Who Is That Again??

19 04 2012

Dear loyal readers of Hockey’s Finest,

After reading a comment from one reader earlier today, I realized that sometimes we writers (me in particular) sometimes don’t explain things fully.  We get a little keyboard/wordpress happy and just start typing out things that make sense to us, but not at all so that you hockey lovers out there understand our shorthand for the boys.  So here it is, my list of current nicknames, but don’t worry,  your favorite may end up on here soon enough!

Captain Sexpanther:  Jonathan Toews

I know no one will argue with me on this, but I mean DAMN.  What other nickname would suffice?  None, that’s what.  All I have to say is every time I think of him, I have a flashback to “10 Things I Hate About You” when Julia Stiles says “I want you.  I need you.  Oh baby, oh baby”….but I’m completely serious when I say that about Toews.

McDreamy:  Patrick Sharp

He’s the Patrick Dempsey of the hockey world.  That flow is ridiculous.  And look at how cute his puppy is!  M loves :) Other possible nicknames?  DILF.  You know you agree.

Lil’ Peek-A-Boo:  Patrick Kane

You know when you pay games with little kids and they always seem to have that mischievous grin on their faces like they just did something wrong?  Ladies and gentlemen, that is Patrick Kane to the T.  He’s always up to no good, but damn does that smirk of his make you weak in the knees.

Nugget:  Martin St. Louis

Look how tiny he is!  I call everyone that is below 5’4″ “nuggets”, since I’m 5’8″ and seem to tower over them.  Even though St. Louis is nowhere near 5’4″ (he’s listed as 5’8″), he looks like a 12 year old boy who got lost on his way home from school in terms of height.  He’s a fun-sized hockey player, but demands the respect of a man the size of Zdeno Chara.  Love this lil’ nugget.

Beauty:  Kris Versteeg

Ah, Monsieur Versteeg.  Je t’aime.  *fangirl* Anyway, there’s more to Versteeg than meets the eye.  He’s one of the characters that everyone wants in the locker room.  If you don’t believe me, look back to a post I did a few weeks ago on him and see some of his personality.  You’ll fall in love.  But watch out, he’s mine :)

The Wonder Twins:  Daniel and Henrik Sedin

During my sister’s freshman year of college (she went to Boston University, whaddup), she lived down the hall from two guys that we liked to call “The Wonder Twins”.  These kids had known each other since elementary school, and were now living together, and still do live together, in college.  They were attached at the hip and the closet (they frequented Ed Hardy……ew).  Same with the Sedins, except for the whole actually being twins thing.  They know what the other is doing at all times, and I’m still baffled that Vancouver somehow landed both of them.  Other possible nicknames:  TweedleDee and TweedleDum.

Santa and Buddy the Elf:  Brandon Dubinsky and Brian Boyle

Ever since NHL 24/7:  Flyers vs. Rangers, I’ve been obsessed with Brian Boyle.  I already had the obsession with Brandon Dubinsky.  When they showed the Rangers’ Christmas party, I fangirled my jersey off.  When Boyle shouted, “SANTA!  I KNOW HIM!” at Dubinsky, I fangirled my face off.  Yeah.  My whole face.

That’s all the nicknames for now, but I’m sure there’ll be a few more in the future.  Do you have any nicknames for your favorite players?  Let us know in the comments!



12 04 2012

Ladies.  LADIES.  Patrick Sharp has returned to Twitter.  I REPEAT:  HIS ROYAL SEXINESS PATRICK SHARP IS ON DA TWITTA.  Follow him @10PSharp.  Like now.  Okay good.


I mean, come on, look at that face.  How could you not want to follow that face?  Or that flow?!  He’s a quick tan away from being Henrik Lundqvist’s twin, and we all know how I feel about Hanky.  Maybe I need to move to Thunder Bay to find my future hockey hubby, since the Staal family lives there too.  Yep, it’s decided.  See ya, Chicago, I’m movin’ to Canadia!  (Yes, I meant to write Canadia)  Who’s with me?!


High Brouw

14 01 2012

I don’t know about you all, but whenever a player I love gets traded away, I tend to keep tabs on them and just see how they’re doing.  Well, long story short, I have quite a few tabs lately, because a lot of players I love are from the 2010 Championship Chicago Blackhawks’ team.  There was just something magical about that group.  They all got along, from Captain Sexpanter to a fourth-line guy like Colin Fraser, they enjoyed playing the game together and it showed on the ice with their success.

So, last night, one of my favorites, Troy Brouwer, got his first career hat trick!

It's time for the happy dance!

He’s one of those players who never got the accolades he deserved in Chicago.  But, not a lot of players did, especially when your roster is so stacked with the top guys.  Personally I don’t think he’s underrated anymore, and he’s having a great time in Washington.  So, in celebration of his hattie, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:  M’s Top 3 Underrated NHL Players!

1.  Loui Eriksson, Dallas Stars

To be honest, Eriksson isn’t exactly in the greatest market for hockey.  Maybe if they put grass on the rink and gave them a football to slap around instead of a puck, then people would show up to the games.  But he’s a great player.  He’s had consistent 70-point seasons and is on pace for the same, if not more, this season.  He was an All-Star selection last year and played for Sweden in the 2010 Olympics.  Heck, even in a player’s poll of the most underrated NHL players, he was voted #1.  How can you argue with that?

2.  Patrick Sharp, Chicago Blackhawks

Well hellooooooo Mr. Beautiful!  Ahem, sorry, got a little carried away there.  People forget sometimes how Sharp got his start in Chicago.  He was received in a trade from Philadelphia in 2005 for Matt Ellison and a 3rd round pick in the 2006 draft.  I know what you’re thinking:  Who is Matt Ellison?  EXACTLY.  This was an absolute, home-run of a trade for the Blackhawks.  I mean, we might as well just say we stole him from Philly because that’s what it looks like.  He’s not only a great player, but he’s an alternate captain and a true leader in that dressing room.  Plus, as of right now, the Blackhawks has a situation of “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”, since our beloved Sharpie is out for 3-4 weeks with a wrist injury.  But don’t worry, he’ll be back and sexier than ever.  BETTER!  I meant BETTER!  Damn you and your mesmerizing good looks….

3.  Tomas Fleischmann, Florida Panthers

C’mon guys, gingers need love too!  Here’s yet another great case of an underrated player in a bad hockey market.  I mean, let’s be honest here, most people in Miami don’t even know what ice is unless it comes in a drink with a little paper umbrella.  But, to everyone’s surprise, the Panthers are in first place in the Southwest Division.  I’ll give you all a moment for that to sink in.  Yes, the Panthers are winning.  And not Charlie Sheen “winning”, but actually playing solid hockey with a great coach and front office.  Fleischmann is having a breakout season right now, and is only behind Kris Versteeg in points on the team.  He was mentioned by All-Star defenseman Brian Campbell as being overlooked for the All-Star Game.  So yeah, you could say he’s underrated.  I’d keep this long-lost Weasley in mind to be a critical member of their squad in the coming years.

Honorable Mentions:  Ryan Suter, Nashville Predators; Jamie Benn, Dallas Stars; Joe Pavelski, San Jose Sharks; Mikko Koivu, Minnesota Wild; Dave Bolland, Chicago Blackhawks

As a quick side-note, I want to point out why Florida is playing so well.  Obviously the players are a huge part of it, but the front office is where it started.  Why do I bring up the front office, you might ask?  Let’s just say history tends to repeat itself, and this is a bit too close to home for me.  Their current GM is Dale Tallon.  Who was the GM when the Blackhawks were a dead franchise?  Dale Tallon.  Who selected Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane in their respective NHL draft years?  Dale Tallon.  I think we’re sensing a pattern, here.  Don’t be too shocked if Florida wins a Stanley Cup in a few years.  Just a little food for thought.

Who are your underrated players?  Let me know!



26 11 2011

Well, this is dated back to 2010…so chances are some (if not most) of you have seen this. But I have not.

These boys…have me rolling right now. At least I can say my stomach is getting a good workout from all the laughs after 2 days of feasting.