Dear Sidney

5 06 2012

Must you do this to us? I mean, it’s hardly fair.

You got us all literally panting over here at the Hockey’s Finest Office.


Please wear that shirt more often. And unbutton one more button. Or two. Or three. Oh hell…unbutton them all.




PS — for those who need more context to this photo, Crosby was at Game 3 last night with Matt Duchene. So if you wanna know where he is right now– it’s LA. Happy hunting, ladies.


T Shirt Hockey?

4 05 2012

So I stalked S on Twitter — and saw that she retweeted a tweet from Chad Brownlee. We mentioned him in a post about a week ago when we heard his new song “No Silver Cup”. I think he deserves a gold medal. He’s just….I can’t even…

Dierks Bentley and Chad Brownlee invented a new kind of hockey. No puck? No problem. Just roll up shirts in balls and have at it.

To make this video even better — they were in Winnipeg. As if I needed another reason to love Dierks and Chad.

Where can I get my tickets?!

What a couple of beauts.

PS – I’m officially adding Brownlee as a tag. This gem deserves one.

No Silver Cup

25 04 2012

Thanks to S (and Gongshow Gear) this beauty of a video invaded my newsfeed on Facebook.

Chad Brownlee, a Canadian Country music singer — who used to play hockey (Vancouver Draft pick), wrote this song about his beloved Canucks. Yes, I know … our most loyal outspoken readers hate the Canucks but trust me ladies & gents. This is worth the listen.

Even if you don’t like the song just take a few minutes to admire him because he’s truly a beautiful man. And his voice…is just… ::sigh::

He models the song after Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith. Hence why the title is No Silver Cup.

Note: He’s wearing a GSH sweater & bucket!! The same bucket S & I rock on a weekly basis! Which says “Free Agent” — ladies, take note.

You know he’s a good man when he watches/plays hockey. You know he’s a COMPLETE winner when he rocks GSH swag. He’s gonna make a lady verrrrrryyyyyy happy one day.

Hey Chad,

We’re Free Agents too!


Wheel. Snipe. Party.  

*L & S

Umm. Yeah.

10 04 2012

I have nothing to say. My jaw is on the ground.

Just watch and see for yourself.


Bring on the beards & mullets

5 04 2012

I feel like I have the same discussion with myself almost every time the playoffs come around. What is the female equivalent to a “playoff beard” or “playoff mullet”?? It’s gotta be something “uncomfortable” as all the guys do during the playoffs is complain about how itchy their beards are. It’s also got to be something that you could do at work without getting fired. And preferably something that’s socially acceptable.

Very cute option -- but let's take it a step further.

After some research — thanks to S’ man friend — we’ve got a few options for you all to consider.

Here are the options that come to everyone’s mind: (just admit it–you’ve thought about it)

1. Don’t shave your legs. We all know that there may be a few weeks during the winter where you all get too lazy (or cold) to shave your legs so you go into “hibernation”. But lets be honest, not shaving your legs from April – June is just not socially acceptable. Please, if you’re going to do this…wear pants.

2. Don’t pluck/wax/thread eyebrows. While this seems like a harmless option, once again… uni-brows are frowned upon in society. Don’t. Just don’t.

3. Lucky underwear. Now this is just plain disgusting. As much as I love Sidney Crosby, I find his “lucky jockstrap” to be completely disgusting. So please, ladies, let’s not. Unless of course, you have enough underwear in your teams colors to last you 2 months. If you do, go for it.

But let’s get to the option that won’t repel the opposing gender — for those of you who have men to impress on a daily basis. Also the options that can be done that will still make us look cute!

While showing your support through fashion seems like the obvious answer — jewerly, clothes, etc can be taken off before bed. A man’s beard can not. So, rocking your team colors everyday works to a certain extent, but doesn’t count. It causes zero discomfort.

Highlights. While S and I have easy team colors (black & gold), some of you have colors like Orange or Green. But hey, if you’re up for the challenge — do it up! I fully support it. Unfortunately, some of us (cough::me::cough) already over process their hair. So for me to put blonde/gold streaks in my hair would take hours of corrective coloring and money that I just don’t have. If you have money to throw around — this option is for you.

Paint your nails your team colors. I don’t know about you ladies, but having undone/chipped nail polish drives me ABSOLUTELY insane. It either needs to be done to perfection or completely gone. The fact that I wouldn’t be able to touch them until June makes me irritated, but that’s what makes this perfect! I’m sure other girls out there feel the same as me. Whether you can’t keep the nail polish on and instantly chip it off OR need them done all the time — this may be the option for you.


1. The nail polish/highlights goes on/in Wednesday, April 11th (or the night before). It can be done professionally OR by yourself.

2. REMEMBER: no maintenance. If our men have to suffer with itchy beards on their faces…we can survive with un-manicured nails/un-dyed roots for 2 months. (think of all the money you’ll save!)

3. Once your team is out, YOU’RE FREE! Wipe that nail polish off and make your way to the nearest nail salon where you can pamper yourself for being a supportive female fan. If you did the highlights option– go ahead to the nearest salon and correct the color.

So ladies, who’s going to join us? I’m going to buy my black & vegas gold nail polish tonight! Playoffs are just a week away. If you need to book appointments, don’t wait too long.

However, if you have other options…feel free to let us know! We’ve been killing brain cells by thinking of reasonable options.


Sweet Cherry Pie

4 04 2012

Last night at the Gahhhhden:

Pens + Bruins = death of L

Thanks to my AMAZINGLY AWESOME cousin, we had 2 tickets to the game. 5th row (maybe 6th row). And I got to witness my boys win 5-3. I’m now 2-0 when it comes to going to Pens games…..not that I’m saying I’m their good luck charm or anything….. ;)

Few things to recap

1. Tanger and Flower flirted with each other the entire night. Laughing like little girls and whispering things in each others ears while sitting on the bench. I’d like to think they were talking about me…but I’d be lying. It was probably along the lines of “Wanna braid each other’s hair later and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s?!”

2. Sidney Crosby scored a goal (make that 2).

duuuuuhhh. when does that NOT happen?!

And instantly I get a text from S talking about how I’m no longer  a Crosby Goal Virgin …. nice S, real nice. (She’s so right though– I had never seen Crosby score in person. It was as glorious as I imagined it would be. Suck it, Crosby haters.)

3. James Neal + Andrew Ference = FIGHTTTTTT!

Once again, S sent me a text. “Did you just get pregnant? Because I think I did…” I basically had front row seats to one of the BEST things I’ve ever seen at ANY hockey game. James Neal. Fighting. Right in front of me. *swoon* And if I wasn’t busy drooling, I would have grabbed video. But I was trying to restrain myself from jumping over the glass and bashing Ference’s face in for picking on my boy.

The Real Deal.

The entire game James just got under every B’s players’ skin. You know how he’s the ” little brother we all love” to the Pens? Well, he’s the “little pain in the a$$ that we all hate” to the Bruins.

4. Joe Vitale took a puck to the face. And to make matters worse — it came from Zdeno Chara…which ends well for NO ONE. But, like the amazing man he is, Big Z was the first to the scene of the accident making sure Joey was alright.

5. Johnny Boychuk had a knee on knee collison with Arron Asham and went down faster than a sinking ship. He had to be carried off the ice by his players. Poor guy. But it leaves me with this question: “Does Asham have a knee made of steel?”


Good luck, Johnny. Hope it’s nothing too serious. To make Bruins fans feel better — I hear he walked out of the arena without crutches last night. One can hope that’s a good sign.

Anyway, few other small things. I feel the need to defend the 2 people I heard getting bashed the most last night (besides Crosby).

6. Jordan Staal is hated in Boston. Or maybe it was just my section of people. Thankfully, S wasn’t around. If she was, the bail money she set aside for me would have been used on her instead. An old woman behind me said “Someone just needs to end him for the night.” UMM — HOW RUDE!

7. Also, no one likes Kris Letang either. Look, just because he’s an AWESOME actor and can fake an injury to get a penalty called — doesn’t mean he’s the worst player in the league. That only just means the Ref’s are suckers.

Welp, that’s my 2 minute break down of the madness that occurred last night. I can’t wait till next October until S & I are reunited in the ‘Burgh for a couple games.


Baby, come back!

29 03 2012

In exactly 5 days, I’ll be at the TD Garden watching the Bruins play my beloved Penguins — all because I have an AWESOME cousin. Free. 5th Row. Bruins. Pens. How the heck could I possibly turn that down?!

I was super excited for this about a week ago. But then this happened…

Seriously?! The boy is injury prone this year.

Tuesday night won’t be ANY fun if my boy isn’t playing.

Dearest Kristopher, 

You have exactly 5 days to get you’re beautiful body back on that ice. Don’t make me have my dad drag you to Boston himself. I already have him on the lookout for you while he spends this week in Pittsburgh without me! 


Your Future Wife

He just can’t catch a break this season. I feel like I’ve executed at least 4 prayer circles — maybe more — over the past 70 somethin’ games. Enough is enough. It may be time to pull out the bubble wrap for realz.

Ok, I’m back. And I’m exaggerating. This game will probably be the best game I’ve ever been too — besides the game S & I went to last year in da ‘Burgh.

The game is being broadcasted on NBCSports on Tuesday night. My cousin will be there next to me with an “I’m With Stupid” sign pointed right at me. If you find us, let me know. We’ll be the girls trying to scale the glass.