Goodbye Atlanta…Hello Winnipeg??

21 05 2011

Before we start congratulating the city of Winnipeg, S & I have to offer our thoughts and prayers to our friend J who *may* be moving to a hockeyless city in the fall for grad school. Just like us, J is an avid Penguins follower (Hockey Husband: Max Talbot) from Florida. Due to blackout restrictions (for all 3 of us) we can’t always catch the Pens game on TV, and that’s when we rely on our hometown teams. Thankfully, Florida has the Bolts…and dare I say it, the Panthers (Do they even count? -S)


Anyway, at first S & I were more than excited for J to move to Atlanta. I mean, she was going to a great school and plus if she couldn’t catch a Pens game on TV — at least she’d have the Thrashers, right!? WRONG. Sorry J, the Atlanta Thrashers look like they may become the Winnipeg Jets in the near future.

Get ready Winnipeg!!

Poor girl. She didn’t even get to ONE game! S & I are legitimately worried about her. So if anyone is ever in the Atlanta area and you see a pretty girl smashing her head against a wall…that’s J. Tell her to please stop and keep her chin up because S & L love her too much for her to hurt herself. Plus…that just gives us more of an excuse to talk her into coming back to Florida (or even a trip to Boston). We love you, J. Stay strong babe.

Who knows J, maybe you’ll become a Hawks fan! ….no? Ok…well– we tried.

I’d like to think the Thrashers are excited about a possible move. Maybe they’ll actually sell out some games up in the cold North!

"We get fans?! Wahhoooo!!"

Sorry Atlanta hockey fans…looks like you’ll have to travel to get your fix. How ’bout them Preds?!