Countdown: 44 Days

23 08 2011

L knew I called dibs on this post a LONG time ago. NATE THOMPSON days until the start of the regular season!!!!!! (You’re welcome, S. You also have dibs on 18, 12 & 11…heads up. – L)

Nate the Great!

I am beyond excited for these next 44 days to fly by, like bouncing in my seat excited! (No, really guys…I don’t think she’s exaggerating… -L) Not only does hockey make its triumphant return to our TV’s and computers, but my 2 hours drives to Tampa to see the Lightning play start up again! Oh, how I have missed the chill of the arena and the sounds of the game…

I can study this bromance up close and personal.

Who else is chomping at the bit to see what the 2011/2012 season brings?! I think the Lightning organization is going to work hard to put together another long season! (Hey now, just remember who you cheer for when the Pens come to town. We have a deal girlie ;) Husbands first. – L )

This guy will love every minute.

A Collective Sigh of Relief

19 07 2011

Tampa Bay Lightning fans can breathe a little easier tonight, I know I will! (So glad I don’t have to talk you down from a ledge all the way from Boston! -L) Steven Stamkos has agreed to terms with the Lightning franchise. That’s right girls, we get him for 5 more years!!!!!! (The Stammer and Downie Bromance lives on!…and so does our hopes of marrying best friends ; ) -L)

“Steven is extremely important to this franchise and is part of the foundation of our hockey team,” Yzerman said. “We are very pleased to have him signed and look forward to seeing him in a Lightning uniform for years to come.” (press conference 7/19/11)

This would have been awkward if he left...

Many of his teammates, including Mr. Nate Thompson, and countless fans never doubted his loyalty and knew he would reach an agreement to stay in Tampa. We are all behind you Stammer, and can’t wait to go ALL IN with the Lightning in 2011!

This major contract announcement comes on the heels of a press conference held this afternoon to announce that hockey will be brought to Orlando…for one game. The Tampa Bay Lightning will play a preseason game vs. the St. Louis Blues at the new Amway Center  on Sept. 21st . All kinds of big news for hockey in Florida today! My happy dance will commence in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……

A special treat for you.

22 05 2011

So, a few posts back S and I introduced our Hot List. Well…we decided that since posting pictures of every guy would be a lot, we’d just throw together a tiny video. You can probably start to expect these every once and a while.

For all you Sid the Kid, Steve Downie, Mr. Underwood, Ryan Kesler, Baby Seguin, E.Staal, Stamkos, Talbot, Nate Thompson, Shawn Thornton, and “Captain Serious” fans out there…I promise you’ll be happy (we found some great pictures). A few other’s that make the first cut: Mike Green, Victory Hedman, Joffrey Lupul, James Neal, and Nathan Horton.

This first “video” is just a picture slideshow. Not too much. Like I said, we threw it together (total time spent: 10 minutes). Once I finally get my video software working right, I promise…these videos will be epic. But for now, you’ll have to make due with this…

These boys are so addicting. I just can’t get over it.

Pack your sunglasses and speedos boys…

18 05 2011

It’s off to TAMPA! Or what the Lightning marketing team likes to call “Hockey Paradise”

Tampa is more than ready for the return of their golden boys and to give the Bruins a not so friendly, rowdy welcome.

And really, who doesn’t want to travel to the sunshine state to play hockey? Especially with an arena like this! (With the weather acting the way it is up here, I’ll come to a game in Tampa willingly -L)

Pretty good view, eh?

Let’s talk shop. It is always interesting to see how a team handles momentum swings, such as a much needed win or the changing of cities mid series. Can Baby Seguin stay hot? Yes, in more than one way! I believe if coach gives him the minutes he will remain productive, much to my dismay. Thomas hasn’t been great for the Bruins but he has been reliable. With a highly offensive team like Tampa, the scores could be a lot uglier. Goals are coming from every line combination that Coach Boucher puts on the ice. My main concern is will Roloson rebound from an uncharacteristic less than perfect game 2. (I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t ALL the goalies fault on Tuesday. D definitely has to step it up on both ends -L)

But now for the biggest question of all…Will the Bruins feed off of their home victory Tuesday night? Or will the Lightning surge back with the help of their hometown crowd? Is it Thursday night at 8PM EST yet???? -S

So glad he is coming home to me ; )

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

13 05 2011

So one night my ‘Hockey Buddy’ and I decided to go watch the Big Bad Bruins game at a local bar. Just like *every* other time we get together (which isn’t much because like I said, he isn’t as loyal as Sarah’s), we began arguing about my “love” for other teams. I had to explain to him that my ‘loyalty’ (I use that term loosely only because I do love 2 teams — not exactly the definition of loyal) lies with the B’s & Pens but that I can’t deny the other beautiful men around the NHL. So when I say I like the Blackhawks, what I really mean is that Toews is sexy. And when I say I hate the Caps, I really mean Ovechkin is ugly as sin and I wouldn’t touch him even if he offered me Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring and no pre-nup.

Once he finally understood my reasoning he grabbed a bar napkin & pen, making me write down every single guy on my ‘sexy’ and ‘not sexy’ list. Needless to say, once I finished, he was impressed and no longer questions my “love” for other teams.

While I’d love to share my ‘sexy’ and ‘not sexy’ list, I don’t think I have the patience to type it all up. After adding Sarah’s picks to mine, our list is now 30+ sexy/not-so-sexy hockey players deep. Even if I did type it all out, I’m not so sure you’d read it all. So we’ve taken the time to shorten our list for you. We apologize in advance for any hurt feelings from our picks…it’s all in good fun.

Since we can’t agree on one solid Top 5 list, you get 2!

Sarah’s Fine Five:

1) J.Staal

That's right guys...I made the 'list'

2) R.Nash

Hey guys! Look! I made it!

3) S.Crosby

Wahoo! They like me!

4) N.Thompson

*sigh* I knew I'd make it...

5) V.Hedman

Close call, but I made it!

Laura’s Fine Five:

1) K.Letang

And that's how it's done.

2) M.Fisher (if I have to dye my hair blonde, break my legs to make myself taller, and have a record deal just to land a guy like him…it just might be worth it.)

Carrie: Good job, babe. You made it. Now give me a kiss and go make your speech!

3) J.Neal

Congrats man!! We knew you'd make it!

4) S.Crosby (so I guess we agree on one.)

2 for 2....that's how it's done boys.

5) M.Talbot

Thank you! I never doubted myself for a second...

And now for the Grand Finale (and my personal favorite)…

The “Ah! He’s making my eyes burn” list:

1) A.Ovechkin

Dammit Sid. You beat me again!

2) Z.Chara


Short and sweet, I know. But what can we say? We just love hockey boys….with the exception of a few.

So tell us, because we’d really love to know…who makes your lists?!

Welcome to our blog, Hockey’s Finest!

12 05 2011

After countless nights of making each other cry with laughter, we decided that maybe it was time to share our thoughts with you fine hockey-loving people. Apologies for our silly, and sometimes girly, posts in advance. But we certainly vow to never be boring.


Our names are Laura (me) and Sarah (beware of her insane opinions in bold)…well, not really…but we’re going to let you think they are.  We’re just your average girls who love the sport and the fine-fine (hence the name) men who play it.

We’re a little late here in the season, but we’ll start during Game 1 of Round 3. I should mention that we have a little bit of an internal feud going on here at Hockey’s Finest. We like to call it the Battle of Our Hometown Teams. The Big Bad Bruins take on The Bolts for what promises to be an intense and interesting Eastern Conference Final. Both teams are going in cold after having a week off.

The Lightning/Bruin Guardian Smashup

Who's going to the finals?

Laura’s Prediction: Bruins in 7
I will admit, Tampa has an advantage with their speed and PP being so awesome. I mean, come on, if the Penguins PP had been working in the first round (scratch that–if it had been working ALL SEASON) would Tampa even be in the third round? …I don’t think so.  Thankfully, the Bruins have something Tampa doesn’t. Two words: Tim Thomas (cue the Hallelujah chorus), Vezina Nominee and this season’s best goalie of the league. He is on fire!! And if Thomas’ stats don’t scare you, then The Human Tree will. Just one slap shot from him can make you want to curl up in the fetal position. 105.9 mph?! My car can’t even go that fast without wanting to break.

I will break you....

I can’t speak for Tampa, but I know that the city of Boston is restless. You can hear the enthusiasm in people’s voices as they talk about the Bruins, we’re ready for Game 1. Mr. Stamkos, hide your pretty face…the Big Bad Bruins are comin’ for ya. Bring it Tampa!

Sarah’s Prediction: Lightning in 6
In my best effort to stop this post from being a Bruin’s Free Love Orgy, I think the (mostly silent) partner in crime needs to say her peace.
Hockey is finally being mentioned in the state of Florida, can we get an AMEN!? Yes the Bruins have Tim Thomas…Yada Yada. But down in Tampa, the lightning are packing more than just the “pesky trio”. They also have my favorite trio, Nate Thompson, Steve Downie, and Victor Hedman. There are so many “blue collar” grinders on this team it’s hard not to want to give them a big BEAR (pun intended) hug after a hard fought win. They may have an old goalie, but he is HOT HOT HOT right now along with Sean Bergenheim who has turned into a Flying Fin since the start of playoffs. These boys are hungry and desperate to make a statement about their team. And don’t forget the Bolts have a secret weapon…Coach McSteamy AKA Guy Boucher.

Sarah's "Blue Collar Grinders"

So Boston, when it’s time to pack your speedos and sunblock to head down to our little Hockey Paradise, don’t forget there will be a massive blue wave and deadly lightning strikes waiting for you. BRING IT!