Let #SobFest2012 Commence

24 04 2012

I should have seen this coming.  After all, the Blackhawks are a Chicago sports team.  And what do Chicago sports teams know how to do?  Disappoint you.

We’ll always have 1908….right?

The problem with Chicago sports fans is this:  we’re eternally positive thinkers.  Every year is “our year”.  And if that were true, then the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks, and Bears would be the greatest franchises in sports because we continually keep the faith.  But back to the hockey.

It’s not like the Blackhawks played terribly, they’re obviously a talented team.  But the Phoenix Coyotes were simply better in one very important area:  goaltending.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  Mike Smith is one hell of a goaltender and was a true brick wall for the Coyotes.  Though some may criticize Joel Quenneville for not replacing Crawford with Ray Emery when things went sour, I trust his judgement.  Crawford was the smarter choice and more consistent one for the team right now.  He didn’t have the wonderful season that was last year, but he’s still young and will hopefully continue to grow and mature as a player.

I don’t want to think about the shakeup the Blackhawks might get, either in the front office or the team’s core because I love the team the way it is.  But, then again, I have to think of hockey as a business and come to terms with it.  But I don’t want to.  Somebody hold me :(

Wait. Now I feel better.

On the other hand, a big congratulations to Shane Doan and the rest of the Phoenix Coyotes.  You have to give props to a guy like Doan who has spent his entire career in a completely unconventional hockey market, to say the least, and has stuck by the team and the organization throughout.

Now if only Italy had Ben and Jerry’s….but I’ll have to settle for some cheesecake gelato to drown my sorrows.




10 04 2012

Yeah. It’s that kind of a day.

Dubi and Boyle make me fangirl all the way in Italy. *Drool* AHEM sorry. Just watch and enjoy. Between this video and Letang’s flow feature on TSN, there’s some serious intercontinental fangirling going on over here at Hockey’s Finest.


PS After watching HBO 24/7, every time I see Brian Boyle, all I can picture him saying is, “SANTA! I KNOW HIM!” Who’s with me? No one….? Alright then….

Where Can I Find One?!

4 03 2012

Seriously…where can I find one of these little ones?

Are they on sale at NHL.com?! I need one.


Well, not really. I have a feeling that if I were to have kids…this is EXACTLY what they would turn out like.

Kudos to this girl (I don’t know who you are) for teaching this 3 year old EVERYTHING he needs to know about the hockey world.



How to be a Perfect Dad.

17 02 2012

Exhibit A:

Eric Staal (and Brothers) take Parker Staal skating for the first time. (A picture surfaced a few months back…but I just noticed the video. Sorry all!) I love Parker so much, I think it’s time we give him his own tag.


This post is dedicated to our dedicated blogger L…

24 01 2012

in celebration of her husband being added to the All-Star game roster.

Eberle, Johnson, and Letang have been added to the roster, and of course this would change my previous post about the hotties who made the cut- because Letang is fully deserving.

That wild fan in the back really does a nice job capturing the emotion of L when this announcement was made.

Yeah, baby!

And a little bit of this, too…

– Anyone else as excited or equally disappointed about these changes as L is? I am just happy to see another guy cleared to play. Being added to this list is certainly a bonus.  D

An Ode to Patrick Kane

22 01 2012

Last night was a big game for Patrick Kane (aka Lil’ Peek-a-boo).

Hhhhnngggghhhhhhh (that's me drooling over Mr. Goldilocks)


*cue Chelsea Dagger*

Ignore the NHL’s misspelling of Kaner’s first name, and check out this beauty from last night against the Florida Panthers.

He needed that boost for sure.  And look how happy everyone is for him?!  I love team-wide hockey bromances :)

Plus, can we talk about how even though the weather was AWFUL in Chicago last night, and the fan’s still filled about 80-90% of the United Center?  Talk about dedication.  Kaner,  the #1 Star of the Game, acknowledged the fans for coming out despite the weather.  Yet another thing I love about him.  He always recognizes the fans and gives them a moment of his time whenever he can.  Though I couldn’t find the video form last night, checkout this sweet shout-out to the fans after the Blackhawks took a 3-0 series lead against the San Jose Sharks in 2010 on their way to winning the Stanley Cup:

PRECIOUS.  Anyway, I feel like lately people have been hating on Lil’ Peek-a-boo because he hasn’t been playing well (cough MIKE MILBURY cough), and I still/will always love him as a player and a person.

One last thing, then I’ll shut up.  At the end of every warmup, he’s usually the last one on the ice.  He’ll gather up a few pucks, and hand them out to some younger kids on his way into the dressing room.  Melts my heart.


Hockey Players + Cute Animals…

31 10 2011

A couple days ago I posted about the Penguins & Paws 2012 Calendar

Well, here are some pictures…

Honestly, we’re not sure which is more adorable….Malkin or the puppies…or how about both?? Seriously, I’m running out of reasons not to put Geno on my “must-have” list.

Geno continuing to kill us slowly...

Both puppies just look so content in his arms…it makes me melt.

I wasn’t sure the James Neal fan base could get any bigger after the start of the season he has had–but I think he may have captured the hearts of PETA after these pictures…

He liked Geno's puppies...

If I could come home from work every day and see him sitting on my couch holding a puppy—my life would be complete.

James Neal, feel free to marry me — whenever you’re ready. I’ll be waiting patiently. -L