Here We Go Again

18 04 2012

I honestly never thought I’d see this many suspensions handed out during the playoffs.  Yes, there’s something to be said for the fervor and passionate playing that gets kicked up a notch at this time of year, but this is completely out of control.  I don’t even know where to start, but let’s go with the most covered of them all:  everybody and their brother on the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers.

I know this might not be a very popular opinion with everyone, but hear me out.  As a hockey fan that does not like the Flyers in the least bit, I’m honestly so disappointed in the Penguins for their behavior during that game.  You know what Philly is going to bring to the game:  grit and aggression.  They’re known around the league as a team and organization that likes to push its opponents’ buttons.  With that said, Pittsburgh gave an uncharacteristic and inappropriate reaction to them.  I mean really?  You’ve got Sidney Crosby picking fights with Claude Giroux now?  Kris Letang and Kimmo Timonen both got tossed out of the game before it really started.  It seems like Pittsburgh wanted to let their fists do the talking instead of their skill, which only hurt them in the end.  Philly instigated maybe one or two of those fights.  They sat back, chirped, and let the Penguins come to them and take the fall.  Now you’ve got Asham out for 4 games, Neal is suspended for 1 which, to be honest, could be the last game of the Penguins’ season if they don’t clean up their act.  It’s just disgraceful.  And again, I know this might not be the most popular of opinions, but that’s what it is.  Take it or leave it.

New York Rangers vs. Ottawa Senators

Matt Carkner got into it with Brian Boyle in Game 2 in New York to start his team out with a little more energy.  However, I don’t think this was the right way to do it.  It’s a completely one-sided fight.  Carkner takes down Boyle, who doesn’t respond, and throws these sucker punches at the bottom of an 8 player pile-up.  I understand fighting and its place in hockey, but I thought there was more of a mutual respect between players in terms of fighting.  If Boyle doesn’t respond, you let him go.  You don’t take him down to the ice and start punching him around.  I didn’t think there should be a suspension here, I just thought it was uncalled for and inappropriate.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Phoenix Coyotes

So I have two bones to pick with my team:  one in favor, one against.  This hit by Andrew Shaw on Mike Smith wasn’t, in my opinion, dirty in any way.  However, I completely see how this hit requires review by the league and, ultimately, a suspension.  If this had happened to Corey Crawford, I’d expect a suspension too, strictly because goaltenders are like the quarterbacks of hockey:  you can’t touch them.  And no matter how much I like Andrew Shaw and think he isn’t a dirty player, if anyone else did this I’d expect to see the same punishment for them, too.

Now, on a more serious note, I was absolutely furious last night when I saw the hit that Rafi Torres laid on Marian Hossa.

If he doesn’t get at least 4 games for this hit, Brendan Shanahan needs to have his head examined, because this was dirty in every sense of the word.  Torres left his feet, targeted the head, and is a repeat offender.  Hossa was carted off on a freaking stretcher, and there was NO PENALTY CALLED ON THE PLAY!  I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.  Torres did this last year too, with Vancouver, on Brent Seabrook.  This feels like last season when Aaron Rome laid that hit on Nathan Horton.  But, in case you forgot, here’s a video:

There is no way the refs can play ignorance on this.  Skip to 2:48.  The ref, who is standing right in front of the hit, lurched back as a reaction, then did NOTHING.  Absolutely disgraceful.  I’d like to think that players were past this, but it seems that Torres missed that memo.  I would love to see what the league does with this, because I think they need to treat as they did Matt Cooke.  He was a repeat offender, and after being suspended repeatedly, he switched up his game.  Torres needs to do the same.

What do you guys think of the scrappy nature of this first round of the playoffs?  Let us know in the comments!


Goon: Best Movie Ever

26 03 2012

This is a must see.

Just trust us. 

Go get your Goon swag from

Seriously, I spent 90% of my time laughing out loud alone in my apartment. The other 10% of the time I was trying to talk myself into thinking one of the actors did NOT look like Kris Letang (if he was a pot head/coc addict) and that it was just my imagination. What do you guys think?

I blame the hair and overall BAMF personality.

Anyway, take a couple hours out of your busy hockey filled schedules. Grab a beer & sit back to watch a beauty of a movie. I believe it was released in theaters in Canada. But for us USA folks, you can rent it on iTunes for $9.99 (let’s face it– that’s like going to the movies so don’t be complaining about how it’s too expensive) and I also saw it on On Demand for those with Comcast.

It’s got the Hockey’s Finest stamp of approval. 


Lethal Weapon

23 03 2012

Well, it’s unfortunately come to this.  Duncan Keith, one half of the dynamic first defensive pairing for the Chicago Blackhawks, got an elbow up on a hit to Daniel Sedin during the Blackhawks 2-1 overtime win Wednesday night.

As much as I love the Blackhawks, and I know how intense the rivalry is with the Canucks, that was an undeniably dirty hit.  However, I think the difference between this hit and other elbows we’ve seen flying this season, I truly believe it depends on the person it comes from.  Duncan Keith is not a dirty player by any stretch of the definition.  He plays the game how it should be played:  straight-up skill.  I do think this hit warrants a suspension though.  Probably 2-3 games, depending on what Sedin’s evaluation says.

I will say one more thing:  this will heat up the rivalry even more, and especially going into the playoffs, these teams could realistically meet again.  And when they do, it’s going to be an all out brawl.

What do you think?  How long should Keith be suspended for?  Let us know in the comments!


Thinking of you: JToews

23 02 2012

Short & to the point. We’re thinking of you Johnny boy. Rest up & get better.


The Girls of Hockey’s Finest.


To All NHL Players:

2 02 2012

Seriously, I’m about as fed up as my “husband” is.


As we speak, I’m in the Hockey’s Finest Lab trying to come up with a way to put a force field around Kris. Anyone who goes near him will be launched out of the arena. I’m way past be nice. It’s personal now.

Why you ask?

Well, because I’m getting sick of seeing this:

The face! NOT! THE! FACE!

Please–just don’t touch him anymore. We all know he wants to be a model after his career in the NHL–he cant do that with a shattered nose! I beg you guys. Just leave him alone. At least for a little while.

In other news…this whole Flower/Tanger Bromance is going to be the death of me. Seriously, it’s like my kryptonite.




Another One Bites the Dust

22 01 2012

Pay attention, sports fans, it’s time for your injury/concussion update!

Today, Philadelphia Flyers’ GM Paul Holmgrem announced that star winger Danny Briere would be out “indefinitely” with a concussion (read the team’s statement here).  In a season that has seen seemingly countless players fall victim to concussions, among other injuries, it’s difficult to keep up with everyone.  We here at Hockey’s Finest want to make it easier for you, and frankly us as well, to keep track of all the boys with ouchies.  Here’s a comprehensive chart of who’s out, sorted alphabetically by team:

Marc Savard (Boston Bruins):  out since Feb. 8, 2011

Brayden McNabb (Buffalo Sabres):  out since Jan. 14, 2011

Joni Pitkanen (Carolina Hurricanes):  out since Nov. 28, 2011

Radek Martinek (Columbus Blue Jackets):  out since Oct. 22, 2011

RJ Umberger (Columbus Blue Jackets):  out since Jan. 17, 2012

Philip Larsen (Dallas Stars):  out since Jan. 21, 2012

Simon Gagne (Los Angeles Kings):  out since Dec. 27, 2011

Guillaume Latendresse (Minnesota Wild):  out since Dec. 15, 2011

Pierre-Marc Bouchard (Minnesota Wild):  out since Jan. 5, 2012

Mike Mottau (NY Islanders):  out since Dec. 30, 2011

Al Montoya (NY Islanders):  out since Jan. 21, 2012

Michael Sauer (NY Rangers):  out since Dec. 6, 2011

Jesse Winchester (Ottawa Senators):  out since Dec. 21, 2011

Danny Briere (Philadelphia Flyers):  out since Jan. 21, 2012

Ian Lapierre (Philadelphia Flyers):  out since Sept. 18, 2011

Chris Pronger (Philadelphia Flyers):  out since Nov. 20, 2011

James van Riemsdyk (Philadelphia Flyers):  out since Jan. 13, 2012

Kurt Sauer (Phoenix Coyotes):  out since Sept. 19, 2011

Nick Petersen (Pittsburgh Penguins):  out since Oct. 3, 2011

Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins):  out since Dec. 6, 2011

Robert Bortuzzo (Pittsburgh Penguins):  out since Dec. 9, 2011

Arron Asham (Pittsburgh Penguins):  out since Jan. 21, 2012

Andy McDonald (St. Louis Blues):  out since Oct. 14, 2011

Alexander Steen (St. Louis Blues):   out since Dec. 28, 2011

Victor Hedman (Tampa Bay Lightning):  out since Dec. 28, 2011

Colby Armstrong (Toronto Maple Leafs):  out since Dec. 18, 2011

John-Michael Liles (Toronto Maple Leafs):  out since Dec. 23, 2011

Sami Salo (Vancouver Canucks):  out since Jan. 8, 2012

Evander Kane (Winnipeg Jets):  out since Jan. 21, 2012

That’s a total of 29 players out, with quite a few notable names.  And, if you didn’t happen to catch the Bruins-Rangers game today, Ryan McDonough of the Rangers might be added to that list soon after an absolutely brutal hit by Andrew Ference (here’s a story on it courtesy of the NY Rangers).  But, I will say this, Ferrence and David Krejci both gave McDonough a a pat on the back to make sure he was okay, so I give them props for at least attempting to check up on the guy.

Say a little prayer to the hockey gods for all our boys up there.  We just want them to get better :)


If you want to keep up further with who’s injured, TSN has a great list of everyone that’s out and which injury they have located here:

Max Talbot: Prayer Circle Edition

13 01 2012

He says he’s fine. But look at this video. This is NOT the Maxime I know & love. This man is tough as nail — but he looks dazed, no?

Last night, Superstar got absolutely rocked by the Islanders Steve Staios. To the point where he couldn’t get up. Since when does Max NOT jump back to his feet after a hit? If you watch the footage (crappy footage — thanks youtube) it looks like it was a head shot. And from what Max said above– it sounds like it was a head shot. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck–it’s a duck.

If I hear that Max is out because of concussion symptoms…the girls here should probably call the police/fire department/etc — I’m probably on a ledge somewhere. Seriously. STOP TOUCHING MY MEN. Don’t even look at them. If they skate toward you on the ice…just turn away. Between Letang being out (still — for what? 18 or more games?), Sid being out (for like–ever), Staalsy’s knee, and Nealer’s “bruised” foot…I CAN’T HANDLE IT ANYMORE. Don’t even get me going on the rest of my boys around the league who are injured. Seriously, you should see my fantasy team right now. It’s strugglin’. I’m going to buy a lifetime supply of bubble wrap and wrap their heads in it– leaving holes for breathing…and eye sight of course.

I may drive myself to the nearest Halloween store and invest in a nurse costume. Obviously, these men need someone who is going to quickly nurse them back to help. Who’s with me?