Another One Bites the Dust…or 3

22 04 2012

First it was the Red Wings.

Then San Jose.

Now, it’s the Pens. S & I aren’t quite ready to discuss our boys. We’re still kind of bleeding …. and numb. As are Wings and Sharks fans.

But isn’t this what we love about playoff hockey? The outcome is never certain. The announcers and analysts always say “Just make it to the Playoffs and see what happens.” Because it’s true. Anything can happen.

As much as today’s Pens loss hurts, we’re classy fans. We give credit when it’s deserved.

1. Nashville Predators (4-1)

Not gonna lie, the Preds weren’t on my list of picks but they made it! Pekka Rinne DOMINATED this series. Doing everything a goalie should do. He’s the one who held his team up. He’ll be unstoppable.

So, a big congratulations to the Nashville Predators. Good luck in round 2!

Giving Music City something to cheer about! Good job boys!

2. St. Louis Blues (4-1)

I had you pegged from the beginning. Nothing else is needed to be said. You won it. Good job. Now rock it next round!

When was the last time St. Louis was in the playoffs?! Well deserved!

3. Philadelphia Flyers (4-2)

I won’t lie. S & I took a liking to you this season (thanks to HBO). It kind of sucked to have to put aside our love for you this past week and a half. Every time Hartnell, Grioux, Talbot, or Simmonds did something good — we kind of (reallllllllll deep down inside) cheered. This was the only series I refused to bet on. I mean how could I? Two powerhouse teams going at it. Ask anyone. I bet at one point or another — they were unsure by who they originally picked to win.

To say this was the most INSANE series, is an understatement. I lost count of how many times I wanted to throw up all my nerves into a toilet. And we’re upset. We really are — but this isn’t what this post is about. We’ll “cry” on Break Up day and write up all our emotions in a different post. This is to congratulate the Flyers team/Organization/fans. You all deserve it. You put up a good fight. And I couldn’t be more proud of how it ended. Every player left their hearts out on that ice. Despite one minor — ok, major — disappoint of a game… ::cough::GAME 3::cough:: Everyone seemed to go out with a bit of class and dignity left.

Hate for certain players aside, I truly hope the Flyers go far this year. In fact, S & I have adopted them (and a few other teams) for the rest of the playoffs. I can finally dig my Giroux shirsey out!

As much as you want to hate him -- you just can't. Look at that face!

Since our boys are O-U-T…S & I have to find other ways to occupy our time. Like I mentioned above — we’ve already discussed which teams we’ll be cheering on.

L’s Adopted Teams:

West: Blackhawks

East: Flyers or Rangers (because I love Brian Boyle) I love my Bruins (sometimes) — but I think it’s someone else’s turn. (Geez! Indecisive much? I say you pick the Rangers, just to make things more interesting. -S)

Stanley Cup Champions: Blackhawks — if I had my way. (I knew there was a reason I loved you. -S)

S’ Adopted Teams:

West: Blackhawks (Can’t believe I am moving there in a WEEK! EEEEPP! -S)

East: Flyers (I may or may not have a serious weakness for Talbot and Simmonds. I will now go hang my head in shame in the corner of my bedroom. -S)

Stanley Cup Champions: Blackhawks (Who’s surprised? A girl needs to be selfish every once in a while…especially if my Pens are no longer contenders -S)


Hey S, 

How cool would it be for you to be in Chicago for a Hawks Cup win?! #SuperJealousBestFriend (I’d turn into #SuperStalkerBestFriend and hunt down that cup! Woop! -S)


Have your teams been voted off? Have you adopted any others? How are your picks going so far?! Let us know :)


PS– for all our beloved Pens lovers, we WILL be posting something. Probably after the Break Up day when we’ve had the time to lick our wounds and muster up the strength to write. (And after I finish my last final EVER! -S)

It’s Knuckle Puck Time!

10 04 2012

Favorite time of year.  EVER.  Except for maybe my birthday (for those of you who are dying to know, my 21st is coming up on April 15!)  I love the playoffs, because it’s completely anything goes.  Every fan comes out with their predictions and hopes to God that they can say “I told you so” to their friends in the form of stealing their money from the pot.  My friend’s family does a pool every year, and even the dog gets picks.  Take a wild guess as to who has won the last 2 years.  The dog.

Always wondered how they did this without opposable thumbs

So, even though I’m your resident Western Conference girl, I’m gonna give you my picks for both the Eastern and Western Conference first rounds in two different posts just to give your eyes a break form reading my obviously riveting ideas.  Get pumped guys, $#!+ is about to get real.

That's right, Georgie. Time to put on your big boy pants.

Nashville Predators vs. Detroit Red Wings

This is definitely a matchup that will be an interesting one to watch.  The Red Wings are a staple in the NHL playoffs, having qualified for the playoffs every season since 1990-1991 (not including the lockout).  The Predators, however, have lost in the first round of the playoffs 5 years out of the 8 they’ve qualified in their short history.  But I think this year will be different.  They have home ice advantage, and Detorit is constantly riding the struggle bus on their road games.  Shea Weber and Ryan Suter can shut down Pavel Datsyuk, not to mention making major contributions on the power play.  Then again, the Red Wings are the Red Wings.  Their roster is stacked, with players like Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Kronwall, and Stuart, making them a very intimidating team on paper.  At the end of the day though, with their injury problems and road woes, I don’t think that this is Detroit’s year, especially with a first round against Nashville.  The Preds have waited long enough, and they deserve to make it through the first round, especially with their depth.  Predators in 7.

St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

I’m still in shock that St. Louis is sitting just below Vancouver on the top of the Western Conference.  But this is why I love hockey:  any team could just be the one to win it all.  Alright, let’s get down to business.  In my opinion, it’s just this side of no contest.  The Blues are going to take this series.  They’ve dominated the regular season and took over the toughest division in the NHL, which, in case you’ve forgotten, holds 4 out of the 8 playoff spots.  Their goaltending tandem is completely solid, as opposed to the Sharks, whose goalies have struggled throughout the season.  Even given that, the Sharks are a playoff-built team.  They’ve made it very far in past years, but have yet to reach the coveted finals and seem to always fall short.  This might be another year for that.  Blues in 6.

Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

Ah, the Canucks.  Anyone who has read my posts before knows what I think of the Canucks.  I’m not a fan.  However, they’re the President’s Trophy winners for the second year in a row, so you have to give credit where credit is due.  Truly, I think the Kings have a shot with a goaltender whose name should speak for itself.  Jonathan Quick is one of a few goalies in the league that send shivers down the spine of any player skating towards him down the ice with the puck on his stick.  But, aside form the goalie duel that will be one of the best, I think this will be one series that will absolutely go to 7 games.  Like everyone says, now the regular season doesn’t matter.  It’s win or go home, and I’m hoping for an upset on this one.  The Canucks aren’t drastically different than they were last year or the year before, aside from the acquisition of David Booth from Florida earlier in the season.  I think they can only make it past the first round if Roberto Luongo stays hot, because when he’s on he’s great, and when he’s not, it’s a collapsing Jenga tower of crap.  Their forwards are phenomenal, but they’re such perfectionists as well.  You can see it so easily when something doesn’t go their way, they start yet another collapse of frustration.  And for those of you reading this thinking I just want an upset because I’m not a huge Vancouver fan, just hold your horses.  I simply think the Kings’ cooler heads will prevail.  Kings in 7.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Phoenix Coyotes

I wish I could say I wished for this matchup.  If we’re being honest, I wanted both Phoenix and Chicago to make it to the semis, but unfortunately for me and one of these teams, they can’t both make it.  Now, given past experience, normally this would be a shoo-in for the Blackhawks to win the series in probably 5 games.  However, the Coyotes have won 3 of the 4 regular season meetings with the Blackhawks and have one hell of a solid goaltender in Mike Smith, who is coming off of an absolutely stellar 5-game run.  This is an underdog team, and the underdog fights a hell of a lot more because they feel they have something to prove.  Not to mention, poor Captain Sexpanther is still sidelined with an injury, which could prove to be a major break for the Coyotes.  With that said, I don’t believe that Phoenix is a playoff-built team.  They don’t have the playoff experience to survive against a team that is truly stacked.  Basically what I’m saying is forget the regular season.  The Blackhawks are the legitimately deeper, better, more talented team, and I think the only thing that can save the Coyotes is one hell of a performance from Mike Smith.  He’s their not-so-secret weapon.  With that said, if the Blackhawks don’t underestimate the Coyotes and Captain Sexpanther comes back healthy, they should be unstoppable.  Blackhawks in 6.

What do you guys think about the Western Conference?  Let us know in the comments, and get your playoff beards ready!


Mad Scramble

27 03 2012

I have two favorite parts of hockey season:  the beginning of the regular season, and the end of the regular season.  Plus, at this time of year, I always feel like Yakety Sax should be playing in the background of a sped up hockey video and that makes me giggle.  Now, the end of the regular season does give M the sadz because that means that hockey is almost over, and then the summer of not knowing what to do with yourself begins.

That's some solid parenting right there, folks

That baby does what we like to call the “ugly cry”.  Anyway, I love watching that end of the regular season because, being a Western Conference kinda gal, they like to make it interesting and nail biting for you.  Who could forget last season, when the Blackhawks backed into the playoffs, and the Minnesota Wild’s homepage looked like this:

Did we at least send 'em a thank you deep dish pizza?

BAM.  And thank you again, Minnesota; even though my boys lost to those meanie pants Canucks in the first round, it was a heckuva series.  This year, the West is no exception:

LOOK AT THAT.  6 freaking teams that are within 3 points of each other?  WHAT?!  Also, quick side note, why is San Jose listed as 3rd in the conference?  Homeboys are in sixth, puh-lease.  Whatever.

Silly NHL doesn't know how to count

Looking at the way everyone is playing right now, and how many games are left, I’ll tell ya a few things:

1) Don’t expect Anaheim to make a dramatic comeback.  They need a recovery season, and I truly hope they make the playoffs next season.  They have too much talent on that team to lose out on another opportunity

2) What the frick is the matter with Phoenix?!  They’re my underdog team, I don’t want to see them collapse now!  If there’s a team that truly deserves to make the playoffs, it’s Phoenix.  They worked unbelievably hard this year, battled against the entire league, and came out on top much more than in past years.  Get it together boys, you can do it!

3) San Jose’s on a roll at the right time.  Let’s just hope they can keep on chugging and make it, they’re another team that does deserve it.  Whether or not they’ll make a deep run in the playoffs remains to be seen, but then again it’s the playoffs.  Anything goes.

I can’t wait until the end of the regular season just so I can make my playoff predictions!  What do you think about the end of the regular season?  Let us know!


Countdown: 39 days

28 08 2011

S & I have a special love for this next guy. The 3 of us share something special. We all love Toronto & the Blue Jays!!!

we forgive you, logan ;)

Happy Logan Couture days left until the hockey season!

We also want to say Congrats to Mr. Couture on signing a new 2 year $5.75 million contract with the Sharks. Clearly, S & I work in the wrong field. Just saying…

No way, Jose!

18 05 2011

Well, at least that’s what the Canucks are saying.

gotta love clever hashtags, eh?!


Apparently this matchup has turned into the Ryan Kesler v. Joe Thornton show. Of course, S and I aren’t complaining. Kesler’s our boy.

As much as I love a good fight, I’m glad Kesler didn’t drop the gloves with Thornton in Game 1. Joe scares me, and I wouldn’t want anything to hurt that pretty little face of his.

Is it odd that I feel bad for the Toast?

Anyway, short and sweet today (still feeling the aftermath of last night). Go Canucks!! :)

What?! What do you mean no game tonight?!

16 05 2011

The NHL is totally toying with our emotions. They give us 2 Game 1’s in a row and then…nothing. A day off. Why a day off?! What’s the purpose of this?

It’s 9am and I’m already banging my head on my desk repeatedly. And to make matters worse, it’s Monday. No hockey tonight?! Ugh. That means absolutely nothing to look forward to, which means my work day will be crawling by. As if the Big Girl World wasn’t tough enough…

S is probably sitting in class right now ready to rip her hair out because she knows that when she gets home tonight she has nothing to distract her from doing her school work.

But don’t worry, tomorrow we will go back to being nervous wrecks and all will be right in the world again!

Time to give the West some love.

15 05 2011

We know, we know. We’re being bad bloggers by only talking about the East, but what can we say?! We’re East Coast girls! So in the hopes that we can capture more West Coasters, we guess it’s time to show some love.

Tonight the #1 seed Vancouver Canucks take on the #2 seed San Jose Sharks in the Western Conference Finals. And believe it or not, Sarah and I actually agree on who we want to win! Not sure how it started, but we have this sick obsession with the country of Canada. So it’s no surprise that we want the ‘nucks to pull through.

Let’s think about this for a second…what if Tampa takes the East? Do you really want to see the Sharks take the West?! That might be the warmest Stanley Cup Final, ever. No thank you. (Hey now, don’t be hating on the warm weather. You know you love to vacation at my apartment! Plus, having successful teams in markets like Florida and California help to grow the sport of hockey. – S)

Plus, how can you not love the Sedin twins?!

I know the first time Sarah showed this to me, I cried laughing and then continued to watch it over and over again.

And if the twins don’t do it for you, how ’bout Mr. Kesler?! He is on FIRE!! Let’s hope his point streak carries over to this series. (And that he does more advertisements for his underwear line ;)  -S)

Let’s hope the ‘Nucks win tonight, because I’m not sure I could handle 2 days in a row of losses.