S, this is for you…

11 07 2012

…because I love you. And you should love me for it. :)

From yesterday’s Alumni game in Thunder Bay:

2 Staal’s on one bench! GASP!

Hey — I wonder how many “too many Staal’s on ice” penalties we will have next season. I have to admit…I would giggle for a little bit.

He may be married…but he’s still hot.

S, I love you. Once I find the link to the interview he did today — I’ll be sure to stop your heart with that too :) Since your family is with you this week, I dont mind causing bodily harm. They’ll rush you to the hospital in time.



PS — when I was tagging this post, I totally typed in Pittsburgh Penguins until I realized he’s no longer with the Pens. That kinda hurt a bit…I wont lie… *sniff sniff*

UPDATE: I dont know who you are– but you’re brilliant:

*sings* S-T-A-A-L

How to be a Perfect Dad.

17 02 2012

Exhibit A:

Eric Staal (and Brothers) take Parker Staal skating for the first time. (A picture surfaced a few months back…but I just noticed the video. Sorry all!) I love Parker so much, I think it’s time we give him his own tag.


Staal Brother Slumber Party, anyone?

14 01 2012

Someone must have showed S how to use Photoshop.

Stumbled upon this beauty on Tumblr and I gotta say…it has S written ALL over it.

where's my invite?

Can you imagine? A pillow fight?

With these boys?


See for yourself (for your early morning viewing pleasure…)




Whirlwind Kinda Day

28 11 2011

Well. Today has kind of been a whirlwind. S had her first day on the job in DC today which meant turning her phone off for EIGHT HOURS! Fail S, FAIL! So that left me to fend for myself when all hell broke loose. And when I mean hell, I really mean…

1. Bruce Boudreau was fired and replaced by ex-Cap Dale Hunter. [Click here] to watch his ‘Welcome to the team’ Presser.

If we took anything away from 24/7, it was the word 'shitbum'...

Raise your hand (or comment) if you’re surprised about this news! I, for one, am not. I was shocked when it didn’t happen last season during 24/7. Anyway, good luck Dale. Welcome to the big leagues. Lets hope you can get through to those “shitbums” and make them play like we all know they can. And one last thing…

Pants from What’s Up, Ya Sieve? couldn’t have said this any better.

fo' shizzle.

Well said, Pants. Well said.

2. Paul Maurice was fired as head coach of the Canes and replaced by Kirk Muller

Good Luck Kirk.

Check out the Canes site sometime after 5pm for his presser. Lets hope that a coaching change is just what this team needs to be successful. It hurts to see EStaal and Skinner struggle.

If Muller doesn’t work out I’m sure S will ditch school & I would be glad to quit my job to come coach the team ourselves. How hard can it be?! ;)

And in other news.

Kris Letang is still hot. Even with a broken nose. [Click here] to see what he had to say after practice today about his nose, imPACT testing and the possible suspension on Pacioretty.

I'm Sexy and I know it.

I’m crossing my fingers and toes until I hear that he has passed all testing and is cleared to play tomorrow night against the Rangers.

Sidney Crosby was named 1st Star of the Week by the NHL. Surprise. Surprise.

Good choice NHL!

And for all you James Neal fangirls (myself included), hurry on over to twitter!

...nothing good can come of this...

I’ve been pondering all day on what I should tweet in…but like always, the only thing that comes out of my mouth is “………..” nothing. I’m taking suggestions if you have anything clever. So far all I got is, “Will you marry me, @jneal_18 ? #PensQA” …

UPDATE: Well, shucks! I’m late. He already answered the questions. *shrugs* Oh well, just saves me from embarrassing myself.

PHEW! Ok, I think I covered everything for today.

Giving Thanks.

21 11 2011

Welp, it’s that time of the year. Thanksgiving. (My favorite holiday–besides Christmas)

S & I decided it may be a good time to list the things we are thankful for. Our list got pretty long, so we’ll shorten it up a little bit…

1. Of course, it goes without saying…I am thankful for Kris Letang’s HairAHEM! Sorry guys, S wants me to generalize this one (Only because we would be leaving out so many other hotties. Ahem, Jordan Staal -S). WE are thankful for HOCKEY HAIR. But SHOUT OUT to the guy who we think is the KING of all glorious flow…

Straight out of Herbal Essence commercial....

It’s so silky and smooth and…ugh. Can I just tug on it run my fingers through it? *sigh* …one day…

And while we’re on the subject, I’m also thankful for his sudden anger outbursts from time to time….

DING DING DING! Bring on Round 2!

2. S text me and I shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw this: “I am thankful for Momma and Poppa Staal–no explanation needed. Genetics rule!”

I can hear S' ovaries exploding all the way from Boston...

3. Another one from S: “Movember! Nothing beats hot men with the confidence to pull off the classic ‘stache!”

We LOVE this.

I should say…there are some who TRY to pull off the ‘stache…but fail and end up looking like pedophiles. Stammer. Nash. I’m talking to you. Sorry boys. Shave it DECEMBER 1ST! Or I come stalk you and shave it for you. ;) (But Big Props on the attempt boys. You still get an A for effort from me- S)

4. Poor S. Living in the Sunshine State can’t be easy. “I’m thankful for the ‘Ice’ part of hockey. Perfect way to cool off in Florida.”

5. We BOTH read each other’s minds with this one…

WE are thankful for hockey conditioning. BOOTY BOOTY BOOOTY BOOOTY ROCKIN’ EVERYWHERE! 

I'm like: "nuhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." *drool*

I feel like I can actually see his a$$...or is that just my eyes??

AND last one on our list:

6. We are thankful for hockey sweaters. The amount of times so fair this season that we’ve had risky business style dance parties…GOOD LORD!! Nothing can replace the fun of those moments. Thick socks, nice comfy underwear, & sweater of your choice + some EPIC music == BEST NIGHT EVER.

in fact, tonight...we're having a dance party in honor of our Captain's return.

Excuse us while we go blast our music & slide through our apartments like Tom Cruise. (I am cueing “Domino” by Jessie J and pulling on one of my Jordan Staal sweaters as I type – S)

*sings* just take those old records off the shelf....

Anyways, for all you Americans (and Canadians– although we know your thanksgiving already passed) …what are you thankful for? Let’s see if our lists match! :)

Happy Holidays!

Love L & S xoxox

The calm before the storm…

3 10 2011

Typical boys. Just when you need them, they disappear.

It works the same way with our hockey boys. Just when we want them…they give us nothing. It’s been so long since we have found a blog-worthy topic. S & I call it: The Calm Before the Storm. In just 3 short days, our favorite boys will be back. We’re getting so impatient.

Since there’s not much to update you on, we’d like to take the time to let you guys know how excited we are for our first regular season as bloggers. We hope to not disappoint you (with our busy schedules and all). Now, there’s only 2 of us here at Hockey’s Finest & 30 different teams to cover. If at anytime you find a “Hockey’s Finest” blog worthy topic that we missed, slap us up beside the head with it & tell us to post it. Really, we wont mind. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in actually watching these boys & their game to comment.

We’re going to do our best to share the love between teams this season, but as you can see from  our summer posts…it’s hard for us to veer away from our favorite boys.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the 2011-2012 regular season just as much as we already know we will. Strap on your seatbelt ladies & gents. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.

For your viewing pleasure…here are a few pictures we drooled over loved today…

This one almost killed S...(sorry chica)

Luckynumber87 has come up with the PERFECT caption for this picture. "Those. Thighs."

Happy 3 days, everyone! :)

This is how I feel right now…

1 10 2011

Hell yeah!

All finished moving into my apartment in 7 hours. If you ask S, that’s speedy for me. I can’t even pack for a vacation in a week nevermind uprooting my whole life. Needless to say, I feel pretty accomplished today.

Now, it’s time to take bets on how long it takes me to adjust to life on my own. Whatcha got?

PS– party at the new apartment?! BYOB ;)