Giving Thanks.

21 11 2011

Welp, it’s that time of the year. Thanksgiving. (My favorite holiday–besides Christmas)

S & I decided it may be a good time to list the things we are thankful for. Our list got pretty long, so we’ll shorten it up a little bit…

1. Of course, it goes without saying…I am thankful for Kris Letang’s HairAHEM! Sorry guys, S wants me to generalize this one (Only because we would be leaving out so many other hotties. Ahem, Jordan Staal -S). WE are thankful for HOCKEY HAIR. But SHOUT OUT to the guy who we think is the KING of all glorious flow…

Straight out of Herbal Essence commercial....

It’s so silky and smooth and…ugh. Can I just tug on it run my fingers through it? *sigh* …one day…

And while we’re on the subject, I’m also thankful for his sudden anger outbursts from time to time….

DING DING DING! Bring on Round 2!

2. S text me and I shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw this: “I am thankful for Momma and Poppa Staal–no explanation needed. Genetics rule!”

I can hear S' ovaries exploding all the way from Boston...

3. Another one from S: “Movember! Nothing beats hot men with the confidence to pull off the classic ‘stache!”

We LOVE this.

I should say…there are some who TRY to pull off the ‘stache…but fail and end up looking like pedophiles. Stammer. Nash. I’m talking to you. Sorry boys. Shave it DECEMBER 1ST! Or I come stalk you and shave it for you. ;) (But Big Props on the attempt boys. You still get an A for effort from me- S)

4. Poor S. Living in the Sunshine State can’t be easy. “I’m thankful for the ‘Ice’ part of hockey. Perfect way to cool off in Florida.”

5. We BOTH read each other’s minds with this one…

WE are thankful for hockey conditioning. BOOTY BOOTY BOOOTY BOOOTY ROCKIN’ EVERYWHERE! 

I'm like: "nuhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." *drool*

I feel like I can actually see his a$$...or is that just my eyes??

AND last one on our list:

6. We are thankful for hockey sweaters. The amount of times so fair this season that we’ve had risky business style dance parties…GOOD LORD!! Nothing can replace the fun of those moments. Thick socks, nice comfy underwear, & sweater of your choice + some EPIC music == BEST NIGHT EVER.

in fact, tonight...we're having a dance party in honor of our Captain's return.

Excuse us while we go blast our music & slide through our apartments like Tom Cruise. (I am cueing “Domino” by Jessie J and pulling on one of my Jordan Staal sweaters as I type – S)

*sings* just take those old records off the shelf....

Anyways, for all you Americans (and Canadians– although we know your thanksgiving already passed) …what are you thankful for? Let’s see if our lists match! :)

Happy Holidays!

Love L & S xoxox

[Insert your own clever phrase here. We’re feeling kind of ‘do-it-yourself’ today.]

12 05 2011

With all the madness going on with our hometown teams battling it out this weekend, we kind of forgot one MAJOR detail. Like the bad hosts we are…we forgot to introduce ourselves. So, here goes nothing…

The Nitty Gritty about this Belle:

My name is Sarah, I’m number one. My Razzle Dazzle, has just begun. So when you see me…step aside. You know Sarah don’t take no jive.

But in all seriousness, my name is Sarah and I met my best friend Laura through cheerleading. We have since grown up and hung up our pom poms. I am now studying for my masters while working part time in another male dominated sport that is not hockey (GASP!!!!) I guess you could say I have been a hockey fan all my life, after all, I was born in Minnesota. Being a hockey fan in Florida is rough, there is only one bar in town who plays games for me…but don’t worry folks, the owner and bartender now save me a seat with my name on it! I even took applications for a hockey buddy to travel to Tampa games with me, only had one applicant but he’s Canadian so he’s bound to be a winner. My next step in life is to move back north of the Mason-Dixon where people don’t ask you what hockey is. Couldn’t tell ya where I will end up, but you best believe I will be dragging Laura with me kicking and screaming. (as long as it’s in some sort of ‘sports city’, I’m game…  – L)

Age: 21

Hometown Team: Minnesota Wild (Used to be Northstars when I was there), LA Kings, New Jersey Devils, Boston Bruins, and Tampa Bay Lightning…If you are smart you have caught on by now that I don’t have a true hometown.

Favorite Team: Pittsburgh Penguins

Hockey Husband: Jordan Staal…or anything STAAL

Favorite Old Timer: Steve Yzerman

Coach of the year: Dan Bylsma- If he doesn’t win the Jack Adams I will question all that is true in this world.

Favorite Tweeter: Colby Armstrong. That boy has me dying laughing half the time and OOOhhhing and Awwwing at how sweet he is.

Least Favorite Team: Boston Bruins cause it’s fun to piss Laura off

Least Favorite Player: P.K. Subban. It’s simple, learn your place Rook! Respect has to be earned.

Scariest Player: This is a tough one. Marty St. Louis. He’s a dangerous player. Looks all cute and cuddly then BAM! He can scoot through a guys legs and become one BAMF

Best Hockey hair: The love child I will make with Sidney Crosby. Hello CURLS (and crazy athlete genes)!!!!!! (while Mr. Staal is away…Sarah will playyy…  – L)

Favorite Blog(s): What’s Up Ya Sieve? and The Hockey Junkies. Fellow female hockey bloggers.

What ya need to know about Laura: 

I’m your resident Masshole. Somedays I’ll try to confuse people by slipping some ya’ll’s or eh’s into my sentences, but then a wicked will spill out…. *sigh* the curse of being born and raised on the outer skirts of Boston…

More often than not, my halo is being held up by my devil horns. Sarah always likes to say that the Holy Water boils the second I step foot in a church. And while I may try to laugh it off…she’s probably right.

Most people try to tag me as the Football girl (which is partially true). What they don’t know about me is that my very first sporting event (at age 8) was a Providence College v Clarkson University hockey game. If any of you know College hockey, you know that back in the day PC and Clarkson were huge rivals (dad went to Clarkson and his little brother went to PC). Pretty sure that was the night I fell in love with the sport. Unfortunately, my love for hockey was put on hold and the cheerleading/football life took over. It was just the way of life in the little town I grew up in. You were either a cheerleader or a football player…and if you were neither, well…I feel bad for you. Once I was sidelined (indefinitely) in high school, due to injury, I began to discover there was life outside football. There’s something relaxing about the sounds of a hockey game. Not sure if its the skates on the ice, the puck being slapped around, or bodies being checked into the boards…but whatever it is, I love it.

Age: 21

Hometown Team: Boston Bruins

Favorite Team: Pittsburgh Penguins — I blame Sarah for this one. During one of my yearly trips to the Sunshine State to visit, she made me sit and watch a game. It was love at first sight. Thank you Sarah for making my life in Boston living hell whenever I rock my Pens gear…

Hockey Husband: Just call me Mrs. Letang ;)

Yeah...I know I look good...

Favorite Old Timer: Bobby Orr. One of these days I will have a “woman cave” in my house and the big picture of Orr tripping while scoring “the goal”….right next to my bubble hockey table.

I believe I can flyyyyy...

Coach of the year: Dan Bylsma, FTW

Favorite Tweeter: Paul Bissonnette (@biznasty2point0) he may be crude…but he has a way of making me giggle…

Least Favorite Team: I’m from Boston….I’ll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count…

Least Favorite Player: This is a tie for me between Subban and Ovechkin. Subban, well, because he’s Subban. And Ovie because he has that God awful tramp stamp on his back and he’s missing a tooth. You’d think with all the money he has, he could repair it. I could rant on and on about this kid…but we’ll save that for another post some other day. :)

Scariest Player: The Human Tree…I’m a Bruins fan…but Chara scares the you-know-what outta me.

Best Hockey hair: HA…this award goes to my husband. Mr. How’s My Hair?! Well…wait a minute…it could be a tie with Sarah and Sid’s “love child”…

Favorite Blog(s): What’s Up Ya Sieve? –these girls have me rolling all day long. Not sure how I stumbled over there blog, but when I did I spent 5 hours catching up on all the posts I missed. Check it!