Another One Bites the Dust

22 01 2012

Pay attention, sports fans, it’s time for your injury/concussion update!

Today, Philadelphia Flyers’ GM Paul Holmgrem announced that star winger Danny Briere would be out “indefinitely” with a concussion (read the team’s statement here).  In a season that has seen seemingly countless players fall victim to concussions, among other injuries, it’s difficult to keep up with everyone.  We here at Hockey’s Finest want to make it easier for you, and frankly us as well, to keep track of all the boys with ouchies.  Here’s a comprehensive chart of who’s out, sorted alphabetically by team:

Marc Savard (Boston Bruins):  out since Feb. 8, 2011

Brayden McNabb (Buffalo Sabres):  out since Jan. 14, 2011

Joni Pitkanen (Carolina Hurricanes):  out since Nov. 28, 2011

Radek Martinek (Columbus Blue Jackets):  out since Oct. 22, 2011

RJ Umberger (Columbus Blue Jackets):  out since Jan. 17, 2012

Philip Larsen (Dallas Stars):  out since Jan. 21, 2012

Simon Gagne (Los Angeles Kings):  out since Dec. 27, 2011

Guillaume Latendresse (Minnesota Wild):  out since Dec. 15, 2011

Pierre-Marc Bouchard (Minnesota Wild):  out since Jan. 5, 2012

Mike Mottau (NY Islanders):  out since Dec. 30, 2011

Al Montoya (NY Islanders):  out since Jan. 21, 2012

Michael Sauer (NY Rangers):  out since Dec. 6, 2011

Jesse Winchester (Ottawa Senators):  out since Dec. 21, 2011

Danny Briere (Philadelphia Flyers):  out since Jan. 21, 2012

Ian Lapierre (Philadelphia Flyers):  out since Sept. 18, 2011

Chris Pronger (Philadelphia Flyers):  out since Nov. 20, 2011

James van Riemsdyk (Philadelphia Flyers):  out since Jan. 13, 2012

Kurt Sauer (Phoenix Coyotes):  out since Sept. 19, 2011

Nick Petersen (Pittsburgh Penguins):  out since Oct. 3, 2011

Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins):  out since Dec. 6, 2011

Robert Bortuzzo (Pittsburgh Penguins):  out since Dec. 9, 2011

Arron Asham (Pittsburgh Penguins):  out since Jan. 21, 2012

Andy McDonald (St. Louis Blues):  out since Oct. 14, 2011

Alexander Steen (St. Louis Blues):   out since Dec. 28, 2011

Victor Hedman (Tampa Bay Lightning):  out since Dec. 28, 2011

Colby Armstrong (Toronto Maple Leafs):  out since Dec. 18, 2011

John-Michael Liles (Toronto Maple Leafs):  out since Dec. 23, 2011

Sami Salo (Vancouver Canucks):  out since Jan. 8, 2012

Evander Kane (Winnipeg Jets):  out since Jan. 21, 2012

That’s a total of 29 players out, with quite a few notable names.  And, if you didn’t happen to catch the Bruins-Rangers game today, Ryan McDonough of the Rangers might be added to that list soon after an absolutely brutal hit by Andrew Ference (here’s a story on it courtesy of the NY Rangers).  But, I will say this, Ferrence and David Krejci both gave McDonough a a pat on the back to make sure he was okay, so I give them props for at least attempting to check up on the guy.

Say a little prayer to the hockey gods for all our boys up there.  We just want them to get better :)


If you want to keep up further with who’s injured, TSN has a great list of everyone that’s out and which injury they have located here:

Max Talbot: Prayer Circle Edition

13 01 2012

He says he’s fine. But look at this video. This is NOT the Maxime I know & love. This man is tough as nail — but he looks dazed, no?

Last night, Superstar got absolutely rocked by the Islanders Steve Staios. To the point where he couldn’t get up. Since when does Max NOT jump back to his feet after a hit? If you watch the footage (crappy footage — thanks youtube) it looks like it was a head shot. And from what Max said above– it sounds like it was a head shot. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck–it’s a duck.

If I hear that Max is out because of concussion symptoms…the girls here should probably call the police/fire department/etc — I’m probably on a ledge somewhere. Seriously. STOP TOUCHING MY MEN. Don’t even look at them. If they skate toward you on the ice…just turn away. Between Letang being out (still — for what? 18 or more games?), Sid being out (for like–ever), Staalsy’s knee, and Nealer’s “bruised” foot…I CAN’T HANDLE IT ANYMORE. Don’t even get me going on the rest of my boys around the league who are injured. Seriously, you should see my fantasy team right now. It’s strugglin’. I’m going to buy a lifetime supply of bubble wrap and wrap their heads in it– leaving holes for breathing…and eye sight of course.

I may drive myself to the nearest Halloween store and invest in a nurse costume. Obviously, these men need someone who is going to quickly nurse them back to help. Who’s with me?


It’s Gonna Be Legen….wait for it…..

12 01 2012

DARY!  Hey everyone!  My name is Marissa and I’m the newest writer for the lovely ladies here at Hockey’s Finest.  I’ve been a hockey fan for most of my life, but now I get to show these to my mommy and convince her that her “tomboy” of a daughter might actually do something productive with that obsession.  I’ll be following most of the Western Conference, so get ready for some sweet blog-lovin’ for the California teams, and I’ll attempt to be nice to the Vancouver Canucks.  But I can’t help it if the Wonder Twins get on my nerves.

Now, before anyone gets on my case about this, let’s get one thing straight:  Yes, I’m from the Chicago-area (first suburb north).  No, I am not a bandwagon Blackhawks fan.  I repeat:  there are no bandwagons that I’m currently on.  Let me tell you a little story, children.  My first hockey game was at the tender age of 5, Chicago Blackhawks vs. St. Louis Blues.  There were four fights in the first period and, according to my dad, I was cheering and jumping up and down for every single one of them in a cute floral dress.  So yeah, you could say I got started young. (Right there with ya, M. Starting early = the hardest habit to kick. I’m addicted and proud to admit it. -L)

Someone's gonna go on timeout

But let’s get down to the cold, hard facts, people.  I live in a (now) great hockey town, with a team that isn’t too hard to look at. (If you want brownie points, you can send me PKane in a box for my birthday. You have until August to seal the deal. -L)

Age:  20

Hometown Team:  Chicago Blackhawks

Favorite Team:  Chicago Blackhawks (what can I say, I’m loyal), but if I was forced to pick another team that I lurve, it would have to be the either the New York Rangers or the Anaheim Ducks.  I have a soft spot for Brandon Dubinsky, and Bobby Ryan and I made a Twitter connection.

Still have no idea what he was talking about

Future hubby:  Jonathan Toews aka Captain Sexpanther.  60% of the time it works every time. (S will NOT be happy about this. But– she’ll have to deal. -L)

Wish-he-was-my-grandpa player:  Stan Mikita.  Dude was the bidness back in the day.

Coach I admire:   Mike Babcock (Red Wings).  I know, it’s almost a crime for me to say anything positive about the Red Wings as a Blackhawks fan, but you can’t deny that they have one stellar team, and Babcock knows how to coach them (every year they’re a given to get into the playoffs).  I think that rivalry is one of the greatest in sports, not just hockey, but it’s one built on respect.  I went to the first Blackhawks-Red Wings tilt this year (HOLY CRAPOOLA it was awesome), and even though every cheer from Hawks fans was “DE-TROIT SUCKS”, I know every legitimate hockey fan in that building was thrilled to be in the same building as Lidstrom and Datsyuk.  Sick mitts, those two.

Twitterbug:  Bobby Ryan.  Like I said, we have a special bond.  And I really want to know what he was talking about.

Least Favorite Team:  Vancouver Canucks and Philadelphia Flyers.  DUH.  I would say the Red Wings, but they’re a truly talented team.  I feel like Vancouver and Philly are filled with a bunch of goons.

Least Favorite Player:  Truthfully, it used to be Dan Carcillo (he was a PEST in the Finals against Chicago), but now that he’s a part of the Blackhawks and I’ve seen his personality more, he’s actually one of my faves.  Plus Kaner needed another guy to bromance with while Captain Sexpanther sulked about people being mean.

Favorite Hockey Memory:  It’s a TIE!  For my 20th birthday, my parents surprised me with a Jonathan Toews jersey (I screamed in the middle of a restaurant), which was AH-MAZING.  Then, obviously, the Red Wings-Hawks game on December 30.  Fantastic way to close out 2011, Captain Sexpanther scored on a penalty shot, and our seats were right behind the penalty box.  Unforgettable night for sure.

Non-hockey related fun facts:  I can quote almost any movie at the drop of a hat, I do pretty good impressions of Sarah Palin, Harry Caray, and the Swedish Chef (yeah, you read that right), and I once held the door open for Joe Biden at a movie theater in Washington, DC.

But those are stories for another day, kids :) I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be writing for Hockey’s Finest, but you can be it goes a little something like this:

Iiiiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised

You stay classy, hockey fans! (HAH! Classy hockey fans…HAHAHA…what a thought. -L)


We Survived.

28 12 2011

We’ll start with this.

Oh! Hi, HBO!

Yup. That happened. Our episode will be on January 4th–make sure to watch & if you see us…let us know.

We sat right behind the media, right next the to zamboni entrance and right under the Tesla coils. Pretty cool so far right? Well…it gets better. Lets rewind to BEFORE the game, shall we? Thanks to Daddy, S & I had an EPIC hotel room. 24th Floor. Balcony. On the water. Yep–we arrived. So we popped out onto our balcony and saw this…

Philly team bus leaving Westin & going to arena

Why we just sat there staring instead of making a beeline for the bus, I dont know…but at least we got a picture. So then we get to the arena and meet someone AWESOME.

Shout out to Gary Reilly — Pentaly Time Keeper.

Say hi to Gary!

Anyway, Gary has the worlds COOLEST part-time job and we made sure to let him know over & over again how jealous we were. Who knew you could be the Vice President of a Medical Group & then be an NHL Off Ice Official?? Can you say EPIC!? Gary was super nice to us and ended up coming over to us after the warm ups to give us this:

yep-- we make friends easy.

This document was easily 20 pages of nothing but stats. How lucky were we? Meet an NHL Official –> get game notes. We thought the night couldn’t get any better….until….we met these boys…

Meet CJ (left) & Mystery Boy (right)

For 2 guys that were “on the job” they were very–uhh– flirty? But…we enjoyed their company during the game. We even struck a deal with CJ (left). He said that if we gave him our game notes that Gary gave us– he would get us 2 pucks. We were sold instantly. I’d take a puck slapped around by Stammer over a pile of papers anyday. We couldn’t wait for our pucks. But then this happened:

CJ's boss gave us the puck right off the ice after the 2nd period.

Look at it! Still wet from the ice. I’ve never seen something so beautiful. And then, after the game, just like CJ promised we got our 2 other pucks in exchange for game notes. Since we got this matching pair, we handed off the 2nd period puck to a dad with two young sons. They could take better care of it than S & I sharing custody.

2 pucks from warmups.

After the exchange (sounds like a drug deal) … CJ told us to meet him across the street to the Luxury Box where we drank (a lot) and talked about how to properly dispose of bloody ice which we got to experience first hand last night. We also talked about how much trouble CJ got in for giving us the pucks in exchange for notes. Apparently, Ice Crew isn’t allowed to give out pucks. A small — ok, fine… BIG part of me wants to go to Thursday nights game…………and Saturday’s game……hell, every game for the rest of the season. Those. Boys. Dear. God.

Even though the Flyers lost (5-1 OUCH!), I’m pretty sure this was the best game I’ve ever been to. Even better than, dare I say it, the Pens game last year. GASP! If I keep talking about it I may break the world record for longest blog post ever. So I will stop.

Time for S & I to get ready to have a chill afternoon while watching the USA v Finland game. We love you all for being patient with us and waiting for this post. We were hungover, hungry, and exhausted. Worlds worst combination. Thanks a lot boys. Sheesh!!

15 Minutes of Fame.

18 12 2011

We had yet another epiphany. Since it’s the Flyers that are in town for the Tampa game S & I will be at (the 27th– WOOHOO!)…we bet that HBO will be in town as well. And ever since we saw this:

We’ve decided  we don’t hate the Flyers as much as we thought we do. So in light of all that…we also decided we want to get our 15 Minutes of HBO Fame. Since we are in 3rd row by the goalie, we decided to dress up as Flyers fans for a night. Yes, we know it’s wrong…but won’t we be laughing when we make a cameo on television.

We haven’t quite decided how we will catch the cameras attention but I’m sure we’ll figure it out. My ideas: flash Max, streak the ice, or make a sign–so vulgar that the cameras will catch it…

Either way–since we’re meeting up with Lightning fans BEFORE the game, we’ve decided to hide our Flyer gear in our purses & change in our seats. You may call this a dumb idea — but we think it will be brilliant.

see you in 9 days <3 <3

Until then, I’m signing off for the week. Time to pack, get my nails done, get my hair done….oh– and celebrate Christmas. Next time you hear from us, S & I will be sitting next to each other. GASP!

Happy Holidays All!



Best. Day. Ever.

13 12 2011

Ok so as you all know (because we’ve only mentioned it about a ZILLION times on here) tomorrow starts the 24/7 Flyers/Rangers: Road to the Winter Classic series on HBO at 10pm.


For those who have no idea what I’m talking about and haven’t seen last seasons Penguins/Capitals: Road to the Winter Classic…just take my word for it–pop some popcorn, crack open the wine (or beer….or liquor–pick your poison) and enjoy! And if you don’t have HBO– I suggest calling up your cable provider and getting it.  Suck it up for a few months & pay for it. I promise…this will be worth it.

Anyway, onto another piece of good news. The NHL has announced a new ‘series’ that will begin tomorrow at 6:30 on Versus. NHL 36 — their first star (of ten)?? Patrick. Kane. It will follow him in a ‘day in the life’ kind of way– and if I know anything about PKane…this should be exciting. Just think. A whole 36 hours with him. He’s bound to cause trouble be a role model…

Now please. Almost everyone has Versus– so there is no excuse for not being able to watch this one. And for all you people on the West Coast who may not get home in time– I think you’re becoming *ill*. Time to call those bosses and use up one of those sick/personal/vacation days that you need to eat up by the end of the year. Use it or lose it, people. This is important.

December 14th. Mark. Your. Calendars.

27 11 2011

HBO 24/7 is back. And so is Max Talbot. S & I can’t wait. Like seriously. I’m clearing off my DVR right now to make room for the recordings.

As much as I hate the Flyers, I’m pretty stoked to see how the organization works from the inside. Who knows? Maybe my attitude towards them will change.

So ladies & gents, take 13 minutes out of your Sunday morning…drink a little Orange Juice…and watch this beauty.

All I can think about is this.

And why can’t HBO cover these 2 teams EVERY season? I certainly wouldn’t complain. But hey, any hockey is better than no hockey. 18 days & counting.