, a Canadian Country music singer — who used to play hockey (Vancouver Draft pick), wrote this song about his beloved Canucks. Yes, I know … our most loyal outspoken readers hate the Canucks but trust me ladies & gents. This is worth the listen.

Even if you don’t like the song just take a few minutes to admire him because he’s truly a beautiful man. And his voice…is just… ::sigh::

He models the song after Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith. Hence why the title is No Silver Cup.

Note: He’s wearing a GSH sweater & bucket!! The same bucket S & I rock on a weekly basis! Which says “Free Agent” — ladies, take note.

You know he’s a good man when he watches/plays hockey. You know he’s a COMPLETE winner when he rocks GSH swag. He’s gonna make a lady verrrrrryyyyyy happy one day.

Hey Chad,

We’re Free Agents too!


Wheel. Snipe. Party.  

*L & S