Birthday Buddies

1 03 2012
One day when S was bored (…I feel like most of our posts start like this…) she sent me an awesome email.
Turns out she has a “Birthday Buddy” in the league. That sparked a question. Do I have any Birthday Buddies?! So, I took an hour out of my afternoon and searched EVERY team in the NHL. And like luck would have it, our birthday buddies are on the same team. A team we shouldn’t like, but thanks to HBO– now we do (I laughed at myself the other day because I was wearing a Simmonds Flyers shirzey and driving a car with a Penguins bumper sticker. It was the ultimate hockey fan sin- S).
Both gems play for the Flyers. Yet ANOTHER reason why we now love this team.
Enter: Matt Read (#24) – S’ Birthday Buddy. Born on June 14, 1986

S! Hurry! He wants to cuddle!

Right Winger. 5’10” 185lbs. A little short for S’ liking, but he’s Canadian. I’m sure that trumps the height deal anyday (You know me all too well! The Canadian card trumps just about everything…especially if he likes to cuddle-S). This 25 year old is absolutely adorable. He was all worried the other day  because he cut off his flow. Something I wouldn’t recommend doing (unless your name is Steven Stamkos) but to each their own. He also has a Twitter — @MReader24 — which skyrockets him into my favorite list. I approve S. I smell a shirsey coming.

Enter: Brayden Schenn (#10) – My Birthday Buddy. Born August 22, 1991

Why yes! I will take one of you on a silver platter. Thank you.

Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Just that birthplace alone makes him a winner in my eyes. 6’1″ + 190lbs + Center = DOUBLE WIN! Also, he has an older brother. Y’all may know him. Luke Schenn — a defenseman for the Leafs. I believe this one deserves a HELL YES! This young Flyer is pushing his way into my heart. And with a smile like that, how could I resist?

So now we’re dying to know. Who are your Birthday Buddies?! Comment below, ladies ;)