Pile. Of. Mush.

16 10 2012

So. Side note: There was just a major earthquake. Not. Fun. I live in Boston, not California. Smarten up, Mother Nature. I don’t enjoy your games..

Anyway, back to what I really wanted to talk about.


Is this not absolutely adorable?! Hockey players + little kids = my heart exploding. I just can’t handle it.

Ok. That is all.


P.S. – keep your eyes peeled for HUGE news about the lockout! My lips are sealed in fear of jinxing everything.

Oh Max….

2 09 2012

I swear…we’re meant to be.

I can’t get over how adorable this interview is. He’s so talkative.


Shopping Buddies

13 08 2012

Dearest Maxime,

Where do you shop?

I mean, come on, look at those SOCKS! Only you could pull those off.

Where can I get my pair?

I’ll be in Montreal for my birthday in 2 weeks. Mark your calendar. I expect you to be waiting at my hotel to take me shopping.

And then maybe take me to a bar and party the night away…while wearing said socks.



You would think I would learn…

9 06 2012

Every year I say “OMG! It’s the F1 in Montreal this weekend! WHY AM I NOT THERE?!”

And you want to know why I want to go so bad?

…No…not because I LOVE watching cars race (although, F1 is SICK) but because of this…

pure perfection.

Again, I’m missing it.

So right now, I’m putting it in writing.

NEXT YEAR — I will go to the F1 weekend in Montreal. It’s set in stone. I’m going. Who’s in?


PS — A little joke for your Saturday afternoon … maybe it’ll relieve your Game 7 anxiety.

Torn between flow & no flow…

3 06 2012

Y’all know I’m a hair lover. But I just can’t decide if I’m diggin’ Superstar’s flow. I mean, Max is a sexy beast and I love him — but the hair is throwing me off.

You decide.

no flow.


So, what do you all think? Hair or no hair? I’m honestly torn. Settle this debate for me.

And thank the HEAVENS that Stammer cut his awful flow. He’s back to being the cutie pie I love.

Also, can we just take a minute to look at the CAR behind Max? Please tell me it’s his. And if it is his — please, dear God, marry me.


P.S. — back from Chicago. I’m alive (shocking, I know). I’m going through my annual “Post Vacation with S detox” … it’s never fun.

P.P.S. — Brent Sopel, his son, and 8 of his son’s friends were at the Nickelback concert (yeah yeah — we know, everyone hates Nickelback). But anyway, I recieved this tweet during the show:

A girl lookin’ out for her girls. Thanks Chuck!

And then not even 5 minutes later, Chad calls over to the side of the stage where Brent was sitting and asked for his Stanley Cup ring. To say S & I were FREAKING OUT is an understatement. I may have screamed and jumped around in circles (making a complete fool of myself in the process).

P.P.P.S. — S will fight me tooth and nail on this, and okay — maybe I was a little  extremely intoxicated…but I met a short, Max Talbot-ish look-a-like this weekend in the Windy City. Don’t ask me what his name is because I can’t for the life of me remember. I think it began with an ‘I’? He was….interesting. Not quite as smooth. Very dorky. Not as stylish. Not French Canadian — but just sort of had a tiny resemblance. In case y’all were wondering, I shot him down faster than he could say “Can I buy you a drink”. Thinking back on it, I should have taken the drink and then ditched. Oh well, happens to the best of us.

Now if only it were actually Max Talbot — I probably wouldn’t have shot him down. I would have handcuffed him (mwhahahaa), duct taped his mouth shut, stuffed him in my suitcase for the plane ride home, and then kept him forever… (shhhh!)

…No… I have not dreamed that up before…….  ;)

Stop making me NOT hate you.

30 04 2012

Seriously, I’m one belly laugh away from jumping on the Scott Hartnell Bandwagon and laughing off into the sunset with everyone else. S has been a member (and quite possibly the leader of this group) for quite some time now and I think she’s secretly trying to bring me over to the dark side with her. The dark side is always more fun, no? And the dark side has Max Talbot in it…




To the dark side I go!

Not sure when this video came out — but S sent me a link FULL of goodies for the off season that we be sharing periodically to keep you all satisfied. Anyway, I’m not going to lie — this video confused me the first time around. Then I realized the guys were just ragging on each other the entire time. You get to watch Hartnell stuff his face with a Meatball Sub while at Boston University (WOOHOO!). Other appearances made by: Talbot, Giroux, Jagr and a few others.

The more and more I see from this team– the LESS I hate them. They just seem so fun. The kind of guys I’d like to go grab a beer with. Keep it up Flyers! You’re turning us into fans over here…

Click [ here ] and enjoy :)

Scott -- can we have some?? Sharing is caring.

Flyers lead the Devils 1-0! Good job boys! 3 to go!


No. Words.

4 03 2012

So, I totally just tried to crawl through my computer screen. This is an oldie– but definitely a goodie.


Max, please stop showing all this skin. It’s just not good for my health.


No, wait. I was just kidding. Show all the skin you want. You’re worth the heart attack.

Some day, I plan on counting every single tattoo on your body. We’ll giggle over a bottle of wine and braid each other’s hair since yours is now long enough.

I miss seeing you in black and gold. And just because I miss you so much, I’m watching the Flyers/Caps game tonight.

*sigh* ...

(Maybe I should block Tumblr from my computer. It only causes trouble…)

Dearest S, 

Please don’t tell *J* I’m crushin’ on her man so hard. I can’t help it. He’s just so — lovable.