The Hockey Gods have heard my prayers

16 01 2012

For the last 16 games or so, the Big Guy Upstairs has heard prayers from me along the lines of, “Sweet Baby Jesus, make Jeff Skinner get better. I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”

Just as my patience was wearing off, I see this gem of a tweet from the NHL:

Aaaaaaand commence happy dance! It’s always good news to hear that someone is coming off the IR, especially for a concussion, but for some reason it’s a little sweeter when a young player is improving after a concussion. We don’t need and I don’t want another situation like Sidney Crosby or Marc Savard. You can read the press release here.


Whirlwind Kinda Day

28 11 2011

Well. Today has kind of been a whirlwind. S had her first day on the job in DC today which meant turning her phone off for EIGHT HOURS! Fail S, FAIL! So that left me to fend for myself when all hell broke loose. And when I mean hell, I really mean…

1. Bruce Boudreau was fired and replaced by ex-Cap Dale Hunter. [Click here] to watch his ‘Welcome to the team’ Presser.

If we took anything away from 24/7, it was the word 'shitbum'...

Raise your hand (or comment) if you’re surprised about this news! I, for one, am not. I was shocked when it didn’t happen last season during 24/7. Anyway, good luck Dale. Welcome to the big leagues. Lets hope you can get through to those “shitbums” and make them play like we all know they can. And one last thing…

Pants from What’s Up, Ya Sieve? couldn’t have said this any better.

fo' shizzle.

Well said, Pants. Well said.

2. Paul Maurice was fired as head coach of the Canes and replaced by Kirk Muller

Good Luck Kirk.

Check out the Canes site sometime after 5pm for his presser. Lets hope that a coaching change is just what this team needs to be successful. It hurts to see EStaal and Skinner struggle.

If Muller doesn’t work out I’m sure S will ditch school & I would be glad to quit my job to come coach the team ourselves. How hard can it be?! ;)

And in other news.

Kris Letang is still hot. Even with a broken nose. [Click here] to see what he had to say after practice today about his nose, imPACT testing and the possible suspension on Pacioretty.

I'm Sexy and I know it.

I’m crossing my fingers and toes until I hear that he has passed all testing and is cleared to play tomorrow night against the Rangers.

Sidney Crosby was named 1st Star of the Week by the NHL. Surprise. Surprise.

Good choice NHL!

And for all you James Neal fangirls (myself included), hurry on over to twitter!

...nothing good can come of this...

I’ve been pondering all day on what I should tweet in…but like always, the only thing that comes out of my mouth is “………..” nothing. I’m taking suggestions if you have anything clever. So far all I got is, “Will you marry me, @jneal_18 ? #PensQA” …

UPDATE: Well, shucks! I’m late. He already answered the questions. *shrugs* Oh well, just saves me from embarrassing myself.

PHEW! Ok, I think I covered everything for today.

It’s Battle Time!

14 11 2011

It’s that time of year again!

It’s All Star voting time!

S & I have already cast our FIRST ballots many times.

Look at S' star studded line up!

my beauty

Pretty sure we’ll be entering under different email addresses to double (possibly triple) our chances of winning a trip to Ottawa for the game.

So ladies & gents. It’s time. [Click here] and go vote for your favorite players to go to Ottawa this year. Mark your calendars for January 28th & 29th. If I knew more people who liked hockey, I would totally stage a road trip. Afterall, Ottawa is only 7 hours away….

I can’t stop laughing…

16 09 2011

…And there are tears running down L’s face. (She’s not joking guys…I cried laughing. -L) All because of the new Cabbie interview about Hockey Player’s “Off Ice Performance”. Check it out ladies and let us know your reactions.

(Once again guys, S is the finder of the good $h!t. She emailed this to me & literally asked me to DROP EVERYTHING to watch. I listened. And thank god I did. This is probably the funniest  thing we’ve found all summer.  -L)

what a cutie...

All we can say is:

1. POOR JEFF SKINNER! The boy needs more confidence….OFF the ice.

2. Stammer is a LITTLE cocky…somehow we don’t think he’s that smooth off the ice.

3. Baby Segs is very….precise.

4. We NEED to hang with Biz. It just NEEDS to happen. We’d all get along great.

Countdown: 53 Days

14 08 2011

Before we start this, I just want you to know that we had a #54 on the countdown but apparently wordpress’ timer is off. We had set for wordpress to post it for us at 8am yesterday…and apparently that didn’t happen. So, we start off again with #53. – L


While deciding which player to feature as number 53 in our countdown to hockey season, L and I were actually in agreement! (It’s so much more fun when we fight… -L)

This #53 tugs at our heart strings.

He’s adorable! A total hockey hottie in training. Take notes Jeff, you have the opportunity to learn from the best. (cough::ERICSTAAL::cough — After seeing Daddy Staal with his son, I may have to strip– haha, *strip*– Craig Adams of his “Hot Daddy” title…. -L) 

Lesson #1 Complete: Looking handsome in a suit.

So, who is excited that there are Jeff Skinner days until the regular season??? I know I am : ) (Oh! Oh! ME ME ME!! Gettin’ close ladies! -L)