Stammer Time: Remix

5 01 2012

As most of you know, we made our way to 2 Lightning games last week. Now, don’t take what I’m about to say as a complaint because I could NEVER get sick of Stammer Time–but after scoring so many goals (5 total. 2 @ the Flyer/Bolts. 3 @ the Canes/Bolts) Can’t Touch This gets kind of annoying. So we’re proposing a *NEW* song for Stammer to celebrate to.

Go ahead. Change the lyrics around a bit. We did.

Stop! Now make that motherf*cker Stammer Time..

We apologize if we ruined this song for you– because now all we can think of when we hear it is…well… Stammer. Which is fine by me. I can see it in my  head now. I think it fits, dont you? Now go ahead. Listen to the song while watching these highlights from the Hatty we witnessed. We’re geniuses, I tell ya. I’m thinkin’ we could take over the audio department — for a night. And when we say “for a night”, it’s because we’re positive we’ll get fired after the 1st period.

Steven Stamkos. If I wasn’t a huge fan before last week, I am now. Congrats on your Hatty!

Drop that a$$, make it boomerang.

We Survived.

28 12 2011

We’ll start with this.

Oh! Hi, HBO!

Yup. That happened. Our episode will be on January 4th–make sure to watch & if you see us…let us know.

We sat right behind the media, right next the to zamboni entrance and right under the Tesla coils. Pretty cool so far right? Well…it gets better. Lets rewind to BEFORE the game, shall we? Thanks to Daddy, S & I had an EPIC hotel room. 24th Floor. Balcony. On the water. Yep–we arrived. So we popped out onto our balcony and saw this…

Philly team bus leaving Westin & going to arena

Why we just sat there staring instead of making a beeline for the bus, I dont know…but at least we got a picture. So then we get to the arena and meet someone AWESOME.

Shout out to Gary Reilly — Pentaly Time Keeper.

Say hi to Gary!

Anyway, Gary has the worlds COOLEST part-time job and we made sure to let him know over & over again how jealous we were. Who knew you could be the Vice President of a Medical Group & then be an NHL Off Ice Official?? Can you say EPIC!? Gary was super nice to us and ended up coming over to us after the warm ups to give us this:

yep-- we make friends easy.

This document was easily 20 pages of nothing but stats. How lucky were we? Meet an NHL Official –> get game notes. We thought the night couldn’t get any better….until….we met these boys…

Meet CJ (left) & Mystery Boy (right)

For 2 guys that were “on the job” they were very–uhh– flirty? But…we enjoyed their company during the game. We even struck a deal with CJ (left). He said that if we gave him our game notes that Gary gave us– he would get us 2 pucks. We were sold instantly. I’d take a puck slapped around by Stammer over a pile of papers anyday. We couldn’t wait for our pucks. But then this happened:

CJ's boss gave us the puck right off the ice after the 2nd period.

Look at it! Still wet from the ice. I’ve never seen something so beautiful. And then, after the game, just like CJ promised we got our 2 other pucks in exchange for game notes. Since we got this matching pair, we handed off the 2nd period puck to a dad with two young sons. They could take better care of it than S & I sharing custody.

2 pucks from warmups.

After the exchange (sounds like a drug deal) … CJ told us to meet him across the street to the Luxury Box where we drank (a lot) and talked about how to properly dispose of bloody ice which we got to experience first hand last night. We also talked about how much trouble CJ got in for giving us the pucks in exchange for notes. Apparently, Ice Crew isn’t allowed to give out pucks. A small — ok, fine… BIG part of me wants to go to Thursday nights game…………and Saturday’s game……hell, every game for the rest of the season. Those. Boys. Dear. God.

Even though the Flyers lost (5-1 OUCH!), I’m pretty sure this was the best game I’ve ever been to. Even better than, dare I say it, the Pens game last year. GASP! If I keep talking about it I may break the world record for longest blog post ever. So I will stop.

Time for S & I to get ready to have a chill afternoon while watching the USA v Finland game. We love you all for being patient with us and waiting for this post. We were hungover, hungry, and exhausted. Worlds worst combination. Thanks a lot boys. Sheesh!!

15 Minutes of Fame.

18 12 2011

We had yet another epiphany. Since it’s the Flyers that are in town for the Tampa game S & I will be at (the 27th– WOOHOO!)…we bet that HBO will be in town as well. And ever since we saw this:

We’ve decided  we don’t hate the Flyers as much as we thought we do. So in light of all that…we also decided we want to get our 15 Minutes of HBO Fame. Since we are in 3rd row by the goalie, we decided to dress up as Flyers fans for a night. Yes, we know it’s wrong…but won’t we be laughing when we make a cameo on television.

We haven’t quite decided how we will catch the cameras attention but I’m sure we’ll figure it out. My ideas: flash Max, streak the ice, or make a sign–so vulgar that the cameras will catch it…

Either way–since we’re meeting up with Lightning fans BEFORE the game, we’ve decided to hide our Flyer gear in our purses & change in our seats. You may call this a dumb idea — but we think it will be brilliant.

see you in 9 days <3 <3

Until then, I’m signing off for the week. Time to pack, get my nails done, get my hair done….oh– and celebrate Christmas. Next time you hear from us, S & I will be sitting next to each other. GASP!

Happy Holidays All!



Here comes trouble.

2 11 2011

To the players of the Tampa Bay Lightning & Philadelphia Flyers…

If you see two girls running towards you before and/or after your game on December 27th screaming

don't be alarmed...

It’s just S & I. (And really, we are quite friendly -S) It’s our first hockey game together since last March…things could get a little wild.

Especially when S sees…

Steve Downie...

I swear…the love child these two would make would have the MOST AMAZING hair EVER!!!! (Think of all the CURLS. EEEPP! -S) It would top any hockey flow out there right now, I’ll tell you that much. I’ll be picking S’ jaw up off the ground all night. (Or peeling me off the glass…-S)

And poor Max…when I see him…S will have to nail me to my seat. I may scale the glass. That boy is lookin’ fiiiiiiiiiiiiine this season…even in that god awful orange.

*squeals* I see tattoos. TATTOOS!!!!!!

Sorry S, I may need to rock a Talbot shirt that night…. *MAY* being the key word…I dont think I can get myself into a Flyers shirt without vomiting all over it. (That would be difficult. I love orange and I LOVE Maxime, but even I don’t think it is worth it -S)

So boys. Don’t run away from us. (We WILL catch you -S) I promise…we’re a good time. Especially after a few drinks…which we will most DEFINITELY have.



27 10 2011

I would like to issue a warning for the state of Florida starting on December 26th and it will extend to January 2nd. Hurricane L is rolling into town — and she tends to be destructive once the plane’s wheels hit the ground.

Hurricane L is kinda like a mix of

Drunken PKane:

I'm sexy and I know it...

And a drunken Baby Segs:


Are you beginning to see a trend here?!

Anyway, in all seriousness, Mommy decided to be SUPER DUPER AWESOME and tell Santa that I wanted a roundtrip to the Sunshine State to see S for a week. Can you spell P-A-R-T-Y?! THANKS SANTA!!!!! :)

Now, the question is…can I find a way to turn my old not-valid Student ID into a VALID Student ID to get Lightning Student Rush tickets to one of these 3 games?!

I pick Flyers.

Time for an art project. Excuse me while I go get out my markers, crayons, and pretty stickers. I’ll be slaving away until Christmas on this baby.


I should just enter myself into rehab now...

Hello, Mr. Muscles! Nice to meet you!

26 09 2011

I have no idea when this was taken and/or where…but it sure did make my monday much brighter. Seriously, I’m swooning. Were those biceps hiding? Or did I just not notice them until now?

why hello there, muscles.

Hey S, could you be a dear & drive down to Tampa…box him up & send him to me to help me pack? I could sure use those muscles to help move my furniture into my apartment. Of course, I’d be sitting & watching…dabbing his forehead with a cool wet cloth when he needs it. I’ll send him back safely before the regular season starts, I promise. I just need someone to…uhhh—snuggle —with at night while I adjust in the new place. You don’t think he’d mind, do you? ;)

Countdown: 44 Days

23 08 2011

L knew I called dibs on this post a LONG time ago. NATE THOMPSON days until the start of the regular season!!!!!! (You’re welcome, S. You also have dibs on 18, 12 & 11…heads up. – L)

Nate the Great!

I am beyond excited for these next 44 days to fly by, like bouncing in my seat excited! (No, really guys…I don’t think she’s exaggerating… -L) Not only does hockey make its triumphant return to our TV’s and computers, but my 2 hours drives to Tampa to see the Lightning play start up again! Oh, how I have missed the chill of the arena and the sounds of the game…

I can study this bromance up close and personal.

Who else is chomping at the bit to see what the 2011/2012 season brings?! I think the Lightning organization is going to work hard to put together another long season! (Hey now, just remember who you cheer for when the Pens come to town. We have a deal girlie ;) Husbands first. – L )

This guy will love every minute.