No. Just No.

21 02 2012

I refuse to believe this is really happening. This is a nightmare, right?!


No way.



No more "Hammer" ...

Correction: What is S supposed to do without her boyfriend?!

The rest of my night will be spent talking S off the ledge she’s currently standing on.


Well, good luck S.Downie. We love you. And will miss your beautiful face. And that wild hair. And your brute force. And your overall awesomeness.

At least I know who S’ next jersey purchase will be…


Here comes trouble.

2 11 2011

To the players of the Tampa Bay Lightning & Philadelphia Flyers…

If you see two girls running towards you before and/or after your game on December 27th screaming

don't be alarmed...

It’s just S & I. (And really, we are quite friendly -S) It’s our first hockey game together since last March…things could get a little wild.

Especially when S sees…

Steve Downie...

I swear…the love child these two would make would have the MOST AMAZING hair EVER!!!! (Think of all the CURLS. EEEPP! -S) It would top any hockey flow out there right now, I’ll tell you that much. I’ll be picking S’ jaw up off the ground all night. (Or peeling me off the glass…-S)

And poor Max…when I see him…S will have to nail me to my seat. I may scale the glass. That boy is lookin’ fiiiiiiiiiiiiine this season…even in that god awful orange.

*squeals* I see tattoos. TATTOOS!!!!!!

Sorry S, I may need to rock a Talbot shirt that night…. *MAY* being the key word…I dont think I can get myself into a Flyers shirt without vomiting all over it. (That would be difficult. I love orange and I LOVE Maxime, but even I don’t think it is worth it -S)

So boys. Don’t run away from us. (We WILL catch you -S) I promise…we’re a good time. Especially after a few drinks…which we will most DEFINITELY have.


Simply Because I Can

22 07 2011

So I realized something tonight.


And in honor of me admitting it and embracing it, I thought we could celebrate with some fun pictures of my favorite Canadian boys.

I know L won’t mind, in fact I have signed her up for the support group with me.

Our names are S & L, and we are addicted to Canadian hockey players.

Feel free to join us, we have a lot of fun!

Oh wait! Can’t forget this one! Yum!!!!

A Collective Sigh of Relief

19 07 2011

Tampa Bay Lightning fans can breathe a little easier tonight, I know I will! (So glad I don’t have to talk you down from a ledge all the way from Boston! -L) Steven Stamkos has agreed to terms with the Lightning franchise. That’s right girls, we get him for 5 more years!!!!!! (The Stammer and Downie Bromance lives on!…and so does our hopes of marrying best friends ; ) -L)

“Steven is extremely important to this franchise and is part of the foundation of our hockey team,” Yzerman said. “We are very pleased to have him signed and look forward to seeing him in a Lightning uniform for years to come.” (press conference 7/19/11)

This would have been awkward if he left...

Many of his teammates, including Mr. Nate Thompson, and countless fans never doubted his loyalty and knew he would reach an agreement to stay in Tampa. We are all behind you Stammer, and can’t wait to go ALL IN with the Lightning in 2011!

This major contract announcement comes on the heels of a press conference held this afternoon to announce that hockey will be brought to Orlando…for one game. The Tampa Bay Lightning will play a preseason game vs. the St. Louis Blues at the new Amway Center  on Sept. 21st . All kinds of big news for hockey in Florida today! My happy dance will commence in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……

Trivia Tuesday: A day early…

12 07 2011

We’re posting a little early because S & I are super busy this week. Read on to find out why.

Trivia Tuesday: Hockey’s Finest Field Trip Edition

A couple weeks ago, in a Trivia Tuesday post, we asked where Stammer & Downie train during the off season. For those of you who don’t know the answer, well…here it is. TORONTO

We are beyond excited.

Watch out, Toronto! L&S are on their way!

We’re 2 days away from boarding Air Canada to make our way to TO for a girls weekend. My data plan is blowing up from all the bbm’s between S & I and my Canadian friends. My suitcase is overflowing–therefore, the rest of the 2 days are dedicated to downsizing a bit. S starts her travels Wednesday 12pm, while I start at 5am on Thursday. Field trip anyone?!

Somewhere between the millions of places we’re going to eat at, the Jay’s game (figures, S&I can’t be together without a sporting event in the mix), the Toronto Islands for some beach time, shopping & some job interviews (yes, I am looking to move to TO)…S & I will have our eyes peeled for Stammer & Downie. Afterall, they are best friends…just like us. Perfect going out buddies–night at Dolce anyone?? S has already called dibs on Downie, so…*snaps fingers* shucks–I get Stammer.

I think that may have been the first time S & I haven’t argued over who gets who. Thanks S!

Anyway, wish us luck on trying to find the world’s perfect tour guides!

"We're the two best friends that anyone could have. And we'll never ever ever ever leave each other..."

We’ll update everyone on the weekend escapades when we get back next week. I’m sure we’ll have some stories to tell.

Trivia Tuesday

28 06 2011

Ok. It’s the off season and we need something to keep ourselves busy…as well as all you fine people. So here is the first installment of Trivia Tuesday–and this one is a good one. We’ll be linking back to it in 2 weeks.

Here we go. What city do these two beauties train in the offseason? (Hint: S&I will be making our way here in 15 days)

bestest friends --just like us!

Bonus points if you can tell us WHERE in that city they train…

We promise we’ll act maturely with that information…maybe.


28 05 2011

This is how I feel today…

It was dramatically worsened by watching the Stamkos post game last night. I am beyond proud of the Tampa Bay Lightning for the playoff run they put together. Thanks for making living in Florida easier! But a BIG congratulations is due to the Boston Bruins. Those boys pulled it out and deserve a big pat on the back. But on that note, I am formally announcing my support for the Vancouver Canucks. L knows me better than I would ever like to admit! -S

Oh how I am going to miss this…

What do you mean I can't use my hands?!


Tisk Tisk Mr. Downie…

26 05 2011

Behave young man…don’t make me tell your mom about your bad hockey manners.

I think S & I bbm’d each other at the same exact time saying something along the lines of “Oh downie…”

As much as I try and be mad at Steve Downie like the rest of Boston, he’s kind of amazing. Deep down Ference is wishing he did it first…kinda like his “glove malfunction” in Montreal. Sorry Andrew, Downie beat ya to the punch.

No more chirping for L…

23 05 2011

Call me a bad fan…call me whatever you want…

But I refuse to believe that I’m the only Bruins fan out there who is rocking-back-and-forth-biting-their-lip nervous. Never in my lifetime have the B’s been in this position (well–they have, but I was 3). I would love nothing more than to witness my hometown team go to the Cup Finals, but the series is tied 2-2 and I’m starting to squirm.

Even if we were in Vancouver’s position (up 3-1) I’d be nervous. Look what happened to the Pens! Up 3-1 and then……..

….well, we know what happened….

We feel it too boys... *sigh*

See why I’m nervous? Anyway, tonight is Game 5 and instead of writing a post on why the Bruins will win…I’m going to sit back and zip my lips. I’ll even allow S to say whatever she wants about my boys without retaliation.

Make sure you check up on me every once and a while tonight…I’ll be holding my breath for 3 hours…

Dearest L, please don’t hold your breath for 3  hours…you will die and I kind of want to keep you around. Just stating the facts here ; )

Another fact that I don’t like is that I cannot talk about my boys individually in these intellectual musings anymore. Let’s look at the evidence from this weekend, shall we? I posted a feature on Steve Downie and Dana Tyrell. Who gets injured in game 4? Oh yeah, Downie and Tyrell. My bad! What I will say in order to pump myself up for game 5 tonight is that I believe that if this team plays with heart, they have the ability to beat anyone. The fans are excited and ready to see the next battle. Go Bolts!

...come on B's've officially been shown up by Tampa. Let's fix this. -L

A special treat for you.

22 05 2011

So, a few posts back S and I introduced our Hot List. Well…we decided that since posting pictures of every guy would be a lot, we’d just throw together a tiny video. You can probably start to expect these every once and a while.

For all you Sid the Kid, Steve Downie, Mr. Underwood, Ryan Kesler, Baby Seguin, E.Staal, Stamkos, Talbot, Nate Thompson, Shawn Thornton, and “Captain Serious” fans out there…I promise you’ll be happy (we found some great pictures). A few other’s that make the first cut: Mike Green, Victory Hedman, Joffrey Lupul, James Neal, and Nathan Horton.

This first “video” is just a picture slideshow. Not too much. Like I said, we threw it together (total time spent: 10 minutes). Once I finally get my video software working right, I promise…these videos will be epic. But for now, you’ll have to make due with this…

These boys are so addicting. I just can’t get over it.