Extended Vacation

16 09 2012

Welp. Not much to say about this. I tried to ignore the fact that it could happen …. and that didn’t work.

However, the boys were nice enough to put together a little message for all the fans.

Lets just hope the season still starts on time.


Flow vs No Flow: Continued

10 06 2012

Once again, I find myself torn. Toews — flow or no flow?

S on the other hand is sold. She’s diggin’ the flow. Me, I’m not so sure yet.

So, we’ll leave it up to you ladies. What do you think?


Personally, I think it makes him look like a little boy… (which is still adorable…)


No Flow:

So, what’s the verdict?



Mission Accomplished.

3 06 2012

As you all know, it was a semi Hockey’s Finest Office party this past week in the Windy City! S & I spent the last 10 days burning up the streets of Wrigleyville.

Here’s a short & Sweet recap:

A few months ago, I posted this picture…

Captain Sexpanther’s bachelor pad

Thanks to an architectural boat tour of Chicago, S & I found it. Not going to lie, we giggled like little school girls when we realized we found it.

cha-ching! to the left, ladies.

Say hello to Tazer’s building. Now, which floor/number — I have no idea. I’ll leave that to all you lovely stalking girls (and when you find out, let us know). But judging by the view in his picture above, it matches up. Coincidentally, S & I would love to live in the apartment building across from him on the other side of the river. (Note: We made that decision BEFORE we found his building)

Another trip update, we had brunch with S’ aunt & uncle at Trump Tower — and y’all know who lives there… ;)

Why hello, PKane.

We saw the private “Residence Entrance” and I had to literally hold myself back from jumping past the gaurds and running around like a mad women in search of Kaner.

Of course, we couldn’t pass these up when we saw them:

Introducing, our boyfriends.

I’ll let you figure out who gets who!

Chicago, we love you. And in fact, S & I made a SOBER (just pointing that out) pact that when she graduates from school, we’ll get an apartment in the Windy City together (if we get jobs). So all you Chicagoans may get to keep us for a while!


P.S. — Midwestern ladies, what the hell is in your water?! You all are breeding trees for men. Holy tall. Send one to me, please.


21 05 2012

Four days until my butt is on it’s way to the Windy City to visit S. (M was supposed to be there too…but college calls…BOOOO. So much for a Hockey’s Finest party) :(

Anyway, I’ve already got my Toews and Kane shirseys in my suitcase — so far that’s all I’ve packed. But that’s all I need, right? Since I’m on my way to Blackhawks land, I figured I’d creep to see what the boys were doing so far this summer. Maybe I’d get lucky and someone will still be in the city. PKane? Tazer? How about the two together? One for me & one for S?? No?? Ok, fine.

But I did just want to let y’all know I’ll be in town. So if you see a couple girls in the clubs doing this…

bottoms up.

…stop and say hi. It’s probably S and I.

Ok…just kidding. That makes us look like alcoholics.

But for real, S is new to the city and I’ve never been. So we’re opening this up to you guys. We know we have some readers out there. Where are the best places to go? What about sports bars? Things to do while in town? I just saw that The Underground closes at 5am on Saturdays — you best believe we’ll be there until last call.

But that only kills 1 of my 10 days in town. So keep the suggestions coming. If I see anyone important (doubtful), you’ll be the first to know.

Anyway, signing off until I get back! Time to focus on packing, cleaning, and getting my nails done.


….flat line….

This picture has nothing to do with me going to Chicago. Nor is it new. This just has to do with the fact that I miss my favorite boys. And this picture is just plain sexy. Work it boys!

Who Is That Again??

19 04 2012

Dear loyal readers of Hockey’s Finest,

After reading a comment from one reader earlier today, I realized that sometimes we writers (me in particular) sometimes don’t explain things fully.  We get a little keyboard/wordpress happy and just start typing out things that make sense to us, but not at all so that you hockey lovers out there understand our shorthand for the boys.  So here it is, my list of current nicknames, but don’t worry,  your favorite may end up on here soon enough!

Captain Sexpanther:  Jonathan Toews

I know no one will argue with me on this, but I mean DAMN.  What other nickname would suffice?  None, that’s what.  All I have to say is every time I think of him, I have a flashback to “10 Things I Hate About You” when Julia Stiles says “I want you.  I need you.  Oh baby, oh baby”….but I’m completely serious when I say that about Toews.

McDreamy:  Patrick Sharp

He’s the Patrick Dempsey of the hockey world.  That flow is ridiculous.  And look at how cute his puppy is!  M loves :) Other possible nicknames?  DILF.  You know you agree.

Lil’ Peek-A-Boo:  Patrick Kane

You know when you pay games with little kids and they always seem to have that mischievous grin on their faces like they just did something wrong?  Ladies and gentlemen, that is Patrick Kane to the T.  He’s always up to no good, but damn does that smirk of his make you weak in the knees.

Nugget:  Martin St. Louis

Look how tiny he is!  I call everyone that is below 5’4″ “nuggets”, since I’m 5’8″ and seem to tower over them.  Even though St. Louis is nowhere near 5’4″ (he’s listed as 5’8″), he looks like a 12 year old boy who got lost on his way home from school in terms of height.  He’s a fun-sized hockey player, but demands the respect of a man the size of Zdeno Chara.  Love this lil’ nugget.

Beauty:  Kris Versteeg

Ah, Monsieur Versteeg.  Je t’aime.  *fangirl* Anyway, there’s more to Versteeg than meets the eye.  He’s one of the characters that everyone wants in the locker room.  If you don’t believe me, look back to a post I did a few weeks ago on him and see some of his personality.  You’ll fall in love.  But watch out, he’s mine :)

The Wonder Twins:  Daniel and Henrik Sedin

During my sister’s freshman year of college (she went to Boston University, whaddup), she lived down the hall from two guys that we liked to call “The Wonder Twins”.  These kids had known each other since elementary school, and were now living together, and still do live together, in college.  They were attached at the hip and the closet (they frequented Ed Hardy……ew).  Same with the Sedins, except for the whole actually being twins thing.  They know what the other is doing at all times, and I’m still baffled that Vancouver somehow landed both of them.  Other possible nicknames:  TweedleDee and TweedleDum.

Santa and Buddy the Elf:  Brandon Dubinsky and Brian Boyle

Ever since NHL 24/7:  Flyers vs. Rangers, I’ve been obsessed with Brian Boyle.  I already had the obsession with Brandon Dubinsky.  When they showed the Rangers’ Christmas party, I fangirled my jersey off.  When Boyle shouted, “SANTA!  I KNOW HIM!” at Dubinsky, I fangirled my face off.  Yeah.  My whole face.

That’s all the nicknames for now, but I’m sure there’ll be a few more in the future.  Do you have any nicknames for your favorite players?  Let us know in the comments!


NHL ’13

29 03 2012

Welp, it’s that time of year again.

You know…the time of year where I wish I had the patience to be a gamer?? Or the time…(Time, what’s time? -S)

Every year when they release news about a new NHL game, I daydream about myself sitting on the couch for hours on end making my favorite teams battle each other. And then I remember that I’m the type of person who would throw the controller at the TV in fits of rage when I lose. End of daydream, hello nightmare.

Anyway, it’s time to pick who gets to be on the cover of NHL ’13!!

Vote! Vote! Vote!

For every vote you cast (10 entry’s per day, I believe) you will earn 1 entry into the Sweepstakes to win a VIP trip to the 2012 NHL Awards in Vegas. (EEEEEEPP! Cue me sitting on my iphone all day, every day. VEGAS BABY! -S) Who wouldn’t want to be apart of that?

Hockey players + Vegas = one helluva party. In fact, it’s on S & I’s “bucket list”. I blame our need for Vegas on Biznasty since his tweets in the summer are nothing but trouble. And when we see trouble — naturally, our first thought is: “let’s do it!”

So ladies, it’s time to vote. But first, let’s take a look at who graced the cover of the past couple years…

NHL '11 -- Captain Serious

NHL '12 -- Stammer

Both years are epic choices in our eyes. So, which gem will appear on this year’s cover? Geno? Giroux? Lundqvist? (I may or may not be compulsively voting for one Scotty Hartnell…#HARTNELLDOWN!!!! -S)

Who are you going to vote for?


Thinking of you: JToews

23 02 2012

Short & to the point. We’re thinking of you Johnny boy. Rest up & get better.


The Girls of Hockey’s Finest.


Ohhhhhh $#!+

14 02 2012

That’s all that’s running through my head these days.  Ladies, ASSEMBLE!  Our boys are in trouble!  And by our boys, you know I mean the Blackhawks.  Do you want Captain Sexpanther to keep this look on his face for all eternity?

It's like someone just stole his lunch money

They’ve dropped 8 in a row.  EIGHT.  They’ve dropped to sixth overall in the Western Conference, and people are starting to talk about Coach Quenneville losing his job.  Never fear, boys and girls, Coach Q is here to stay.  How do I know this?  Well, first of all I’m a certifiable genius.  And second, Stan Bowman himself said that Q is going nowhere.  So keep your pants on, Barry Melrose, and QUIT GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK ALL THE WAY IN ITALY!  I mean frick, even Mike Babcock was asked about his potential reaction should Q be fired, and he said he’d be “100% stunned”.  Even the coach of the Blackhawks’ biggest rival has enough respect and knowledge of Chicago and their front office that he knows Q is going nowhere fast.  Praise Jesus.

So, do us (and by us, I mean me) a favor and say a little prayer for the boys.  The bromances are suffering because everyone’s a little on edge right now, and Lil Peek-a-boo and Captain Sexpanther aren’t sleeping in the same bed.  This gives M the sadz.

Put on a happy face, boys!  The skid will be over soon enough :)


Scavenger Hunt: Chicago Edition

13 02 2012

Life has been so crazy lately that I completely forgot to post this! Apologies!

So, as you all know (or should know by now) S will be making her way to Chicago for an internship in May! YAY S! I’ve already booked my plane tickets for my visit & couldn’t be more excited. Can you imagine the trouble S & I could get into in Chicago!?

And by trouble–I mean something like this:

A Scavenger Hunt. 

Since S works Monday- Friday 8-4:30…that leaves me with 3 days without her. Which gives me more time to prepare for our Scavenger Hunt first thing Saturday morning. What kind of Scavenger Hunt, you ask? Well…I found a picture on Tumblr. How reliable it is, I don’t really know. But for the sake of this post– let pretend it’s real.

Captain Serious' pad.

The view in this picture gives us kind of a good idea of where he lives, right? I mean…how hard can it possibly be?

We’ll be sure to update you on our mission. And if we find it, I’m going to play ding-dong ditch to every apartment I find in that building until he opens the door. [insert giggle here] Then I’ll tickle him–sans shirt–until he tells me where Kaner lives.

What better way to explore a new city than through a fun little scavenger hunt. Right?!

Game on, Toews.


@juliannelocher, you’re my hero

14 01 2012

In the spirit of equal opportunity, let’s all thank @juliannelocher for this one.  God bless sexy hockey players. -M