Stop making me NOT hate you.

30 04 2012

Seriously, I’m one belly laugh away from jumping on the Scott Hartnell Bandwagon and laughing off into the sunset with everyone else. S has been a member (and quite possibly the leader of this group) for quite some time now and I think she’s secretly trying to bring me over to the dark side with her. The dark side is always more fun, no? And the dark side has Max Talbot in it…




To the dark side I go!

Not sure when this video came out — but S sent me a link FULL of goodies for the off season that we be sharing periodically to keep you all satisfied. Anyway, I’m not going to lie — this video confused me the first time around. Then I realized the guys were just ragging on each other the entire time. You get to watch Hartnell stuff his face with a Meatball Sub while at Boston University (WOOHOO!). Other appearances made by: Talbot, Giroux, Jagr and a few others.

The more and more I see from this team– the LESS I hate them. They just seem so fun. The kind of guys I’d like to go grab a beer with. Keep it up Flyers! You’re turning us into fans over here…

Click [ here ] and enjoy :)

Scott -- can we have some?? Sharing is caring.

Flyers lead the Devils 1-0! Good job boys! 3 to go!


Jagr Claus?

4 12 2011

Now…I don’t understand a word they are saying in this commercial. But I’m not sure it’s that important. What is important is that Jagr looks like a pretty sweet Santa Claus.

I love this time of year.

Happy Holidays!

I’m going to ruin yet another song for you guys…

19 08 2011

S is probably laughing to herself right now because I told her this last weekend and I think she thinks I’m insane — which is no different than any normal day.

But Maroon 5’s new song Moves Like Jagger is totally messing with my head. I’m totally singing the lyrics wrong….and I promise it’s not on purpose.

Instead of thinking of/singing about this guy:


The words come out as this guy instead:

I got those moves like Jagr, the moves like Jagr...

I seriously think I need mental help. Or maybe more sleep…who knows. All I know is that I probably just ruined this song for everyone. I apologize.

Anyway, have fun singing about Jagr now…I’m telling you…it’s going to stick. Excuse me while I go listen to this for 8 hours today trying to sing it right…