Mad Scramble

27 03 2012

I have two favorite parts of hockey season:  the beginning of the regular season, and the end of the regular season.  Plus, at this time of year, I always feel like Yakety Sax should be playing in the background of a sped up hockey video and that makes me giggle.  Now, the end of the regular season does give M the sadz because that means that hockey is almost over, and then the summer of not knowing what to do with yourself begins.

That's some solid parenting right there, folks

That baby does what we like to call the “ugly cry”.  Anyway, I love watching that end of the regular season because, being a Western Conference kinda gal, they like to make it interesting and nail biting for you.  Who could forget last season, when the Blackhawks backed into the playoffs, and the Minnesota Wild’s homepage looked like this:

Did we at least send 'em a thank you deep dish pizza?

BAM.  And thank you again, Minnesota; even though my boys lost to those meanie pants Canucks in the first round, it was a heckuva series.  This year, the West is no exception:

LOOK AT THAT.  6 freaking teams that are within 3 points of each other?  WHAT?!  Also, quick side note, why is San Jose listed as 3rd in the conference?  Homeboys are in sixth, puh-lease.  Whatever.

Silly NHL doesn't know how to count

Looking at the way everyone is playing right now, and how many games are left, I’ll tell ya a few things:

1) Don’t expect Anaheim to make a dramatic comeback.  They need a recovery season, and I truly hope they make the playoffs next season.  They have too much talent on that team to lose out on another opportunity

2) What the frick is the matter with Phoenix?!  They’re my underdog team, I don’t want to see them collapse now!  If there’s a team that truly deserves to make the playoffs, it’s Phoenix.  They worked unbelievably hard this year, battled against the entire league, and came out on top much more than in past years.  Get it together boys, you can do it!

3) San Jose’s on a roll at the right time.  Let’s just hope they can keep on chugging and make it, they’re another team that does deserve it.  Whether or not they’ll make a deep run in the playoffs remains to be seen, but then again it’s the playoffs.  Anything goes.

I can’t wait until the end of the regular season just so I can make my playoff predictions!  What do you think about the end of the regular season?  Let us know!


Oh Hey California, Didn’t See You There…

25 01 2012

Just a quick update, since us bloggers have lives outside of Hockey’s Finest (I know, so hard to believe), I’m currently in Florence, Italy doing a study abroad program!  So, unfortunately I won’t be blogging as immediately as I would like (damn you, time difference), doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention to all our hockey players and teams from outside the US!

With that in mind, let’s turn our attention to sunny southern California, where one team is quietly having a resurgence.  I’m talking about the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.

It's knuckle puck time!

Unfortunately I’m not talking about those ducks (not to mention the sexiest fake coach hockey has ever seen), but these Ducks:

Look, Ma, we still have all our teeth!

All but written off by most of the hockey world, the Ducks have gone 8-1-1 in their last 10 games, racking up a lot of points missed earlier in the season with former head coach Randy Carlyle.  In fact, they hadn’t lost in regulation in 10 games until last night against the Stars, losing 1-0.  It seems that since Bruce Boudreau took over, all three of the team’s stars have picked up the pace and started scoring a bit (or, as they say in hockey-land, “making things happen out there”).

How do you guys feel about Anaheim improving their play?  They still only have 43 points in a very competitive Western Conference, but do you think they could make the playoffs?  Sound off in the comment section below and let us know what you think!

Until next time,


PS I saw James Neal is in for Ovi at the All-Star game, but I’ll let L write that post since she has an invested interest (aka becoming a mormon so she can marry both Letang and Neal.  I know that isn’t all Mormonism is, but for our purposes, that’s it).

Saturday Morning Fun

14 01 2012

So I was sitting down watching TV this morning — don’t ask me which sports channel because I don’t remember — but this beauty came on. I figured I’d share.

Lidstrom & Perry in the same commercial? Sounds like a winner to me.