Best of the West

12 01 2012

Before we get into what will be an EPIC matchup in the Western Conference, I’ll do a mini “L” freakout on the ASG selections.


There are two things that immediately come to my mind when I hear the ASG roster.

1) I can’t wait to see all the Hawks from our championship team reunite.  This year it’s Captain Sexpanther, Lil’ PK, Big Hoss, Soupy, and BUFF.  I wish Duncs and Sharpie were in there (I have NO idea why Duncs isn’t in there, but Sharpie’s injured), but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

2) I try to keep a calm head about who they do/don’t pick for the rosters, but DAMN, NHL, you make it really hard sometimes!  Where is Selanne?  Neal?  HELLLOOOOOO?!  Smh.

Even Trekkies are upset

It’s safe to say that Sobfest 2012 started a bit too early for me.  But I digress.

Now, onto the GOOD stuff :)

I love the Western Conference.  Every night, unless Columbus is playing (sorry dudes), there is some sort of a fantastic matchup.  The Western Conference, in my opinion, is the tougher of the two conferences.  Yes, the East has it’s stars, but the teams in the West faceoff in epic battles every night and truly fight for points.

Tonight, especially in the Central Division, we have some epic matchups.  Canucks vs. Blues.  Blackhawks vs. Wild.  Red Wings vs. Coyotes.  Predators vs. Avalanche.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “M, you crazy bag lady, how in the world are those good matchups?”  Well, my little hockey fiends, try this on for size:

Hang in there, Columbus :(

As you can see, the Blackhawks and the Blues are tied for first, with Detroit only 2 points behind and a game in hand, and Nashville is not too far off.  So, provided the Red Wings lose, Nashville could close the gap, and we could have ourselves an even better battle here.  No other division in the League has a battle for the top division spot going on right now, or at least one as close as this.  And, for that matter, no other division has 4 out of their 5 teams occupying 4 of the top 8 spots.  This is where I do a celebratory cabbage patch dance.

Tiger Tiger Tiger WOODS, y'all!

Okay I’m back.

If I had to pick one game to watch though, it would be Blues vs. Canucks.  The Blues are on a hot streak (4 wins in a row) and Brian Elliott is a brick wall, but never count out the Wonder Twins.  The Canucks have a great goal differential (but measly in comparison to the Bruins), definitely due to the solid play of the Wonder Twins and Kesler.  The Blues have been solid at home, as most teams are, but the Canucks are 15-9-1 on the road, compared to 12-5-2 at home.  I think it’ll really come down to goaltending.  Schneider is always solid, but if the Blues happen to get Luongo in net, it’s truly anybody’s game.  Luongo can be great, but if you crash the net once, he collapses like a drunk guy at a frat party.  If the Blues take this one, they’ll truly solidify their place among the top Western Conference teams, and everybody better watch out because the Blues are BACK.



It’s Gonna Be Legen….wait for it…..

12 01 2012

DARY!  Hey everyone!  My name is Marissa and I’m the newest writer for the lovely ladies here at Hockey’s Finest.  I’ve been a hockey fan for most of my life, but now I get to show these to my mommy and convince her that her “tomboy” of a daughter might actually do something productive with that obsession.  I’ll be following most of the Western Conference, so get ready for some sweet blog-lovin’ for the California teams, and I’ll attempt to be nice to the Vancouver Canucks.  But I can’t help it if the Wonder Twins get on my nerves.

Now, before anyone gets on my case about this, let’s get one thing straight:  Yes, I’m from the Chicago-area (first suburb north).  No, I am not a bandwagon Blackhawks fan.  I repeat:  there are no bandwagons that I’m currently on.  Let me tell you a little story, children.  My first hockey game was at the tender age of 5, Chicago Blackhawks vs. St. Louis Blues.  There were four fights in the first period and, according to my dad, I was cheering and jumping up and down for every single one of them in a cute floral dress.  So yeah, you could say I got started young. (Right there with ya, M. Starting early = the hardest habit to kick. I’m addicted and proud to admit it. -L)

Someone's gonna go on timeout

But let’s get down to the cold, hard facts, people.  I live in a (now) great hockey town, with a team that isn’t too hard to look at. (If you want brownie points, you can send me PKane in a box for my birthday. You have until August to seal the deal. -L)

Age:  20

Hometown Team:  Chicago Blackhawks

Favorite Team:  Chicago Blackhawks (what can I say, I’m loyal), but if I was forced to pick another team that I lurve, it would have to be the either the New York Rangers or the Anaheim Ducks.  I have a soft spot for Brandon Dubinsky, and Bobby Ryan and I made a Twitter connection.

Still have no idea what he was talking about

Future hubby:  Jonathan Toews aka Captain Sexpanther.  60% of the time it works every time. (S will NOT be happy about this. But– she’ll have to deal. -L)

Wish-he-was-my-grandpa player:  Stan Mikita.  Dude was the bidness back in the day.

Coach I admire:   Mike Babcock (Red Wings).  I know, it’s almost a crime for me to say anything positive about the Red Wings as a Blackhawks fan, but you can’t deny that they have one stellar team, and Babcock knows how to coach them (every year they’re a given to get into the playoffs).  I think that rivalry is one of the greatest in sports, not just hockey, but it’s one built on respect.  I went to the first Blackhawks-Red Wings tilt this year (HOLY CRAPOOLA it was awesome), and even though every cheer from Hawks fans was “DE-TROIT SUCKS”, I know every legitimate hockey fan in that building was thrilled to be in the same building as Lidstrom and Datsyuk.  Sick mitts, those two.

Twitterbug:  Bobby Ryan.  Like I said, we have a special bond.  And I really want to know what he was talking about.

Least Favorite Team:  Vancouver Canucks and Philadelphia Flyers.  DUH.  I would say the Red Wings, but they’re a truly talented team.  I feel like Vancouver and Philly are filled with a bunch of goons.

Least Favorite Player:  Truthfully, it used to be Dan Carcillo (he was a PEST in the Finals against Chicago), but now that he’s a part of the Blackhawks and I’ve seen his personality more, he’s actually one of my faves.  Plus Kaner needed another guy to bromance with while Captain Sexpanther sulked about people being mean.

Favorite Hockey Memory:  It’s a TIE!  For my 20th birthday, my parents surprised me with a Jonathan Toews jersey (I screamed in the middle of a restaurant), which was AH-MAZING.  Then, obviously, the Red Wings-Hawks game on December 30.  Fantastic way to close out 2011, Captain Sexpanther scored on a penalty shot, and our seats were right behind the penalty box.  Unforgettable night for sure.

Non-hockey related fun facts:  I can quote almost any movie at the drop of a hat, I do pretty good impressions of Sarah Palin, Harry Caray, and the Swedish Chef (yeah, you read that right), and I once held the door open for Joe Biden at a movie theater in Washington, DC.

But those are stories for another day, kids :) I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be writing for Hockey’s Finest, but you can be it goes a little something like this:

Iiiiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised

You stay classy, hockey fans! (HAH! Classy hockey fans…HAHAHA…what a thought. -L)