We Are The Champions

12 06 2012

There you have it:  The Los Angeles Kings are Stanley Cup Champions.

This is the stuff that’s only written in fairy tales.  An eighth-seeded team, with enough heart and determination, knocking off the top 3 seeds in the Western Conference, and taking the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals in a dramatic and dominant fashion.

I can’t even begin to say how happy I am for the LA Kings and their fans, but first we have to acknowledge their opponents:  the New Jersey Devils.  They fought back in an amazing way, coming back from a 3-0 game deficit in the SCFs and gave the Kings a legitimate run for their money.  Honestly, if the Kings hadn’t played the Game 6 that is now etched in the record books, the Devils could have easily taken the series.

But, alas, the hockey gods didn’t want it that way.  The entire hockey world respects the Kings and their organization.  See for yourselves:

The great part about all of the praise for both organizations is that it shows the class of hockey players, officials, and executives.  The exchange between Martin Brodeur and Jonathan Quick, in particular, was great to see, because they have such a mutual respect for each other.  At one point, I could read Brodeur’s lips and he told Quick that he was “incredible”.  I mean, seriously?  That’s a unbelievable compliment coming from a future Hall of Famer like Brodeur, and obviously well-deserved.

Conn-Smythe Trophy

Was anyone surprised?  If Quick hadn’t gotten the Conn Smythe, I think a riot would have broken out in the streets of Los Angeles, Vancouver-style.  No?  Too soon?  Meh, whatever.  But back to the point, Quick’s performance was unreal.  Completely dominant from start to finish, and he never missed a beat.

16 wins, 4 losses.  Only one road loss.  A .946 save percentage.  WHAT THE WHAT?!  He’s amazing.  Can’t even handle it.  So deserving, and he’s got a long career ahead of him.

Mike Richards and Jeff Carter

It’s really almost funny at this point.  The picture says it all.  When both Richie and Carter were traded away to markets that, let’s be honest, weren’t the most desirable for them as players, you had to wonder if they’d ever see the success they deserved.  And now look:  Carter was traded at the deadline from Columbus, the bottom of the NHL food-chain, to the Kings, and reunited with former-Flyer Richards.  It’s a cinderella story if you’ve ever heard one.

Colin Fraser

Frazzle Dazzle, I’m so proud of you.  As a former Chicago Blackhawk and member of the 2010 Championship team, I always root for those players.  Kings fans, keep this in mind:  you can and always should root for the players that are important to you, no matter where they’re playing.  It keeps historic moments like this fresh in your mind, and you’ll never get over it.

Fraser was a key 4th line role player on the Kings this season, and was on the ice when the hole blew to end Game 6.  He’s a classy guy, a classy player, but was the ugly duckling of hockey this season.  No one wanted him.  The Oilers and the Kings went back and forth trying to figure something out for him, and thanks to the Kings organization and coaching staff, Fraz has carved out a nice spot for himself in LA.  Let’s hope he sticks around, because he deserves it.  Plus, he’s the first of the 2010 Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup again.  Git ‘er done, Frazzle Dazzle!

Darryl Sutter

Holy schnikes, talk about a 180 degree turn.  Darryl Sutter, HUGE ups to you, sir.  To take an organization and a team that was completely discombobulated (I must’ve swallowed a dictionary, that word is longgggg) and dysfunctional, to getting them into the playoffs, and winning the Stanley Cup as an eighth-seed is incredible.  And to think he did it without ever cracking a smile.

Oh wait, there it is.

It’s moments like this that make me love hockey.  I just fell in love more and more with the sport, watching history happen, and seeing the relief on the players’ and coaches faces to have achieved the most difficult trophy to win in all of sports.  It’s incredible.

Honestly, I could go on and on about Game 6, the hit on Rob Scuderi, and every “what if” moment imaginable.  But I just want to say one thing to the Kings fans:  ENJOY THIS.  It’s history that you just witnessed, and something that will forever go down as the night that cheers erupted from the Staples Center without Kobe Bryant on the court.  I hope LA becomes more of a hockey town, because this organization deserves it.  It says a lot about the resilience of the players and the front office to continue to play and work for an organization that might not have the greatest presence in its location.  So cheers to you, boys, you deserve it.  Now party like you’re Patrick Kane, but try not to get arrested or let the front office get mad at you.  So basically…..party like it’s 1999.



Don’t Stop Believin’

15 06 2011

I’m reeling today. There’s no possible way for anyone to bring me down. My focus level is zero and I have the attention span of a 2 year old. Man oh man…what a hockey game.

B's win!

First off, let me just say that we hope Mason Raymond is ok and that the Boston hospitals are taking good care of him. Those boards can be very unforgiving and the poor guy couldn’t have hit them at a worse angle.

Last night, the Big Bad Bruins got inside Luongo’s head early–causing him to be pulled in the 1st period.

Poor guy.

Half of me feels bad for him…the other half of me is angry with him for some of the things he has said the past few days. I can now say that Vancouver is slowly making their way onto my strongly dislike list. S keeps reminding me that both teams are playing cheap and dirty, but like always…I’m being stubborn and swearing that Van is much worse.

The other highlight from last night?? –I basically cried when I saw Nathan Horton on my TV. So happy I got to see his smiling face again (and PS–he made the trip out to Vancouver with the boys! YAY NATHAN!)

If that video doesn’t make you misty-eyed….

The B’s have a chance to bring the Cup home to Boston this weekend and I personally think it’s going to happen. I’m not just saying that because they are my team, I’m saying that based on what I’ve watched the past couple of games. Vancouver is getting tired and we’re getting stronger.  I’ve been known to be wrong before and if I am…I’m be crushed. So crushed, in fact, I may cry. However, I will also cry if they win. Either way, tomorrow looks to be an emotionally draining day for me.

Bring it home, Bruins. Do it for Horton! <3

Words of Wisdom

11 06 2011

All he has to do is say one word, and I swoon.

what a cutie.

After last night’s loss, this is exactly what I needed to see on my twitter feed. If he believes…then I believe. And if you don’t, maybe this face will help you out…

Baby Seguin knows best.

On a better note: who’s in Boston and wants to stage a Lord Stanley hunt?! The cup is making its way out to Boston and I’d do anything to get a couple minutes with it…who’s with me!?

I’m in love

9 06 2011

This hockey club is making me proud. I hate the city of Boston with a burning passion…the only good thing about it are the sports. I would have never guessed the Bruins would go in these Finals and win Game 3&4. I guess you can say my faith in the team faltered a bit.

But my faith has been restored and I’m actually starting to B-lieve they can win this thing.

Last night was an insane game full of all kinds of emotions.

First, I saw this.

my heart broke.

Then I saw this.

I clapped wildly in my room.

Last night you were able to see just how much #18 meant to Boston & the team. PS- turns out #18 showed up in the 3rd period to give away “the jacket” that was sitting in his stall. What a guy.

Let’s do some recaps, shall we?!

Timmy got a shut out last night!

Boston's hero.

Loungo got pulled.

I think it's safe to say Lou's head is still spinning.

But Loungo isn’t the only Canuck feeling down.

poor baby.

This series has turned nasty. The chirping, hitting, and overall mannerisms of these teams are unreal. I normally don’t like when a game turns into a “my horse is bigger than your horse” match, but under the circumstances I’ll take it.

Marchand is just being a little pest that the Sedin Twins just don’t know how to handle. He’s playing dirty and getting under their skin–and there is zero retaliation.

Heh, sucker.

So the series goes back to Vancouver on Friday. I’m thinking now that the Bruins know how the Canucks work (down & dirty/cheap play), they have a chance of walking away with a win. It’s now a battle of who wants it more…and after last night, something tells me it’s Boston.

Let’s Go B’s!

We want the cup!

8 06 2011

Happy Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals everyone! :)

Who wants it more?

I’m hoping the fire that Vancouver started on Monday night somehow carries over to tonight. Before the series started, I thought the B’s had about a snowball’s chance in hell of winning Lord Stanley…but now, I’m not so sure. I think the B’s left the bullies feeling bullied. Mr. Kesler looked like he either wanted to put his fist through a wall…or cry. And Loungo’s head still must be spinning. But then again, I also called for the Canucks to win it in 5.

No predictions from me anymore, because I honestly don’t know what will happen.

Now the bigger question is…who goes in for Horton? Baby Seguin?

You want a picture of me? Wait, get my good side!

Anyone else see another P.Kane in the making??

I'm a P.I.M.P

It’s ok P.Kane…S & I love you even if you do make stupid mistakes. You’re a beast on the ice and that’s all that matters. You also make us smile, so you’ve won over our hearts.

Do It For Horton.

7 06 2011

I’m not really sure where exactly to start about last night…but let’s get the obvious out of the way first.

Horton…oh, Horton. I must admit, I cried when I saw him go down. Not just misty eyed. No. A tear rolled down my cheek. It’s scary and heartbreaking to see a player motionless on the ice. S immediately went into best friend duty by reassuring me that he would be ok. (Thanks, S!)

Rome layed a DIRRTY hit on Horton last night. In case you missed it, check it here

Pretty sure I heard the Garden erupt from my house an hour outside the city. It’s never fun to watch a  player go down the way Horton did. To make matters worse, he’s one of our favorite (and key) players.

The only good thing that came out of that hit (if there can be any good) was the way the B’s played. No doubt they were doing it for Horton. The second he got carried off the ice in a stretcher everyone knew that this game was meant to be for the B’s.

Do it for Horty, boys.

An 11am hearing (face to face in Boston) will take place and everyone is holding their breath for what the league will do to Rome. Will they suspend him? Or will it be the typical “it’s the playoffs” kinda deal? If the league is serious about eliminating head shots, what better time than to prove that than now? I’ll be following Twitter closely from work today to see the outcome.

Now, lets talk about that sleeping bear the ‘nucks woke up last night. If Vancouver thought they were walking out of the Garden with a win last night after that hit…they were sadly mistaken.

Dude, maybe we shouldn't have hit Horty like that....

The ‘nucks were beaten (in every sense of the word) to a pulp last night and the Bruins showed them exactly what kind of a team they could be. Vancouver, you are the first to land on L & S’ Sin Bin List. We are not happy. Not one bit.

Way to grind it out, boys!

Now if only the B’s can play that way for 3 more games–but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One day, game, and goal at a time.

Horton. We love you and hope you make a speedy recovery. We need your smiling face on the ice.

thoughts & prayers are with you <3

Now. Onto one more thing. I am NOT a happy camper. Not at all. Claude (for once) decided to change things up. I hoped and prayed the rumors of Seguin being scratched were just rumors…but they weren’t. Baby Seguin was taken out of the lineup to put Thornton back in.

And what’s even worse is I actually think he would have had a great game last night.

Put me in Coach!

By the way…S & I’s prediction of what time the puck would be dropped were wrong. It was 8:16. Darn. 3 minutes off.

Bad Blogger Award…

6 06 2011

Ok…we apologize. We accept the Bad Blogger Award, but we were super busy this weekend.

we are ashamed..

S was moving into her brand new condo down in the Sunshine State.

And I was enjoying the beautiful weather we were having up here in New England & hanging out with my fellow rednecks for the day at the Jason Aldean concert.

Anyway, let’s get down to the hockey talk. It’s already Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals and despite how the 1st two games have gone, Boston is still alive and supporting their team. I think the main reason is because…well…we’ve been playing pretty good hockey! Both teams have thrown everything PLUS the kitchen sink into these games.

Oh, and my main man LUUUUUUUUUUC scored! Yahoo!

atta boy

Pretty sure all of Boston joined me in celebrating that one. We’ve been waiting so long.

Now it’s time for the rumor talk. Some say Thornton may be making an appearance in tonight’s lineup! Which means…

Goodbye Baby Seguin :(

I LOVE Thornton, but I do not at all approve of this move. But, like I said…it’s just a rumor. We’ll see what happens come puck drop. Here’s a random thought from S & I…why are puck drops on the oddest times? Not 8:00, not 8:15, not even 8:20. It’s an 8:08, 8:03, or even 8:17…

Tonight, S & I are taking bets. I think the puck will drop at 8:13. S thinks 8:14. Any other bets??

Ok. Back to hockey.

Timmy T has been nothing short of amazing for the B’s

I'm calling it now. Tonight is his night.

And Loungo has been a beast for the Canucks.

Yo, did you see that save?!

It’s no doubt that these games have been a goaltending show. But who expected any different?!

Now it’s time for a little confession. I have been a bad Bruins fan these past 2 games. I’ve fallen asleep in the 3rd BOTH times. And both times, they lost. Not that I’m superstitious or anything (ok–I lied. I’m the most superstitious person you’ll ever meet) but I think I’ll be holding my eyes open with toothpicks tonight to ensure that I do NOT fall asleep.