Why is this so funny to me?

9 07 2012

I can’t for the life of me figure out why I find this so funny.

I blame the sun. Today, I fell asleep on a float in the pool today and am now a lobster. Delirious.

But maybe you can share my amusement…

Sick moves, boys…

Now if only Tanger and his hair were involved in this gem. Life would be complete.

Happy Sunday…


PS — I’m going to go bathe in aloe now…

Another Masshole added to the mix…

12 01 2012

You know what they say- there is always room for another Masshole. They actually didn’t say that, but here I am. If you met me you may not guess that I am from Boston. As a communications major I was forced to ditch the Boston accent and pick up the Rs I had been dropping since I could speak.

Never in a million years would I have thought I would be blogging about hockey. I played soccer through college, grew up alongside two basketball-playing brothers and was a basketball cheerleader in high school. Not a whole lot of my time was spent in a hockey rink but that doesn’t make me any less of a fan than any of you. Before you question my credibility and write me off, hear me out.

In college I met a hockey player, from Canada, who was the captain of the hockey team at Harvard University, a Habs fan and prospect of one of the Bruin’s biggest rivalries. I know, we are match made in heaven. If I was going to make that work I was going to have to start speaking his language, figuratively (hockey) not literally (French- Unfortunately I took 8 years of Spanish in school, wrong choice). After attending the Beanpot, the best college hockey showcase in Boston, I fell in love with the sport. I realized quickly that I had a lot of learning to do. Being a fan of the Bruin’s wasn’t good enough. I am kind of a dork and wanted to know more. There was an entire culture that I needed to figure out. A back-story that makes this game so great! What is it that make’s hockey so great? What causes this cult-like following of beastly, rough and tough men on skates? Why did the league almost fold? I dedicated my thesis in graduate school to these very inquiries and in short, it can be concluded that the passion for the game and the die-hard dedication of the fans keeps this sport alive. Why on earth would I not want to be a part of that!?

On the flipside, since my above story worked out, I am currently engaged to a professional hockey player. The players’ die-hard dedication to the fans and to the sport is an equal factor in keeping this game so magical. I am lucky enough to be a link between the two. I get to see it from both sides every single weekend (at least most weekends that I can take a flight and get to a game.) The trials and tribulations of a hockey wife- not as glamorous as you might think but that is a whole other story.

Name: From here on out you can refer to me as D. My posts and tweets will be tagged that way.

Age: 26

Hometown Team: Boston Bruins.

Favorite Team: Boston Bruins.

(Hey S! SUCK IT! She’s a Bruins fan too!!! ;) -L )

Hockey Husband: Literally- in June of 2013 I will have one. But I don’t kiss and tell. (We are KIND OF jealous…..no wait….I take that back….we’re extremely jealous. AND HAPPY! CONGRATS, D! -L)

Favorite Old Timer: Bobby Orr, naturally. (Girl after my own heart -L)

Coach of the year: Claude Julien. Prediction: Back-to-back Stanley Cups

Favorite Tweeter: This is a really tough question because I follow close to 1,000 people, places, and things for all different reasons. I get 90% of my news, every day, from Twitter.

Least Favorite Team: Unfortunately one is my fiancé’s home town team, and the other is the team he is under contract with. GO FIGURE.

Least Favorite Player: Matt Cooke. Sorry L & S but really this is a guy who has been suspended repeatedly through out his career for cheap hits and not to mention pretty much ended the solid career of Marc Savard. (*sigh* Fine…I guess we’ll accept your hatred for Cookie. We still like to think of him as a great guy. WE LOVE YOU COOKIE! -L) If I haven’t sold you, check out this video evidence.

Five solid minutes of filth.

Scariest Player: Marchand- so small and unpredictable… kind of a loose cannon. I suppose the same could be said about him as Cooke, given his history with this subject, but he is a Bruin. Should he ever be with another organization we can move him up a spot.

Best Hockey hair: Dare I say- Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze in Youngblood?

Countdown: 24 days!

12 09 2011


That’s right! There are Matt Cooke days until the 1st regular season game.

It’s a new season and we can only hope he has a good one. :)

Cookie makes us smile. Even better, he makes us laugh.

Poor Biz

We love that he pranks all the guys on the team. Some days you just need to loosen up & laugh at life. Matt Cooke totally brings that to the lockerroom.

We love you, Cookie!

Training camp starts next week! Who’s ready?!

Why we love hockey players…

20 06 2011

I know for a fact S will LOVE this post. This blog has been dominated by the Bruins so I needed to make my best friend smile (and myself) by posting her favorite boys (and mine).

So. Why do we love hockey players?! Well…here’s our reasoning.

For some reason, hockey players + animals receive the same reaction as hockey players + little kids…you just melt.

PS – I’d give anything to be that cat under Tanger’s hand (2:45 into the vid). ME-OW! He can scratch my head any day…I’ll be just as content & cuddly. And he can take me  home any time…

How about their artist abilities. You don’t see football, baseball, or basketball players sitting down at a table and painting. Although, I must admit…I’ve never actually looked to see if they have. So I could totally be lying…

Cookie, Tanger, Dupper, and Max may have a future in the world of an artist if all fails as a hockey player…

You gotta love the pranks they play on each other. Poor Biz, that guy is hilarious…

Anyone wonder if Biz retaliated?? I’d like to know what happened after the game…

I didn’t post this next video because it’s my favorite boy (and husband)…I posted it because it’s actually my favorite hockey fight I’ve seen yet. Ok…so maybe I am a little biased. But I’m sure you all won’t complain. My favorite thing about hockey players is their toughness on the ice.

…excuse me while I go recover from the heart attack I just had…

And dontcha love how persuasive they can be…

I have never given blood, and I don’t really plan to. But if JStaal stood in front of me and asked just as nicely (and sexy—sorry S) as this…I’d so it.

And no other athlete has a hockey player’s body. Not quite sure how they get the body they do, but I’d like a written work out plan for anyone I start dating (does that sound shallow?? –yeah, it probably does…my apologies).

So, tell me…why do YOU love hockey players??