How to be a Perfect Dad.

17 02 2012

Exhibit A:

Eric Staal (and Brothers) take Parker Staal skating for the first time. (A picture surfaced a few months back…but I just noticed the video. Sorry all!) I love Parker so much, I think it’s time we give him his own tag.


Staal Brother Slumber Party, anyone?

14 01 2012

Someone must have showed S how to use Photoshop.

Stumbled upon this beauty on Tumblr and I gotta say…it has S written ALL over it.

where's my invite?

Can you imagine? A pillow fight?

With these boys?


See for yourself (for your early morning viewing pleasure…)




Defense? What Defense?

8 12 2011

Alright, I think I’ve stayed pretty darn calm through this storm of injuries lately…but now it’s getting personal. It’s effecting my Fantasy team!

I’m the only girl in an 8-man league & for a while I was winning–blowing them all away, in fact. It felt amazing. But ever since Letang went down…my team went down. From 1st  to 2nd. Yeah, I know. WAH WAH, L is in 2nd place. But when you are in a league full of the most cocky guys you know. 2nd place feels like last place.


Not only am I missing K.Letang…but I’m also missing M.Green & M.Staal. So Seriously, my D is struggling.

Ouch. It hurts.

BUT I REFUSE TO TRADE ANYONE. That’d be like giving up on my boys…and I simply can not do that.

Hockey hurts to watch now. Literally, I watch through my fingers…praying that no one touches anyone in hopes to avoid injury.

So to end this little rant, I’d like to pray to the hockey Gods.


Oh, one more thing.

If anyone else touches Sidney Crosby…I will wreck you.



Giving Thanks.

21 11 2011

Welp, it’s that time of the year. Thanksgiving. (My favorite holiday–besides Christmas)

S & I decided it may be a good time to list the things we are thankful for. Our list got pretty long, so we’ll shorten it up a little bit…

1. Of course, it goes without saying…I am thankful for Kris Letang’s HairAHEM! Sorry guys, S wants me to generalize this one (Only because we would be leaving out so many other hotties. Ahem, Jordan Staal -S). WE are thankful for HOCKEY HAIR. But SHOUT OUT to the guy who we think is the KING of all glorious flow…

Straight out of Herbal Essence commercial....

It’s so silky and smooth and…ugh. Can I just tug on it run my fingers through it? *sigh* …one day…

And while we’re on the subject, I’m also thankful for his sudden anger outbursts from time to time….

DING DING DING! Bring on Round 2!

2. S text me and I shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw this: “I am thankful for Momma and Poppa Staal–no explanation needed. Genetics rule!”

I can hear S' ovaries exploding all the way from Boston...

3. Another one from S: “Movember! Nothing beats hot men with the confidence to pull off the classic ‘stache!”

We LOVE this.

I should say…there are some who TRY to pull off the ‘stache…but fail and end up looking like pedophiles. Stammer. Nash. I’m talking to you. Sorry boys. Shave it DECEMBER 1ST! Or I come stalk you and shave it for you. ;) (But Big Props on the attempt boys. You still get an A for effort from me- S)

4. Poor S. Living in the Sunshine State can’t be easy. “I’m thankful for the ‘Ice’ part of hockey. Perfect way to cool off in Florida.”

5. We BOTH read each other’s minds with this one…

WE are thankful for hockey conditioning. BOOTY BOOTY BOOOTY BOOOTY ROCKIN’ EVERYWHERE! 

I'm like: "nuhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." *drool*

I feel like I can actually see his a$$...or is that just my eyes??

AND last one on our list:

6. We are thankful for hockey sweaters. The amount of times so fair this season that we’ve had risky business style dance parties…GOOD LORD!! Nothing can replace the fun of those moments. Thick socks, nice comfy underwear, & sweater of your choice + some EPIC music == BEST NIGHT EVER.

in fact, tonight...we're having a dance party in honor of our Captain's return.

Excuse us while we go blast our music & slide through our apartments like Tom Cruise. (I am cueing “Domino” by Jessie J and pulling on one of my Jordan Staal sweaters as I type – S)

*sings* just take those old records off the shelf....

Anyways, for all you Americans (and Canadians– although we know your thanksgiving already passed) …what are you thankful for? Let’s see if our lists match! :)

Happy Holidays!

Love L & S xoxox


19 09 2011

Of course the second I cave, join a friend’s fantasy league, and draft Marc Staal….I find out he’s out with concussion symptoms. Really?! Why you gotta play me like that, Staalsy?! Not cool…not cool at all…

But in all seriousness, please get better. We don’t need anymore long term injuries to the great boys of winter.

NO! WAY! *fangirl squeal*

14 09 2011

Dear HBO…you are all GODS!

Thank you for listening to S & I’s prayers.

When I first read this….

...I couldn't believe it...

I sat at my computer at work like this…

"I can't believe it..."

S & I had heard rumors that HBO was doing another 24/7 this season…but we never heard the confirmation on who the teams would be. We could be a little late in reporting this. If so, we apologize. With my full time job & S’ crazy school & work schedule…we’re pretty much dead on our feet.

But we couldn’t be more excited for the next 24/7. Although we were praying for another Penguins 24/7…we’re still happy. Looks like it will be the Flyers & the Rangers this season. Another season of Staal (Happy Dance! -S). Some Mike Rupp (again). Not to mention Mr. Sexy Pants — Henrik Lundvist. AND…more MAX TALBOT!!! Can we get a WAHOO?!?! (WAHOO! -S)

...maybe this time he actually will...

Lets go HBO. We need some 24/7 action, stat.

From us, to you!

30 07 2011

Give us a night off + any form of alcohol + Tumblr + Youtube–and you get a little something like this…..

(***The girls at Hockey’s Finest are not responsible for any drooling, hyperventilating or fainting that may occur as a result of this video. Cue the fan girl squeals in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…-S)