1 05 2012

Have you ever surfed Craigs List’s Missed Connections section — just for the hell of it?

Well — if I wasn’t one of those people who laughs hysterically for hours going through them…I probably would have posted this.

Let me set the setting of this story first…

There I was just sitting at work…doing nothing…and then the phone rings.

::ring ring:: ::ring ring::

Me: *thinks* Hmm…that’s a weird number. *answers* Hello?

Sexy Deep Male Voice: Uhh…hi! Is this the Columbus Blue Jackets?

Me: ….Uhhh… no?

Sexy Deep Male Voice: Oh…umm…sorry. ::end call::

Me: …………………………….. *thinks* Dammit, I should have said YES!

Rick Nash, was that you? Pranking me because you know my day was heading down the “this sucks” road?!

She hung up on me!

So — the question is… I still have the number….Do I call back? He sounded pretty sexy. And he could have been someone important!

Instead of a Missed Connection … I consider this a Missed Opportunity.

So, if you’re the guy who called me…CALL BACK! Let’s talk hockey! ;)


Hockey Fights Cancer

30 10 2011

This is a topic that always hits home for both S & I–so when I saw this, I couldn’t help but ‘aww’ and let a few tears slip out.

13 year old Lawson Frank is battling a rare cancer & was asked to be apart of the ceremonial ‘Hockey Fights Cancer’ puck drop on Saturday night. Chicago Blackhawks v. Columbus Blue Jackets. I just want to run up and kiss every Blackhawk I see for taking the time to do this. They probably have no idea how much this meant to this little boy. It’ll most definitely be something he will remember for the rest of his life.

If my heart swells any more-- it'll explode.

This video just kills me. Click here to watch.

Take a guess as to who's stick he's holding...

Hint: Jonathan Toews is his role model…

To make S feel better…

26 09 2011

So S is deathly ill.

Well, not really…but…she is really sick. So like any best friend, I want to do something that will make her feel better. :) You’re welcome, chica…. (in advance)

Enter: Rick Nash. Tumblr people are AWESOME.

She has a thing for hockey players....and boats.....and farms....

Still not feeling better, S??? Well….maybe this next one will help a little more….

Whoever filmed this should get LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of money. That camera angle is just…..uhhh…wait, nothing good will come of me saying what I think of it.

Well, I’m 1,000,000% positive that this little .gif will make S feel MUCH better. Hell, I’m not even sick & I’m feeling much better. ;) Love you girl!

Countdown: 61 days

6 08 2011

Back to the countdown Ladies & Gents. Like we said before…most days we have someone, others we don’t.

Today there is RICK NASH days left until puck drop. Time to make S drool all over her keyboard. Ready. Set. GO! (ASKDjhlussfAKJAJSFpfffffffffffffffffff- S)

Pretty sure she has January 24th bold, highlighted, *starred* with little <3 hearts <3 all around. After all, R.Nash will be making an appearance at the St. Pete Times Forum… (Too bad it’s a Tuesday or I’d just have to book a room at a certain hotel and hang out in the lobby ; ) -S)

Send a smile towards S' general direction, please!

S has already told me which dates she cannot wait for–and this is one of them. Lets hope her starving college student budget will not stop her hockey ticket fund from growing. Donations will gladly be accepted.

Not quite sure what it is that makes her swoon like so, but I don’t ask questions. I just nod my head & then spam her inbox with pictures of her favorite boys. So, this one is for you S…ENJOY! Love, L. (You da best! -S)

From us, to you!

30 07 2011

Give us a night off + any form of alcohol + Tumblr + Youtube–and you get a little something like this…..

(***The girls at Hockey’s Finest are not responsible for any drooling, hyperventilating or fainting that may occur as a result of this video. Cue the fan girl squeals in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…-S)

Simply Because I Can

22 07 2011

So I realized something tonight.


And in honor of me admitting it and embracing it, I thought we could celebrate with some fun pictures of my favorite Canadian boys.

I know L won’t mind, in fact I have signed her up for the support group with me.

Our names are S & L, and we are addicted to Canadian hockey players.

Feel free to join us, we have a lot of fun!

Oh wait! Can’t forget this one! Yum!!!!

Prayer time.

13 06 2011

Well, it’s S’ bday tomorrow (YAHOO!) and tonight is Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals so it’s safe to say that we have our…wishes.

A while back S posted Baby Seguin’s ‘Protect This House’ commercial and I just recently found this one including Rick Nash. Let’s just hope and pray that this will act as a good luck charm.

So. Here’s to hoping that Rick Nash pops out of a birthday cake on S’ doorstep tomorrow morning and for Baby Seguin having a STELLAR game tonight (more ice time would be great, Claude)…and while I’m at it, I’d really like it if he were to show up on my doorstep tonight too…

We can dream right?!