Sweet Baby Jesus…

16 04 2012

I was planning on waiting until the end of the first round to give my thoughts on who came out on top, but considering the way a few series have been going, all I have to say is this:

For the Vancouver/LA series:

For Pens/Flyers:

In the name of all that is good and holy, what the FRICK is going on?!


What do you guys think about these series?  Let us know!


Baby come back.

2 01 2012

Seriously, I can’t take it anymore. Not only did I have to leave the Sunshine State (and S) to come back to this frozen wasteland…but there is still NOTHING new on the Pens injury situation. I know I’m a little late in posting this…but now that I finally am back to having NO life besides hockey & work I figured I could vent.

No Crosby. No Letang.

A team without Crosby or Letang is like forever without Sun. It just isn’t right. Sometimes I’m  not even excited to watch a game anymore. GASP! A serious depression is beginning to set in and there’s only 1 cure.

This face.

sexi boi

And this face.

those damn squats--gets me everytime.

And these faces better show up soon. Preferably BEFORE the All Star Weekend–which is only 26 days away. L does not like. I will pack my bags….AGAIN (and S knows how much I hate packing) to go nurse these boys back to health myself. Chicken Soup cures all…right?

*cries in a corner*




EEEK! Daniel Paille!

8 11 2011

This poor boy. I squirm everytime I watch this…

Daniel Paille took a slap shot to the “nose area” during last night’s game against the Islanders. I can’t thank NESN enough for not televising the blood covered visor. This is so disturbing.

WARNING: If you don’t like blood–don’t watch.


Get better soon, Daniel. <3 Sending you good vibes  & lots of love <3

Whoopsies! My bad.

25 10 2011

So, yesterday I was making my choices for the NHL Hat Trick Challenge on nhl.com and this was one of the questions.

I picked Yes. Obviously, that didn't happen...

I think I jinxed him. Pronger took a puck (or maybe it was a stick—I still can’t really tell) to the eye sending him screaming (literally) to the Flyers dressing room.


Watch the awful video [here]. There’s something about getting hit in the eye that creeps me out MAJOR. I wince everytime I see it. Anyway, Pronger will miss at least 2-3 weeks for this injury and will be seeing an eye doctor everyday for the next 4 days (as a precaution). According to the Flyers GM Paul Holmgren, Pronger will be returning to the ice–with a visor.

Get better, Pronger. What a scary place to take a hit. Even though you are a Flyer, I still wish you well.


Don’t Keep Me Waiting.

29 06 2011

“Breathe, L. Breathe” *in through the nose, out through the mouth. in through the nose, out through the mouth.*

That’s me. That’s me reminding myself I need to breathe. All this Max Talbot talk is killing me. Literally. I’m having chest pains. I woke up to a new rumor on my Twitter feed. A possible deal between the Leafs and the Pens for Max’s rights. Now, that is a little better than Montreal…but still. Can’t the Pens just forget about Jagr and sign Max?

Ok, so maybe this isn’t all the Pens fault. I did hear they offered Max a 3 year deal–but he turned it down. Someone is getting picky…

DONT GO!!!!!

Dear Max,

You can’t see me, but I’m down on both knees…..BEGGING you to stay with the Pens. I don’t beg often. In fact, this is extremely pathetic…but I just can’t stand the thought of you leaving the ‘Burgh before S & I get to move there (2 years, eh S?!). We had a brilliant idea of becoming your neighbors. Movie nights, sleepovers, street hockey games, parties, dinners, and lots more fun. You’d be missing out…

So if you’re reading this, PLEASE STAY WITH PITTSBURGH so S & I can die millions of dollars in debt to live next to you. We’d do it in a heartbeat. Really, we would.



I will wreck you.

6 06 2011

Does this picture scare anyone else?!

...the eyes freak me out...