Office Party!

14 06 2012

That’s right. We’re throwing an office party.


Of course since everyone in the “office” is in a different part of the country — we’ll just have to make it work somehow. Skype, Phone calls, texts, etc.

I sent S a card on Sunday with SPECIFIC birthday instructions since I’m not in town to celebrate with her. I told her I’d be disappointed if she didn’t follow through. I mean, who wants to sit at home in their apartment by themselves on their birthday? I’d much rather sit at a bar by myself on my birthday. I have to admit, I smiled evily (is that a word?) while writing it. It went a little something like this:

1. Get home from work.

2. Throw on sweats.

3. Walk to Bleachers (a restaurant/bar down the street from her apartment)

4. Order Onion Rings & some form of an adult beverage. (Preferably that drink you had on our pub crawl that got you wasted — I forget what it’s called. I, too, was intoxicated)

5. Watch some sort of sporting event (i.e.- baseball, soccer, tennis, WHATEVER.)

Now, I do realize that her birthday sounds a little lonesome. Much like this:

Peanut Butter & Jelly for one?

But I was hoping it’d transform into something beautiful. Like this:

Pong anyone?

And then this:

Champagne shower!

And maybe this:

The idea is to walk into work hungover the next morning.

S is probably reading this and cursing under her breath. I told her my birthday instructions were harmless …. which they are. But she had no idea what evil thoughts were going through my mind while writing them down.

So. S. If I find out you’re sitting at home in your apartment tomorrow, I will jump on the next plane out to the Windy City. And if that happens — YOU KNOW your birthday party will not end with onion rings & an adult beverage. You’re better off just listening to what I said. :)

Send all your birthday wishes this wayyyy! She deserves them!




We Are The Champions

12 06 2012

There you have it:  The Los Angeles Kings are Stanley Cup Champions.

This is the stuff that’s only written in fairy tales.  An eighth-seeded team, with enough heart and determination, knocking off the top 3 seeds in the Western Conference, and taking the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals in a dramatic and dominant fashion.

I can’t even begin to say how happy I am for the LA Kings and their fans, but first we have to acknowledge their opponents:  the New Jersey Devils.  They fought back in an amazing way, coming back from a 3-0 game deficit in the SCFs and gave the Kings a legitimate run for their money.  Honestly, if the Kings hadn’t played the Game 6 that is now etched in the record books, the Devils could have easily taken the series.

But, alas, the hockey gods didn’t want it that way.  The entire hockey world respects the Kings and their organization.  See for yourselves:

The great part about all of the praise for both organizations is that it shows the class of hockey players, officials, and executives.  The exchange between Martin Brodeur and Jonathan Quick, in particular, was great to see, because they have such a mutual respect for each other.  At one point, I could read Brodeur’s lips and he told Quick that he was “incredible”.  I mean, seriously?  That’s a unbelievable compliment coming from a future Hall of Famer like Brodeur, and obviously well-deserved.

Conn-Smythe Trophy

Was anyone surprised?  If Quick hadn’t gotten the Conn Smythe, I think a riot would have broken out in the streets of Los Angeles, Vancouver-style.  No?  Too soon?  Meh, whatever.  But back to the point, Quick’s performance was unreal.  Completely dominant from start to finish, and he never missed a beat.

16 wins, 4 losses.  Only one road loss.  A .946 save percentage.  WHAT THE WHAT?!  He’s amazing.  Can’t even handle it.  So deserving, and he’s got a long career ahead of him.

Mike Richards and Jeff Carter

It’s really almost funny at this point.  The picture says it all.  When both Richie and Carter were traded away to markets that, let’s be honest, weren’t the most desirable for them as players, you had to wonder if they’d ever see the success they deserved.  And now look:  Carter was traded at the deadline from Columbus, the bottom of the NHL food-chain, to the Kings, and reunited with former-Flyer Richards.  It’s a cinderella story if you’ve ever heard one.

Colin Fraser

Frazzle Dazzle, I’m so proud of you.  As a former Chicago Blackhawk and member of the 2010 Championship team, I always root for those players.  Kings fans, keep this in mind:  you can and always should root for the players that are important to you, no matter where they’re playing.  It keeps historic moments like this fresh in your mind, and you’ll never get over it.

Fraser was a key 4th line role player on the Kings this season, and was on the ice when the hole blew to end Game 6.  He’s a classy guy, a classy player, but was the ugly duckling of hockey this season.  No one wanted him.  The Oilers and the Kings went back and forth trying to figure something out for him, and thanks to the Kings organization and coaching staff, Fraz has carved out a nice spot for himself in LA.  Let’s hope he sticks around, because he deserves it.  Plus, he’s the first of the 2010 Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup again.  Git ‘er done, Frazzle Dazzle!

Darryl Sutter

Holy schnikes, talk about a 180 degree turn.  Darryl Sutter, HUGE ups to you, sir.  To take an organization and a team that was completely discombobulated (I must’ve swallowed a dictionary, that word is longgggg) and dysfunctional, to getting them into the playoffs, and winning the Stanley Cup as an eighth-seed is incredible.  And to think he did it without ever cracking a smile.

Oh wait, there it is.

It’s moments like this that make me love hockey.  I just fell in love more and more with the sport, watching history happen, and seeing the relief on the players’ and coaches faces to have achieved the most difficult trophy to win in all of sports.  It’s incredible.

Honestly, I could go on and on about Game 6, the hit on Rob Scuderi, and every “what if” moment imaginable.  But I just want to say one thing to the Kings fans:  ENJOY THIS.  It’s history that you just witnessed, and something that will forever go down as the night that cheers erupted from the Staples Center without Kobe Bryant on the court.  I hope LA becomes more of a hockey town, because this organization deserves it.  It says a lot about the resilience of the players and the front office to continue to play and work for an organization that might not have the greatest presence in its location.  So cheers to you, boys, you deserve it.  Now party like you’re Patrick Kane, but try not to get arrested or let the front office get mad at you.  So basically… like it’s 1999.


Holy Potential Sweep, Batman!

6 06 2012

It’s D-Day, ladies and gents.  Game 4, Devils vs. Kings, with a potential sweep on the line.

I don’t even want to think about the game, because I’m going to be jumping at every time move those players make, and my new roommate is going to think I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

And what do I think of that?

Yup.  That’s how I feel about it.

Anyway, how awesome would it be for Richards and Carter to hoist the Cup after being traded away from the Flyers, separated for the first half of the season, then reuniting and becoming the dynamic duo they once were on the east coast?  I’ll tell you how awesome:  it would be nearly as awesome as Stammer growing his flow back, Jeff Skinner and I becoming besties, and Captain Sexpanther walking into my apartment right now and proposing to me COMBINED.  Okay, it probably wouldn’t be as awesome as me and Tazer getting’ hitched, but it’ll be close.

Get excited, everyone.  No matter what the outcome of this game, it’ll either extend an already exciting series, or give a franchise it’s first ever Stanley Cup.  Leggo.


T Shirt Hockey?

4 05 2012

So I stalked S on Twitter — and saw that she retweeted a tweet from Chad Brownlee. We mentioned him in a post about a week ago when we heard his new song “No Silver Cup”. I think he deserves a gold medal. He’s just….I can’t even…

Dierks Bentley and Chad Brownlee invented a new kind of hockey. No puck? No problem. Just roll up shirts in balls and have at it.

To make this video even better — they were in Winnipeg. As if I needed another reason to love Dierks and Chad.

Where can I get my tickets?!

What a couple of beauts.

PS – I’m officially adding Brownlee as a tag. This gem deserves one.


1 05 2012

Have you ever surfed Craigs List’s Missed Connections section — just for the hell of it?

Well — if I wasn’t one of those people who laughs hysterically for hours going through them…I probably would have posted this.

Let me set the setting of this story first…

There I was just sitting at work…doing nothing…and then the phone rings.

::ring ring:: ::ring ring::

Me: *thinks* Hmm…that’s a weird number. *answers* Hello?

Sexy Deep Male Voice: Uhh…hi! Is this the Columbus Blue Jackets?

Me: ….Uhhh… no?

Sexy Deep Male Voice: Oh…umm…sorry. ::end call::

Me: …………………………….. *thinks* Dammit, I should have said YES!

Rick Nash, was that you? Pranking me because you know my day was heading down the “this sucks” road?!

She hung up on me!

So — the question is… I still have the number….Do I call back? He sounded pretty sexy. And he could have been someone important!

Instead of a Missed Connection … I consider this a Missed Opportunity.

So, if you’re the guy who called me…CALL BACK! Let’s talk hockey! ;)


Scavenger Hunt: Chicago Edition

13 02 2012

Life has been so crazy lately that I completely forgot to post this! Apologies!

So, as you all know (or should know by now) S will be making her way to Chicago for an internship in May! YAY S! I’ve already booked my plane tickets for my visit & couldn’t be more excited. Can you imagine the trouble S & I could get into in Chicago!?

And by trouble–I mean something like this:

A Scavenger Hunt. 

Since S works Monday- Friday 8-4:30…that leaves me with 3 days without her. Which gives me more time to prepare for our Scavenger Hunt first thing Saturday morning. What kind of Scavenger Hunt, you ask? Well…I found a picture on Tumblr. How reliable it is, I don’t really know. But for the sake of this post– let pretend it’s real.

Captain Serious' pad.

The view in this picture gives us kind of a good idea of where he lives, right? I mean…how hard can it possibly be?

We’ll be sure to update you on our mission. And if we find it, I’m going to play ding-dong ditch to every apartment I find in that building until he opens the door. [insert giggle here] Then I’ll tickle him–sans shirt–until he tells me where Kaner lives.

What better way to explore a new city than through a fun little scavenger hunt. Right?!

Game on, Toews.


We Survived.

28 12 2011

We’ll start with this.

Oh! Hi, HBO!

Yup. That happened. Our episode will be on January 4th–make sure to watch & if you see us…let us know.

We sat right behind the media, right next the to zamboni entrance and right under the Tesla coils. Pretty cool so far right? Well…it gets better. Lets rewind to BEFORE the game, shall we? Thanks to Daddy, S & I had an EPIC hotel room. 24th Floor. Balcony. On the water. Yep–we arrived. So we popped out onto our balcony and saw this…

Philly team bus leaving Westin & going to arena

Why we just sat there staring instead of making a beeline for the bus, I dont know…but at least we got a picture. So then we get to the arena and meet someone AWESOME.

Shout out to Gary Reilly — Pentaly Time Keeper.

Say hi to Gary!

Anyway, Gary has the worlds COOLEST part-time job and we made sure to let him know over & over again how jealous we were. Who knew you could be the Vice President of a Medical Group & then be an NHL Off Ice Official?? Can you say EPIC!? Gary was super nice to us and ended up coming over to us after the warm ups to give us this:

yep-- we make friends easy.

This document was easily 20 pages of nothing but stats. How lucky were we? Meet an NHL Official –> get game notes. We thought the night couldn’t get any better….until….we met these boys…

Meet CJ (left) & Mystery Boy (right)

For 2 guys that were “on the job” they were very–uhh– flirty? But…we enjoyed their company during the game. We even struck a deal with CJ (left). He said that if we gave him our game notes that Gary gave us– he would get us 2 pucks. We were sold instantly. I’d take a puck slapped around by Stammer over a pile of papers anyday. We couldn’t wait for our pucks. But then this happened:

CJ's boss gave us the puck right off the ice after the 2nd period.

Look at it! Still wet from the ice. I’ve never seen something so beautiful. And then, after the game, just like CJ promised we got our 2 other pucks in exchange for game notes. Since we got this matching pair, we handed off the 2nd period puck to a dad with two young sons. They could take better care of it than S & I sharing custody.

2 pucks from warmups.

After the exchange (sounds like a drug deal) … CJ told us to meet him across the street to the Luxury Box where we drank (a lot) and talked about how to properly dispose of bloody ice which we got to experience first hand last night. We also talked about how much trouble CJ got in for giving us the pucks in exchange for notes. Apparently, Ice Crew isn’t allowed to give out pucks. A small — ok, fine… BIG part of me wants to go to Thursday nights game…………and Saturday’s game……hell, every game for the rest of the season. Those. Boys. Dear. God.

Even though the Flyers lost (5-1 OUCH!), I’m pretty sure this was the best game I’ve ever been to. Even better than, dare I say it, the Pens game last year. GASP! If I keep talking about it I may break the world record for longest blog post ever. So I will stop.

Time for S & I to get ready to have a chill afternoon while watching the USA v Finland game. We love you all for being patient with us and waiting for this post. We were hungover, hungry, and exhausted. Worlds worst combination. Thanks a lot boys. Sheesh!!

Fun Fact!

25 10 2011

Since this is basically the Pittsburgh Penguins Lovers Headquarters…it’s only fitting that we announce that tonight will be Disco Dan’s 200th game as a Head Coach!!


Wanna hear another fun fact?!

Tonight, the Pens play the Islanders in Long Island (I’m expecting a chippy game) and that just happens to be the same arena Coach Bylsma made his head coaching debut back on Feb 16, 2009. (Thanks to the Pens Report for that tidbit of information)

Congrats Dan! We love you! Good luck!




13 10 2011

I repeat, Sidney Crosby has been cleared for contact!

It has been CONFIRMED with the team. (Seriously, I just had a legit DANCE PARTY in my cubicle. It just so happened that Black & Yellow was playing when I read the news. -L)

Got the word via Twitter

CROSBY!!!!!!! OMG!!!!

This is a big step in his recovery. By no means does this mean he is game ready, but it is another step closer!

Oh captain, my captain...

We wish the captain well as he continues his road to recovery. L and I couldn’t be more happy for this news! (Still dancing in my cubicle. STILL! Like BOUNCING UP AND DOWN! I’m just waiting for someone to ask me why so I can scream “SIDNEY CROSBY WAS CLEARED FOR CONTACT!!!!! -L)

(This is how I feel… -L)

Dance Party in my cubicle. Who's joining me?!


My 2 favorite teams collide!

9 10 2011

So Sunday’s are kind of hard for me between September and February. It’s the one day a week (besides certain Thursdays, Saturdays, and Mondays) where Hockey takes the backseat and Football becomes my main priority. Afterall, I did spend most of my life on the football field being a cheerleader & all.

And in the New England football world, today might as well be the Superbowl. My Patriots are taking on the New York Jets — the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year, ending their season extremely early. I must say, for you football fans, my team is looking mighty fine in their throwbacks.

Anyway, as if today’s game wasn’t special enough…Gillette Stadium had a few VIP guests. Any guesses?

The boys in Black & Gold visited the boys in Red, White & Blue.

And the Bs brought a very special friend with them for a play date…

Lord Stanley, meet The Lombardi's. Lombardi's, meet Lord Stanley.

Since Black & Gold doesn’t really fit in well at Gillette Stadium, Rob Kraft & the Patriots gave the Bruins some new swag to wear at the game today (in their comfy luxury box, by the way). 

So as I’m writing this, the score is 27-21 Patriots with 7:14 left in the 4th and the Stadium is going completely insane. Every time the audio department plays that familiar bruins goal horn, the stadium erupts in a way that I’ve never heard it. It’s not a typical football crowd roar…it’s a hockey roar. The kind that makes the ground rumble and gives you chills. Something I’d never think I’d hear at Gillette Stadium. And I can’t help but think this one man is responsible for the vibe in Foxboro, Massachusetts today….

Horton "blessing" the turf with melted ice from the Garden

It’s obvious to me now that Horton is a good luck charm & he obviously needs to carry a Gatorade bottle full of melted ice to EVERY away game this season.

Needless to say, I’ll be going to bed a happy girl tonight. My 2 favorite sports have collided in one 3 hour spot. There’s so much sexiness on my HD tele that I can barely handle it.