Why is this so funny to me?

9 07 2012

I can’t for the life of me figure out why I find this so funny.

I blame the sun. Today, I fell asleep on a float in the pool today and am now a lobster. Delirious.

But maybe you can share my amusement…

Sick moves, boys…

Now if only Tanger and his hair were involved in this gem. Life would be complete.

Happy Sunday…


PS — I’m going to go bathe in aloe now…

Sweet Cherry Pie

4 04 2012

Last night at the Gahhhhden:

Pens + Bruins = death of L

Thanks to my AMAZINGLY AWESOME cousin, we had 2 tickets to the game. 5th row (maybe 6th row). And I got to witness my boys win 5-3. I’m now 2-0 when it comes to going to Pens games…..not that I’m saying I’m their good luck charm or anything….. ;)

Few things to recap

1. Tanger and Flower flirted with each other the entire night. Laughing like little girls and whispering things in each others ears while sitting on the bench. I’d like to think they were talking about me…but I’d be lying. It was probably along the lines of “Wanna braid each other’s hair later and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s?!”

2. Sidney Crosby scored a goal (make that 2).

duuuuuhhh. when does that NOT happen?!

And instantly I get a text from S talking about how I’m no longer  a Crosby Goal Virgin …. nice S, real nice. (She’s so right though– I had never seen Crosby score in person. It was as glorious as I imagined it would be. Suck it, Crosby haters.)

3. James Neal + Andrew Ference = FIGHTTTTTT!

Once again, S sent me a text. “Did you just get pregnant? Because I think I did…” I basically had front row seats to one of the BEST things I’ve ever seen at ANY hockey game. James Neal. Fighting. Right in front of me. *swoon* And if I wasn’t busy drooling, I would have grabbed video. But I was trying to restrain myself from jumping over the glass and bashing Ference’s face in for picking on my boy.

The Real Deal.

The entire game James just got under every B’s players’ skin. You know how he’s the ” little brother we all love” to the Pens? Well, he’s the “little pain in the a$$ that we all hate” to the Bruins.

4. Joe Vitale took a puck to the face. And to make matters worse — it came from Zdeno Chara…which ends well for NO ONE. But, like the amazing man he is, Big Z was the first to the scene of the accident making sure Joey was alright.

5. Johnny Boychuk had a knee on knee collison with Arron Asham and went down faster than a sinking ship. He had to be carried off the ice by his players. Poor guy. But it leaves me with this question: “Does Asham have a knee made of steel?”


Good luck, Johnny. Hope it’s nothing too serious. To make Bruins fans feel better — I hear he walked out of the arena without crutches last night. One can hope that’s a good sign.

Anyway, few other small things. I feel the need to defend the 2 people I heard getting bashed the most last night (besides Crosby).

6. Jordan Staal is hated in Boston. Or maybe it was just my section of people. Thankfully, S wasn’t around. If she was, the bail money she set aside for me would have been used on her instead. An old woman behind me said “Someone just needs to end him for the night.” UMM — HOW RUDE!

7. Also, no one likes Kris Letang either. Look, just because he’s an AWESOME actor and can fake an injury to get a penalty called — doesn’t mean he’s the worst player in the league. That only just means the Ref’s are suckers.

Welp, that’s my 2 minute break down of the madness that occurred last night. I can’t wait till next October until S & I are reunited in the ‘Burgh for a couple games.


It’s Battle Time!

14 11 2011

It’s that time of year again!

It’s All Star voting time!

S & I have already cast our FIRST ballots many times.

Look at S' star studded line up!

my beauty

Pretty sure we’ll be entering under different email addresses to double (possibly triple) our chances of winning a trip to Ottawa for the game.

So ladies & gents. It’s time. [Click here] and go vote for your favorite players to go to Ottawa this year. Mark your calendars for January 28th & 29th. If I knew more people who liked hockey, I would totally stage a road trip. Afterall, Ottawa is only 7 hours away….

Just for the record…

11 10 2011

Flower, how could you think no one would want to see you pose in ESPN’s body issue!?

It would have made S & I ‘aww’ –plus, maybe you could have replaced Chara’s shot. I’m scarred for life after seeing that one.

Next year, when they ask again…say yes!

Away from the computer for ONE day …and I miss everything.

25 09 2011

Sid. Flower. Geno. JStaal. Tanger.

WHERE THE HELL WAS I!?!?! Oh right….packing up my life into a zillion boxes. Hey S, we really dropped the ball with our life planning…. (aka — we should have been there…) I drooled through most of the video and giggled uncontrollably through the rest. These boys. I cant even…

Anyway, lets recap.

Poor Flower. He actually thought that fans wanted to run him over with their cars after last season’s start! Absolutely not. Pens fans had faith in you the whole time, Flower.

We love you.

Sidney made the mistake of picking on my man. Yup, he says Tanger’s workout videos are “fake”. HA!

Crosby. You silly boy.

But don’t worry girls, Kris was quick to reply. “You wish you could work out like that…” <3 LOVE THIS BOY <3 Something has changed in him this off season. He’s not so shy anymore….anyone else see it too?

Before the playful banter escalates to something not-so-appropriate…Sid reminds Tanger that “we can’t do this here.”

Now let’s get to S’ boy. JSTAAAAAAAL..

In the video, they never really showed the question that Jordy answered–but something tells me it was something like “where would you be if you were not a hockey player”

My instant reaction was: He would be S’ husband. S would be the perfect wife taking care of her farmer boy. They would be living in Thunder Bay on the Sod Farm conceiving tons of little blonde (curly-haired) Gronk’s. AKA– building their own hockey team.

Well, I wasn’t so far off from his answer. Ok, fine…maybe I was way off…but at least being a Sod Farmer was mentioned.

Girl can dream, eh S?!

Anyway, I’m sure my little recap doesn’t even compare to watching the whole thing. Here you go guys, CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

Countdown: 29 days!

7 09 2011

Today makes me happy. I mean, how can you not feel happy when the guy on today’s countdown is nicknamed Flower?! That’s right!! Today there are Marc Andre Fleury days left on this countdown.

Now, being a Boston fan too…I love Timmy T but…

</3 breaks my heart everytime.

S & I think Flower was robbed last year. But…in 29 days, a new season begins & Flower has another chance to prove his MVP status.

There’s one more thing I KNOW S is happy for. Flower loves to make sure JStaal comes off the ice nice & humble. I think Flower should coin the phrase “F%ck you, you f%ck face” — we can’t help but giggle everytime we hear it.

We love his…colorful…language. 29 days, Flower! Are you just as excited as we are?!

From us, to you!

30 07 2011

Give us a night off + any form of alcohol + Tumblr + Youtube–and you get a little something like this…..

(***The girls at Hockey’s Finest are not responsible for any drooling, hyperventilating or fainting that may occur as a result of this video. Cue the fan girl squeals in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…-S)

Pimp My Ride.

25 07 2011

Some hockey players like to treat themselves to their dream cars as soon as they get a chance to. Who can blame them, right? If I could afford a Lambo, I’d buy one in a heartbeat! But then again, I’d also buy one now and go into debt forever. Anyway, back to the point of this post. (Lambo??? Give me my F-250 super duty with a lift kit -S)

For example: MGreen & Flower — they both had no problem buying their dream cars. It also makes it extremely easy to find them around town! BONUS!

Now stand right there & pose. Yup, right there. Nope, go back. Right there.

I want it. Like now.

Other hockey players like to customize their toys. Take Tanger for instance. As soon as the season ended (aka– not even a week) he decided to put some custom rims on his ride. Must be his way of sulking…

Smile! No? ....ok....

I now know what he drives. Mwhahahaa! EXTRA BONUS! S, please move to Pittsburgh. Forget Chicago & DC…I wanna go on a Scavenger Hunt! (Don’t worry, before you come visit I will go on a city wide recon mission…-S)

And then there is Matt Niskanen. This is an oldie that I stumbled upon today. God Bless Tumblr.

Poor guy–has the worst car in the whole NHL. Or should I say had? Anyone else curious as to what he is driving now?? (A large part of me hopes he still has that car. It would make me feel better about my beat up explorer -S)

Anyone else remember (and love) this show?! I used to watch it religiously back when Paul Walker claimed my heart in The Fast & The Furious. Yeah, I wanted a pimped out ride so I could find some sketchy street in Boston or Providence to “street race” …what in the world was I thinking?? (We thought we were cool, but boy were we so, so wrong! -S)

If you need a laugh…watch this…

7 06 2011

I love it when S decides she doesn’t want to study. Her go-to activity?! –youtube. And let me tell you, she finds the BEST videos ever. We have a whole list of videos to share with you, but we’ll spread them out. We don’t need to cause any heart attacks.

First up: A Flower & Jordan Interview

Warning: Make sure all food and liquid is out of your mouth before watching. I spit my water out on my keyboard when S sent me this. And then watched it again and DIED laughing.

Boys will be boys!

And we miss our boys! Who’s up for a field trip to Montreal this weekend?! Max and Mr. How’s My Hair are known to hang at the Grand Prix…

I’ll drive if ya’ll give me gas money!

Is it October yet?!

30 05 2011

S & I are dying. It’s only June (almost) and we’re already ready for October. Why?? The Pens are being so quiet this off season–S & I are not happy.

We miss our boys. How could you not?! I mean, look at them!

I miss the hair...and the eyes...and hands...oh hell--I miss the him all together.

I fear that if JStaal appears in any new pictures, I may lose my best friend...she'll be on the next plane to wherever he is.

We miss the Flower & Max bromance

How can you not miss this?! It's true love!

We miss the boyish childish behavior that keeps us smiling all season long. Gotta love boys and their video games!

Man oh man do we miss the sense of humor…

Poor Neal, he was the target of an April Fools joke and didn’t even know until AFTER all the pictures and videos were taken…

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...

At least he was a good sport about it. And if I remember correctly, he was the prankster when S & I were at their practice in March…

Good lord do S & I want to see Mr. 87 back in uniform

S & I want to bust out our Pens gear again! (Although, I’ll be honest….I still rock the hat–ok fine, and the shirt. but I the jersey is tucked away in my closet)

Do you think if we make enough noise HBO will do another special on the Pens?! I mean you have to admit, they were extremely entertaining. I can’t stop watching it. Pretty sure that is what’s going to get us through the long, hot, hockey-less summer…

Yes, we realize the season isn’t over yet. The Big Bad Bruins are playing the Canucks for the chance to raise Lord Stanley. But it’s winding down and we can’t handle it. We’re trying to remember what our lives were like before the season started. And oh my goodness, if the lockout keeps us from not having a football season…I might die.

Goodness gracious, I think I’ll jump for joy when training camp starts in September. Hurry up, October!! S & I want to book our next trip to the ‘Burgh!

We miss you Pittsburgh <3