Kris Letang– stop being so wonderful

31 10 2011

If I were this little girl, I would NOT be so composed. I’d probably be jumping up & down on the couch screaming “OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!”

To whoever this little girl is,

Happy (late) birthday. I’m extremely jealous. You got connections that I could only dream of having.




Hockey Fights Cancer

30 10 2011

This is a topic that always hits home for both S & I–so when I saw this, I couldn’t help but ‘aww’ and let a few tears slip out.

13 year old Lawson Frank is battling a rare cancer & was asked to be apart of the ceremonial ‘Hockey Fights Cancer’ puck drop on Saturday night. Chicago Blackhawks v. Columbus Blue Jackets. I just want to run up and kiss every Blackhawk I see for taking the time to do this. They probably have no idea how much this meant to this little boy. It’ll most definitely be something he will remember for the rest of his life.

If my heart swells any more-- it'll explode.

This video just kills me. Click here to watch.

Take a guess as to who's stick he's holding...

Hint: Jonathan Toews is his role model…

Uncle Max!

23 08 2011

I’ve been waiting for the perfect excuse to use this…

And I have now found the best opportunity.

ovaries?? what are those??

Congrats, Uncle Max. And I should also say congrats to this pretty young thing. Something tells me he is going to spoil her and protect her as if she were his own. She’ll have him wrapped around her little finger in days.

Countdown: 53 Days

14 08 2011

Before we start this, I just want you to know that we had a #54 on the countdown but apparently wordpress’ timer is off. We had set for wordpress to post it for us at 8am yesterday…and apparently that didn’t happen. So, we start off again with #53. – L


While deciding which player to feature as number 53 in our countdown to hockey season, L and I were actually in agreement! (It’s so much more fun when we fight… -L)

This #53 tugs at our heart strings.

He’s adorable! A total hockey hottie in training. Take notes Jeff, you have the opportunity to learn from the best. (cough::ERICSTAAL::cough — After seeing Daddy Staal with his son, I may have to strip– haha, *strip*– Craig Adams of his “Hot Daddy” title…. -L) 

Lesson #1 Complete: Looking handsome in a suit.

So, who is excited that there are Jeff Skinner days until the regular season??? I know I am : ) (Oh! Oh! ME ME ME!! Gettin’ close ladies! -L)

Trivia Tuesday: Steven does the TB Community good!

25 07 2011

What makes our heart melt?

Seeing our NHL boys getting out in the community and giving back to the fans! Prime example = Steven Stamkos.

One minute he is all…

51 goals. NBD.

(Can we pan that picture over to the right just a bit? Thanks… -L) 

The next he is having a boys night out to support fellow Tampa Bay area athletes. (A hockey player–in a baseball uniform?! YUM! -L)

Team Bonding. Let's hug it out!

This week he hosted a community toy drive and was personally present to collect the gifts.

What was I saying again?

Then he spent time at the local children’s hospital distributing those gifts in celebration of Christmas in July. (Ovaries……ouchie -L) 

Completely adorable!

I can only imagine how many people he made smile at these events. Keep up the good work Steven! You make the girls at Hockey’s Finest very proud! (Can I just take a second to comment on his HAIR!!! AHH! Hockey hair! I pray he doesn’t cut it before the season. And good lord–take off the hat and show it! Or better yet, let me run my fingers through it… -L)

Simply Because I Can

22 07 2011

So I realized something tonight.


And in honor of me admitting it and embracing it, I thought we could celebrate with some fun pictures of my favorite Canadian boys.

I know L won’t mind, in fact I have signed her up for the support group with me.

Our names are S & L, and we are addicted to Canadian hockey players.

Feel free to join us, we have a lot of fun!

Oh wait! Can’t forget this one! Yum!!!!

Helping hands

20 07 2011

Hell must be freezing over …

The Caps are capturing my heart. Saw these on my Twitterfeed…


Today Carlson & Mikey (he already had my heart) are doing some good in the community. What an adorable cause–building a playground for little kids.

What do you want your playground to look like??

Dear Mikey & John,

Can’t wait to see the finish product! Do a good job–it’s for the kids afterall. But if you don’t mind…a few shirtless pictures in tool belts & work hats would be great.


The girls from Hockey’s Finest