Office Party!

14 06 2012

That’s right. We’re throwing an office party.


Of course since everyone in the “office” is in a different part of the country — we’ll just have to make it work somehow. Skype, Phone calls, texts, etc.

I sent S a card on Sunday with SPECIFIC birthday instructions since I’m not in town to celebrate with her. I told her I’d be disappointed if she didn’t follow through. I mean, who wants to sit at home in their apartment by themselves on their birthday? I’d much rather sit at a bar by myself on my birthday. I have to admit, I smiled evily (is that a word?) while writing it. It went a little something like this:

1. Get home from work.

2. Throw on sweats.

3. Walk to Bleachers (a restaurant/bar down the street from her apartment)

4. Order Onion Rings & some form of an adult beverage. (Preferably that drink you had on our pub crawl that got you wasted — I forget what it’s called. I, too, was intoxicated)

5. Watch some sort of sporting event (i.e.- baseball, soccer, tennis, WHATEVER.)

Now, I do realize that her birthday sounds a little lonesome. Much like this:

Peanut Butter & Jelly for one?

But I was hoping it’d transform into something beautiful. Like this:

Pong anyone?

And then this:

Champagne shower!

And maybe this:

The idea is to walk into work hungover the next morning.

S is probably reading this and cursing under her breath. I told her my birthday instructions were harmless …. which they are. But she had no idea what evil thoughts were going through my mind while writing them down.

So. S. If I find out you’re sitting at home in your apartment tomorrow, I will jump on the next plane out to the Windy City. And if that happens — YOU KNOW your birthday party will not end with onion rings & an adult beverage. You’re better off just listening to what I said. :)

Send all your birthday wishes this wayyyy! She deserves them!





2 02 2012

S likes to give me heart attacks every once and a while…just for kicks.

She snuck this goodie in the bottom of an email — which was completely unrelated to hockey. You know when your heart does one of those “I think I’m going to stop beating” things? Yeah– prepare yourselves.

I know, I know…most of our loyal readers are NOT Canucks fans. But come on, ladies. You can’t deny that this is indeed beautiful. And THIS (unlike Keslers’ nude shoot from ESPNMag) is NOT photoshopped.


Enter Chris Higgins. Not going to lie– I had no idea who this beauty is. But I do now. Left winger for the ‘nucks. A 6’0”, 205lb, 28 year old absolute gem. AND the cherry on top: he’s an East Coaster (New York).

Kesler who? …I’m all over Higgins now. That’s right. This is me calling *DIBS* — to all you ladies in the Hockey’s Finest office. (Except you, D.)

So, go ahead. Do what I know you all want to do. Blow it up to poster size, print it out, and tack it to your ceiling like you’re 12 again. Enjoy!


I can’t stop laughing…

16 09 2011

…And there are tears running down L’s face. (She’s not joking guys…I cried laughing. -L) All because of the new Cabbie interview about Hockey Player’s “Off Ice Performance”. Check it out ladies and let us know your reactions.

(Once again guys, S is the finder of the good $h!t. She emailed this to me & literally asked me to DROP EVERYTHING to watch. I listened. And thank god I did. This is probably the funniest  thing we’ve found all summer.  -L)

what a cutie...

All we can say is:

1. POOR JEFF SKINNER! The boy needs more confidence….OFF the ice.

2. Stammer is a LITTLE cocky…somehow we don’t think he’s that smooth off the ice.

3. Baby Segs is very….precise.

4. We NEED to hang with Biz. It just NEEDS to happen. We’d all get along great.

My best friend has a sense of humor…

2 08 2011

Sometimes S likes to remind me just how funny/clever she can be. Well, today starts my birthday month & S mailed my card so it would show up for the 1st of the month. Perfect, right? You’re only 22 days early, S…but better now, than never… ;)

From: Mrs. Sarah Staal .... To: Mrs. Lauren Letang

Yeah…it made me giggle like a little girl & prance around the house for a little bit. This just shows you that even 22 year olds can act like 13 year old teenage girls…

I miss you, S. Even though I just saw you 2 weeks ago…

Thanks for the SUPER early birthday card. You rock!

Love, L

P.S. —  just in case you all wanted to know (which I know you dont)….it’s S & I’s 10 year Friendaversary this month!! WAHOO!