…I have a new boyfriend…

30 09 2011

It’s 11:12pm, 1 minute past 11:11pm. Wanna know what I wished for?!

Yep, I wished for him

I know, I know…I was at a Bruins game—so I should be cheering on my boys. But really, I couldn’t help but just stare at Ottawa’s lineup. First of all, let me just say that if Konopka winked at me ONE MORE TIME (a total of 3 for the whole night)…I would have hopped the glass and– well, I’ll stop myself there…. No, I’m not joking. There were 3 distinct winks right at me. Like: slammed-up-against-the-glass-looking-right-at-me kinda winks. **swoon** Second of all. To the 50 year old man who stole the puck Konopka threw over the glass for me….YOU SUCK! He was winking & smiling at me, not you. Pretty sure, given the chance, he’d take me over you. Give me back my puck.

Dear Konopka, I told my friend from Ottawa to let you know I’ll be waiting for you here in Boston next time you’re in town. You know….to give me my puck, of course… [insert evil smile & devil horns here]

And lastly, a HUGE thanks to my Uncle who gave me free tickets to tonight’s preseason game. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to sneak my way down (past security) and into glass seats. I LOVE YOU! (PS– keep the tickets coming my way).

Anyway, on to the game. Bruins lost, as you all know. But…who cares?!

Timmy was a Boss, as always…

Timmy T, ladies & gents. Timmy T!

Lucic scored. (the one Bruins goal of the night…)

All I could think about was the song "All I Do is Win" when he scored...

But…he couldn’t do it without the help of his BEST FRIEND (and one of the CUTEST bromances on the team—besides Seguin & Marchand):

Horty <3 back in action

Oh yeah, and for my Pens fans…here’s a throwback for ya:

Taught Kris Letang almost everything he knows...

I have to admit, Gonchar isn’t the most photogenic person on the planet. In fact, I even got a picture of him picking his nose….

the alcohol delayed my reactions....but I swear...his fingers were up there...

Alright, it’s now 11:35…and I’m dreading my alarm clock at 6am. So when you see me tweet about how much I regret coming to this game (& starting my pregame at 4pm) —just remind me that I had a hell of a time & now have a new boyfriend. If you could also remind me to pop some Tylenol for my hangover….you guys would definitely be the best readers EVER.

Konopka: I’m waiting for you. Next time don’t be such a tease. Stop by & say hi. I dont bite………hard. Go ahead. Call me a puck bunny….I dare you ;)

God bless digital cameras <3


Did someone call for a party??

21 06 2011

Multiple times this past off season, we’ve been shown just how hard hockey players party…

Well, here’s some more proof.

Shawn Thornton + $100,000 bottle Champagne. Yup.

I would have killed to be the cocktail waitresses at Foxwoods that got to split the $25,000 tip.

Hold your breath ladies, this is some good stuff here…

dancing on top of the bar together?

"Yes, we're that good looking"

I feel like this is something out of a Village People video…Macho, Macho mannnn….

Hello, PKane 2.0

Alcohol + Baby Seguin = no shirt…

Oh Luuc

Apparently, the same goes for Lucic too…but hey, who’s complaining?

So Biz, Lupul, and a few others still hold the record for highest bar tab this season ($180,000-ish), but the Bruins boys are pretty darn close.

Why wasn't I invited?

Good job, boys! We, here at Hockey’s Finest, are impressed.

Operation: Find Lord Stanley = Complete

19 06 2011

Beware. Longest post ever, but I promise it’s worth it.

I’m trying so hard to find one word to sum up what has happened this weekend, but I can’t. I was apart of Bruins & Boston history yesterday and it was an unreal feeling. As much as I said ‘Thank you’ to the players as they walked by, most of them said ‘No, thank you!’ You could really see just how much this fan base meant to the players as they grasped their heads and shook it in disbelief. More than a million people flooded the streets of Boston yesterday just in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Lord Stanley’s Cup and the boys they love so much.

But, let’s back track to friday night where the adventure began. According to Garden security, Baby Seguin had just left for his apartment (which I now know where it is…mwhahahaha *evil laugh*), Brad Marchand was on the 80’s Party Bus all night, and Shawn Thornton had the Cup with his wife since it was their anniversary. Out of respect of Shawn & his wife, we decided we wouldn’t try and find the Cup at the restaurant they were at…we’d just try and scour the streets of Boston for the Party Bus.

For such a popular bus you would think it would be easy to find, right?! Wrong. We walked around from 9pm – 1am and found nothing. But that may have been our fault…we couldn’t resist the 100 hundreds of bars along the way. Between country night at Hurricane O’Reily’s and Piza & Beer at Ernesto’s in the North End…we had our hands full. So we ended our night at 1am when we realized Brad was still out there and we had no shot of finding him.

4am came all too quickly…especially when 5 people cuddled in a 1 bedroom hotel room. 5 people + one bed + 3 pillows +tons of laughter = zero sleep.

so peaceful at 4am

So we staked out our spot on Tremont Street and didn’t move (with the exception of one bathroom trip) until the parade started. I will admit, we overestimated the enthusiasm of the Boston fans…getting up at 6am would have worked just the same. But it’s all about the adventure, right?!

While sitting on the curb shoving munchkins into my mouth, Brad Marchand drove by….leaving me speechless. I kinda just pointed (still half asleep)…and continued shoving food into my face. Hopefully, he didn’t see me (even though we were the only insane fans on the street at 5am). I’m guessing he had a great time friday night if he was just leaving the Garden then.

Around 7am, guess who we saw running towards the Garden, claiming he was late…

Mr. Jack Edwards --and even though he said he was late, people still mobbed him. Poor guy.

As the hours crawled by, the streets began to fill with black & gold. Buses & buses of Boston Policemen were shuttled into the city as well as from other towns outside Boston. Only town police I didn’t see was mine…figures.

Lets fast forward to my first sighting of the cup, shall we?!

Big Z & Lord Stanley

The crowd went wild as confetti was blown into the air and Big Z hoisted the Cup in the air. What you don’t get to see in this picture is Z ignoring the Boston Police & Cup Caretaker’s orders of ‘staying on the duck boat’. Chara decided to be a rebel and take the Cup off the boat and into the crowd so a few lucky fans could get up close and personal. From there he walked down the route and handed it off to the next duck boat in line.

That seemed to start a trend because then this happened:

Shawn Thornton carrying Lord Stanley through the crowd

Sadly, I was too busy trying to take a picture so when I reached out to touch it, I was inches shy. Security was not happy, but the crowd sure was. I was almost pushed over the barrier a few times, but it was so worth it. The parade was nuts. The only players I wanted to see who I didn’t was Baby Seguin and Timmy T (but read on…it gets better). We decided after the last duck boat passed us that food was next (plus a run through some water fountains–it was blazing hot out). Once we heard the crowd roar by the Garden, we knew the boys were finishing up the route and it was time to make our way back to the Garden for some player sightings.

While everyone was waiting at the Garden entrance for the boys, what they didn’t know was that the players parked on an alley beside the Garden. So we made sure the grab a spot on the grass and keep our cameras handy.

Not even 5 minutes after the celebration ended:

Lucic and his girlfriend walked away from the Garden hand in hand.

As jealous as I want to be of her, I can’t be. They are absolutely adorable together and she is the sweetest girl ever. Great pick Lucic…she’s a winner. Keep her around.

While I was grabbing a picture of Lucic, I hardly noticed Horton walked right past me with his baby in arms and wife in tow and Shawn Thornton on the other side. I quickly said ‘Hey, you’re you.’ (like an idiot and speechless fan girl). He simply smiled and nodded. Out of respect for his wife, baby (who looked so scared–poor thing) I decided to put the camera away until they walked past me. His kid was super cute, but noticably overwhelmed by all the attention his daddy was getting so having a camera in the face wouldn’t have been a good idea.

Nathan, baby, wife, and Shawn Thornton

Once everyone caught onto what was happening, the chances of players escaping without a mob was zero and the Boston Police had to step in.

Daniel Paille was one guy who didn't seemed to be minding the attention. What a sweetie. Stopped and signed for young fans.

Across the street, Andrew Ference was escorted away but also didn’t mind the attention he got from the fans.

Ference...minus any 'glove malfunctions'

I laughed when I saw this:

Marchand's truck blasting "Black & Yellow" while honking and grabbing some attention

Then out of nowhere, a roar errupted from the Garden and everyone rushed the streets.

Big Z riding his bike home.

Sorry for the blur, I was mobbed. Right behind him was Patrice Bergeron, another guy who got mobbed.

Bergy and a hundred of his closest fans.

He also has the sweetest girlfriend ever as well. Someone pushed me right into her almost knocking her over. I quickly apologized making her laugh and say “It’s ok sweetie, you’re fine.” –what a trooper for putting up with her boyfriend’s famous-ness.

By the way: Chuck (from WUYS)…I now know where he lives. Let me know when you want to begin Operation: Kidnap Bergeron …I’ll help you out.

No, out of respect for him, I wont be posting the picture of his apartment. Poor guy couldn’t leave for hours because of the amount of people surrounding it. I looked on from a distance and laughed.

The next brave soul who was escorted out with 4 Boston Policemen was good ole Tuuka (note: not wearing Horton’s helmet anymore).


And last, but certainly not least, the man of the hour. Timmy T. Sweetest man on the face of the earth. Still smiled even if he was mobbed by half of Boston.


The rest of the players had already left for Foxwoods, so that’s all the player sightings I have for you. I’m sure over the summer, there will be more as the mysterious–hard to find–Cup makes its way around the world (and Boston).

One more thing:

A lot of people in Boston were expecting Marchand to be borderline PKane (meaning drunken mess) and I sort of think he was. Or maybe he’s just a really bad singer…

While PKane dances, Marchand sings.

As much as I hate when Boston uses the Black & Yellow song (umm hello–that’s all Pittsburgh–leave it alone already), that was kind of funny. All in all, even though I only got 2 hours of sleep over the course of 2 days, I had an amazing weekend. I don’t think anything can top this. The images of Big Z rounding the corner onto Tremont St with the Cup in the air and Shawn Thornton running past me with the Cup will be burned into my memory for the rest of my life. I can only hope I can experience this again sometime down the road.

What a great season Bruins. You deserve this. Thank you.

I will be making a Hockey’s Finest flickr account and from there I’ll post all the pictures for you guys.

Vancouver made The Bear angry…

7 06 2011

Saw this on a friends facebook page and just had to share. One of the best Bruins ads to come out this entire playoff season!

Don't mess with the Bear...he looks hungry.

And this is just another reason why I love Looch! S calls it bad hockey manners…I call it karma.

Do they taste good??

Now how awesome would it be if Burrows actually bit Lucic’s fingers?! I think I would have laughed even harder…

On another note: Aaron Rome is done for the season. But then again so is Horton. I’m still not happy about that hit, but at least the league finally took the responsibility of supplying a suspension.

Dear Nathan,

We love you and wish you a speedy recovery! We hope to see you on the ice next season!



Take 2–I mean–Game 2…

17 05 2011

Alright, maybe Saturday night didn’t turn out to be the way I thought it would. (Why whatever do you mean?? It was a GLORIOUS night for me! -S)

S is a very happy girl right now...

*sigh* So…Tampa came out with the win. But…they didn’t just win. They straight up embarrassed us…AND IN OUR OWN HOUSE! Now, I’m not going to sit here and rip apart the Coaching Staff…or the boys…but I will give my opinion. It’s real simple. Play Baby Seguin more. Don’t quote me on it, but I’m pretty sure he scored Saturday night on his 3rd shift?? That would be his very first NHL Playoff goal. (Even I can admit I had a “proud mamma” moment -S)

Congrats, Baby Seguin...we're so proud of you!!

Now after scoring such a beautiful goal like that, you’d think Claude would play him more right?! Wrong. The poor boy had a whopping 9:38 and a total of 11 shifts.

Here’s another idea…put him on the pitiful power play. It sure wouldn’t make it any worse! (2/41–how awful) I swear it was like I was watching the Penguins play. (Now, I love my Pens –but you know as well as I do that their PP sucked.) Tampa has the best PK in the Playoffs right now and their power play is a hell of a lot better than the Bruins. (Let me interject here so I can mention for just a second how deep Tampa’s scoring chart is!! EVERYONE is getting in on the goal action -S)

Claude: Ohhhh, so that's what a PP looks like...

I may not be a coach, but I would certainly give #19 more ice time. Just sayin’. May backfire…but we won’t know until it happens! Oh and one more thing…no more of those cheap shots that land you with a Game Misconduct. Yes, I’m talking to you Mr. Lucic and Mr. Horton. (BBBOOOOO! Bad hockey manners! Some boys didn’t read those etiquette books momma gave them as kids… -S)

Behave boys!!

Tonight, the Big Bad Bruins are taking on the Bolts in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. It’s not quite the ‘must win’ atmosphere…but we’re getting close. The B’s have always been a comeback team…let’s hope they prove that tomorrow night. (Not even going to comment on that statement. All I can say is…Lightning can strike the same place twice, so get ready Boston! -S)

PS- S & I would also like to comment on something we saw the other night while watching the game. Coach McSteamy TOTALLY had a creeper:

Guy, I apologize for the horrid picture of you...but it's the only one we could find with her in it...

See that girl, yeah–her on the left. She had her camera fixed on him the entire night. It was kinda cute the first couple pictures…but once you got to the 3rd period…I think that’s borderline stalker status. But, I can’t exactly blame her… I totally hit stalker status at the Penguins game in March trying to steal pictures of Mr. How’s My Hair and J.Staaaaaaal (for S, of course–I got best friend of the year award) all night…