Tisk Tisk Mr. Downie…

26 05 2011

Behave young man…don’t make me tell your mom about your bad hockey manners.

I think S & I bbm’d each other at the same exact time saying something along the lines of “Oh downie…”

As much as I try and be mad at Steve Downie like the rest of Boston, he’s kind of amazing. Deep down Ference is wishing he did it first…kinda like his “glove malfunction” in Montreal. Sorry Andrew, Downie beat ya to the punch.

No more chirping for L…

23 05 2011

Call me a bad fan…call me whatever you want…

But I refuse to believe that I’m the only Bruins fan out there who is rocking-back-and-forth-biting-their-lip nervous. Never in my lifetime have the B’s been in this position (well–they have, but I was 3). I would love nothing more than to witness my hometown team go to the Cup Finals, but the series is tied 2-2 and I’m starting to squirm.

Even if we were in Vancouver’s position (up 3-1) I’d be nervous. Look what happened to the Pens! Up 3-1 and then……..

….well, we know what happened….

We feel it too boys... *sigh*

See why I’m nervous? Anyway, tonight is Game 5 and instead of writing a post on why the Bruins will win…I’m going to sit back and zip my lips. I’ll even allow S to say whatever she wants about my boys without retaliation.

Make sure you check up on me every once and a while tonight…I’ll be holding my breath for 3 hours…

Dearest L, please don’t hold your breath for 3  hours…you will die and I kind of want to keep you around. Just stating the facts here ; )

Another fact that I don’t like is that I cannot talk about my boys individually in these intellectual musings anymore. Let’s look at the evidence from this weekend, shall we? I posted a feature on Steve Downie and Dana Tyrell. Who gets injured in game 4? Oh yeah, Downie and Tyrell. My bad! What I will say in order to pump myself up for game 5 tonight is that I believe that if this team plays with heart, they have the ability to beat anyone. The fans are excited and ready to see the next battle. Go Bolts!

...come on B's fans...you've officially been shown up by Tampa. Let's fix this. -L

A special treat for you.

22 05 2011

So, a few posts back S and I introduced our Hot List. Well…we decided that since posting pictures of every guy would be a lot, we’d just throw together a tiny video. You can probably start to expect these every once and a while.

For all you Sid the Kid, Steve Downie, Mr. Underwood, Ryan Kesler, Baby Seguin, E.Staal, Stamkos, Talbot, Nate Thompson, Shawn Thornton, and “Captain Serious” fans out there…I promise you’ll be happy (we found some great pictures). A few other’s that make the first cut: Mike Green, Victory Hedman, Joffrey Lupul, James Neal, and Nathan Horton.

This first “video” is just a picture slideshow. Not too much. Like I said, we threw it together (total time spent: 10 minutes). Once I finally get my video software working right, I promise…these videos will be epic. But for now, you’ll have to make due with this…

These boys are so addicting. I just can’t get over it.

How did I miss this?

21 05 2011

Dana Tyrell makes his return to the Tampa Bay Lightning today after an undisclosed injury. Between Steve Downie being named NBC’s “Player to Watch” for Game 4 and Tyrell being back in the lineup I am hoping to see some of these…


So Let’s Go Bolts and most importantly, welcome back D. -S

Oh, how I have missed you.

Holy Big Bad Bruins, Batman!

18 05 2011

Last night. Wow. I think a few years have been shaved off my life. But hey! Guess what! We scored a PP goal!

Thank God!

That had to be one of the most chaotic games I’ve ever seen. Who would have thought between the 2 teams that 11 goals would be scored?! So much for a low scoring series.

Tampa scored first. My first thought?! …not again. Not even 10 seconds later, S bbm’d me: “was that quick or what???” I love her, but we certainly know how to get under each others skin when it comes to sports.

And then…the 2nd period happened. 5 goals. Who woulda thunk? We came back so fast, Roli’s head spun.

What just happened?!

Even Coach McSteamy couldn’t figure it out.


I thought for sure there was going to be a major fight last night. Actually, S and I both did. Tempers were flaring early. But it seems whenever we say something about it, it never happens. Next time, I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself.

But there was one very brave Bolt. Steve Downie.

Z: What are you doing, you little pest?!

It made me giggle when I saw little 5’11” 191lb Downie try to take on the 6’9” 255lb Human Tree. If Big Z even looked in my direction, I’d cry. But no, not Downie. He went in right for the kill. Props to you, Stevie. You’ve certainly gained my respect!

Well, that was Game 2. It certainly wasn’t perfect and we still have a lot of work to do but now it’s onto the Sunshine State. Stay focused boys. You can watch all the girls in bikini’s you want ONCE the playoffs are over.

Welcome to our blog, Hockey’s Finest!

12 05 2011

After countless nights of making each other cry with laughter, we decided that maybe it was time to share our thoughts with you fine hockey-loving people. Apologies for our silly, and sometimes girly, posts in advance. But we certainly vow to never be boring.


Our names are Laura (me) and Sarah (beware of her insane opinions in bold)…well, not really…but we’re going to let you think they are.  We’re just your average girls who love the sport and the fine-fine (hence the name) men who play it.

We’re a little late here in the season, but we’ll start during Game 1 of Round 3. I should mention that we have a little bit of an internal feud going on here at Hockey’s Finest. We like to call it the Battle of Our Hometown Teams. The Big Bad Bruins take on The Bolts for what promises to be an intense and interesting Eastern Conference Final. Both teams are going in cold after having a week off.

The Lightning/Bruin Guardian Smashup

Who's going to the finals?

Laura’s Prediction: Bruins in 7
I will admit, Tampa has an advantage with their speed and PP being so awesome. I mean, come on, if the Penguins PP had been working in the first round (scratch that–if it had been working ALL SEASON) would Tampa even be in the third round? …I don’t think so.  Thankfully, the Bruins have something Tampa doesn’t. Two words: Tim Thomas (cue the Hallelujah chorus), Vezina Nominee and this season’s best goalie of the league. He is on fire!! And if Thomas’ stats don’t scare you, then The Human Tree will. Just one slap shot from him can make you want to curl up in the fetal position. 105.9 mph?! My car can’t even go that fast without wanting to break.

I will break you....

I can’t speak for Tampa, but I know that the city of Boston is restless. You can hear the enthusiasm in people’s voices as they talk about the Bruins, we’re ready for Game 1. Mr. Stamkos, hide your pretty face…the Big Bad Bruins are comin’ for ya. Bring it Tampa!

Sarah’s Prediction: Lightning in 6
In my best effort to stop this post from being a Bruin’s Free Love Orgy, I think the (mostly silent) partner in crime needs to say her peace.
Hockey is finally being mentioned in the state of Florida, can we get an AMEN!? Yes the Bruins have Tim Thomas…Yada Yada. But down in Tampa, the lightning are packing more than just the “pesky trio”. They also have my favorite trio, Nate Thompson, Steve Downie, and Victor Hedman. There are so many “blue collar” grinders on this team it’s hard not to want to give them a big BEAR (pun intended) hug after a hard fought win. They may have an old goalie, but he is HOT HOT HOT right now along with Sean Bergenheim who has turned into a Flying Fin since the start of playoffs. These boys are hungry and desperate to make a statement about their team. And don’t forget the Bolts have a secret weapon…Coach McSteamy AKA Guy Boucher.

Sarah's "Blue Collar Grinders"

So Boston, when it’s time to pack your speedos and sunblock to head down to our little Hockey Paradise, don’t forget there will be a massive blue wave and deadly lightning strikes waiting for you. BRING IT!