I miss you …

25 11 2012

So I was giving myself my daily dose of self-destructive behavior by checking up on all our favorite boys via Tumblr. Sigh. Safe to say, I’m having withdrawls.

S & I went to the Wheeling Nailers game 2 weeks ago … and that was fun. But not fun enough. Yeah — we saw potential…and even a Scotty Hartnell look-a-like, but it was nothing compared to our boys.

Then, I went to the BU game last night… and thats always fun. But still just not the same.

So when I saw this picture, my heart melted. I miss you Geno.

He’s got some weird obsession with animals. But thats why I love him.

I’m praying this all ends soon. And yes, I’m hopeful… sort of.


Why is this so funny to me?

9 07 2012

I can’t for the life of me figure out why I find this so funny.

I blame the sun. Today, I fell asleep on a float in the pool today and am now a lobster. Delirious.

But maybe you can share my amusement…

Sick moves, boys…

Now if only Tanger and his hair were involved in this gem. Life would be complete.

Happy Sunday…


PS — I’m going to go bathe in aloe now…

It’s Battle Time!

14 11 2011

It’s that time of year again!

It’s All Star voting time!

S & I have already cast our FIRST ballots many times.

Look at S' star studded line up!

my beauty

Pretty sure we’ll be entering under different email addresses to double (possibly triple) our chances of winning a trip to Ottawa for the game.

So ladies & gents. It’s time. [Click here] and go vote for your favorite players to go to Ottawa this year. Mark your calendars for January 28th & 29th. If I knew more people who liked hockey, I would totally stage a road trip. Afterall, Ottawa is only 7 hours away….

Great Balls of Fire

3 11 2011

Excuse me while I go dig out my old VHS of Top Gun and try to watch it. It’s the only thing that comes to mind when I see this:

*sings* hiiiighway to the danger zone....

Yes, I’m totally drumming on my laptop while singing out loud. This was one of my FAVORITE movies when I was a kid. (What she’s not telling you is that she still watches it every night before bedtime -S)¬†Men in uniform– there’s just something about it. (I prefer my uniforms to be sports jersey, but then again I ain’t picky -S)

The Pens took time before catching their flight to California to sign this KC-135T Stratotanker at the Pittsburgh Airport! The nose is beautifully painted with the Pens logo & their 3 Stanley CupsРalong with some city images. [Click here] to watch the video & read the article from PensTV

Now, is it just me…or are there some similarities between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Top Gun movie?? Stay with me guys, I’m going somewhere with this…I promise.

Enter Maverick.

*sings* you've lost that lovin' feelin'...

What do you think? Good mental image?? We think so…especially the volleyball scene… (Oh yeah, perfect fit. DROOL. -S)

Enter Goose.

*sings* you shake my nerves and you rattle my brain...

How’s this one?! Even better right?!

We’re still kind of up in the air on his one…but just because I think he’s hot–Enter IceMan:

L says to Ice Man: "I don't like you because you're dangerous."

I’ll admit that Letang looks like he could be one of the coldest guys on the face of the earth–so it seems fitting.

I’m still trying to figure out who Geno is…

any guesses??!

Let us know what you think :)

Now, picture our version of Maverick and Goose (Sid & JStaal) singing this:

It’s quite entertaining…

Yes– S & I will pretend to be the girls in the booth. *sigh*

Hockey Players + Cute Animals…

31 10 2011

A couple days ago I posted about the Penguins & Paws 2012 Calendar

Well, here are some pictures…

Honestly, we’re not sure which is more adorable….Malkin or the puppies…or how about both?? Seriously, I’m running out of reasons not to put Geno on my “must-have” list.

Geno continuing to kill us slowly...

Both puppies just look so content in his arms…it makes me melt.

I wasn’t sure the James Neal fan base could get any bigger after the start of the season he has had–but I think he may have captured the hearts of PETA after these pictures…

He liked Geno's puppies...

If I could come home from work every day and see him sitting on my couch holding a puppy—my life would be complete.

James Neal, feel free to marry me — whenever you’re ready. I’ll be waiting patiently. -L







Stop being adorable…

1 10 2011

Really…I can’t take it anymore.

I will admit, it has taken me a little while to warm up to Geno. At first, I wasn’t sure what everyone loved so much. More and more, I’m beginning to understand.

Exhibit A:

I'm rolling right now...

It’s been a few busy days for me but when S told me Geno had been at the Pitt game, I didn’t think much of it. Then I check Tumblr (frickin’ love that thing) and I see this. I think it’s safe to say, I’m beginning to love Geno.

Away from the computer for ONE day …and I miss everything.

25 09 2011

Sid. Flower. Geno. JStaal. Tanger.

WHERE THE HELL WAS I!?!?! Oh right….packing up my life into a zillion boxes. Hey S, we really dropped the ball with our life planning…. (aka — we should have been there…) I drooled through most of the video and giggled uncontrollably through the rest. These boys. I cant even…

Anyway, lets recap.

Poor Flower. He actually thought that fans wanted to run him over with their cars after last season’s start! Absolutely not. Pens fans had faith in you the whole time, Flower.

We love you.

Sidney made the mistake of picking on my man. Yup, he says Tanger’s workout videos are “fake”. HA!

Crosby. You silly boy.

But don’t worry girls, Kris was quick to reply. “You wish you could work out like that…” <3 LOVE THIS BOY <3 Something has changed in him this off season. He’s not so shy anymore….anyone else see it too?

Before the playful banter escalates to something not-so-appropriate…Sid reminds Tanger that “we can’t do this here.”

Now let’s get to S’ boy. JSTAAAAAAAL..

In the video, they never really showed the question that Jordy answered–but something tells me it was something like “where would you be if you were not a hockey player”

My instant reaction was: He would be S’ husband. S would be the perfect wife taking care of her farmer boy. They would be living in Thunder Bay on the Sod Farm conceiving tons of little blonde (curly-haired) Gronk’s. AKA– building their own hockey team.

Well, I wasn’t so far off from his answer. Ok, fine…maybe I was way off…but at least being a Sod Farmer was mentioned.

Girl can dream, eh S?!

Anyway, I’m sure my little recap doesn’t even compare to watching the whole thing. Here you go guys, CLICK HERE TO WATCH!