Operation: Find Lord Stanley

17 06 2011

…is to commence tonight as soon as I get out of work. Drive home, pick up friends, grab the T, and begin.

where are youuuuu?!

Booked my hotel room. Packed my bag. And set my route–well, sort of.If anyone has any suggestions as to where you think we should try to hit up…let me know via comments/twitter.

As of 6pm tonight, I will be scouring the streets of Boston with friends to catch a glimpse of the world’s coolest/shiniest “cup”. We’re pretty stoked. Dad graciously let us use his hotel points–seeing as we’re broke college/ex-college kids. We’ll pack a bag full of energy bars & water and then be on our way.

Sleep is somewhat on the agenda tonight. But as soon as 4am strikes the clock, we’re back on the road to find our parade spot. Dedicated?–yep. I won’t be posting any Stanley Cup action until Sunday morning…so if you need updates, follow our Twitter.

PS- Big Z, Bergy, and Timmmay have 13 hours to get the Cup back to Boston from NYC. The Today Show totally threw a wrench in my plans for tonight and I am not happy. This thing needs a GPS Tracker on it.

Stanley Cup Champs!!

16 06 2011

Ok. It’s 6:30am–the morning after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and I just got back from Dicks Sporting Goods to get my gear. I’ve slept all of maybe 3ish hours. My voice is nearly gone. My feet are cut up from broken glass (from bar celebrations). I still smell like beer. My flip-flops are ruined. And most of all….I’m an emotional wreck.

I went on the Bruins website this morning and misted up for the millionth time in the past 24 hours.

So proud of my boys. <3

Boston was insane last night. I must have been out of my mind going but my Hockey Buddy called me at work, grabbed clothes from my house, and told me to meet him in Braintree right after work. It makes up for all the times he ditched me on game nights.

Anyway, my night went JUST like the Bruins. Here’s the recap.

During the anthems, we looked like this.

anxious and ready.

When the Bs scored, the bar looked like this.

no joke. I need to retire the jersey I wore last night.

No amount of laundry detergent can get out the smell of last night. The ounces of beer that were spilt on me last night was crazy. I was at a bar with someone who was 6’9”….I’m 5’2”….so when they scored–well–you do the math.

When they won, it looked like this.

strangers?? --well, who cares?! we're all family now.

I hugged everyone. EVERYONE. Police, random dads, random kids, random girls, random guys, and the people I was with. Last night, we all bonded over one thing: the Big Bad Bruins.

After it sunk in, we all looked like this. (I won’t lie….I cried tears of happiness)

we did it, bro!

And when we ran the streets…it sounded/looked like this:

I apologize for the awful video. I was getting thrown around like a rag doll.

Well Boston, get ready. It’s going to be a heck of a weekend. Get yo partaaaayyyy hats on! I’ll be praying all morning for the parade to hold off until Saturday morning. If not, then I can’t go and my weekend plans of getting a hotel in the city and following Lord Stanley…are crushed.

UPDATE: Bruins Parade will be Saturday at 11am. Therefore, my plans are as follows.

1. Leave work at 4pm tomorrow.

2. Run the streets of Boston all night to find the Cup

3. Find our spot at the parade route around 4am

4. Celebrate with the boys.

All that = one epic weekend.

Few more things:

This made my heart tingle with pride.

even the Bruins love the Pens <3

And some of you were following me on Twitter last night and saw that I tweeted about a Mr. Kris Letang look-a-like. Well…there’s a little bit of a resemblence. Obviously, no one even compares to Kris…but his eyes were the same color (I melted). Even his nose was a little bit Tanger-like. We also decided he looked like a mix between Tanger and Andy Roddick. Unfortunately, Kris/AndyRoddick looks like he’s 18…at least Tanger looks his age.

If you disagree with me, it was dark in the bar. I couldn’t really see much…but from the lighting we were in, I saw a look-a-like.

The Tanger we all know and love...*sigh*

My look-a-like--ish. Note: I look disgusting. Beer had just been poured over my head. Classy Boston.

I’m in love

9 06 2011

This hockey club is making me proud. I hate the city of Boston with a burning passion…the only good thing about it are the sports. I would have never guessed the Bruins would go in these Finals and win Game 3&4. I guess you can say my faith in the team faltered a bit.

But my faith has been restored and I’m actually starting to B-lieve they can win this thing.

Last night was an insane game full of all kinds of emotions.

First, I saw this.

my heart broke.

Then I saw this.

I clapped wildly in my room.

Last night you were able to see just how much #18 meant to Boston & the team. PS- turns out #18 showed up in the 3rd period to give away “the jacket” that was sitting in his stall. What a guy.

Let’s do some recaps, shall we?!

Timmy got a shut out last night!

Boston's hero.

Loungo got pulled.

I think it's safe to say Lou's head is still spinning.

But Loungo isn’t the only Canuck feeling down.

poor baby.

This series has turned nasty. The chirping, hitting, and overall mannerisms of these teams are unreal. I normally don’t like when a game turns into a “my horse is bigger than your horse” match, but under the circumstances I’ll take it.

Marchand is just being a little pest that the Sedin Twins just don’t know how to handle. He’s playing dirty and getting under their skin–and there is zero retaliation.

Heh, sucker.

So the series goes back to Vancouver on Friday. I’m thinking now that the Bruins know how the Canucks work (down & dirty/cheap play), they have a chance of walking away with a win. It’s now a battle of who wants it more…and after last night, something tells me it’s Boston.

Let’s Go B’s!

Game 7, Baaaaby!

27 05 2011

Happy Game 7 of the ECF, everybody! There is nothing like watching a do or die game. Tonight will be the battle of the goalies. Who’s going to be flawless?

Stay in your cage Timmy--or it's the invisible fence collar for you!!

Tampa's favorite, Roli

I am in my element. Tonight, I bleed black & gold. I live for days like this! It’s one of those: sick to your stomach–bouncing your knee up & down–biting your lip–heart pounding–hard to breathe–rocking back & forth–kinda games that every hardcore fan loves (regardless of what they may say). Life can’t get any better today!

You can bet Vancouver will be sitting by their TV watching tonight’s game to see who they will be facing next Wednesday night. All of the East Coast will be holding their breath to see who will be representing the ECF in Lord Stanley’s Finals. Both teams are so close, they can taste it.

It's so shiny...

People are walking with a little more pep in their step here in Boston. We’re seeing the light after a long 20 years of nothing. Tampa’s dying the channel blue & creating human ‘bolts’ in support of their team. People who haven’t been watching the playoffs are now flipping on games just because it’s what everyone is talking about.

One team gets the W tonight. S & I are already shaking in anticipation. We’re little balls of energy who can’t sit still.


And just in case things go south (no pun intended) for Boston tonight…I should say this now while I’m still in a positive mood:

Good series, Tampa. It was everything I expected it to be! I will also be sending you my next hair salon bill so I can dye all the gray hairs I’ve acquired this past series…

Thanks a lot Bolts.

3 down, 1 to go.

24 05 2011

*sigh* S, I really thought you guys had that game last night…what happened?!

Let me just say that if it weren’t for Timmy…we wouldn’t have a win to celebrate today. What the heck was the D doing?!

"See that puck out there?! Don't touch it. Don't even go near it. Timmy needs the exercise."

Ok…so maybe that’s not what Claude says, but according to the rest of the I-Hate-Claude Bandwagon…that’s what he’s telling them.

Oh yeah, and Baby Seguin..tisk-tisk…stop with the lame penalties. You make it extremely hard for me to defend you.

Anyway, my only fear is that Boucher is cooking up something for Game 6 and it’s making me very uneasy. My prediction was Bruins in 7…and I’m sticking by it. I firmly believe Tampa will win tomorrow night (maybe if I say it, I’ll jinx them). No, I’m not being negative. I’m being realistic. These are both great teams and we knew this series was going to be intense before it even started.

Sorry S, but I hope my boys come out with a W in this series. Tampa has already had their time with Lord Stanley. Time to share. (Doesn’t the Bruins organization have 5 stanley cup championships? The lightning are looking for their second. So really, it’s time for Boston to share – S) And with all this gloom & doom weather up here in Beantown, we could sure use some cheering up.

Let’s go Boston, if you don’t close it out tomorrow night…bring them back home for Game 7 and end it there. Either way, I’ll be happy. Let’s Go B’s!

Thank you Timmy! I love you! ...even if you do say stupid things in interviews...

Oh and one more thing!! Go Canucks! End it tonight boys! :) Love L & S

Holy Big Bad Bruins, Batman!

18 05 2011

Last night. Wow. I think a few years have been shaved off my life. But hey! Guess what! We scored a PP goal!

Thank God!

That had to be one of the most chaotic games I’ve ever seen. Who would have thought between the 2 teams that 11 goals would be scored?! So much for a low scoring series.

Tampa scored first. My first thought?! …not again. Not even 10 seconds later, S bbm’d me: “was that quick or what???” I love her, but we certainly know how to get under each others skin when it comes to sports.

And then…the 2nd period happened. 5 goals. Who woulda thunk? We came back so fast, Roli’s head spun.

What just happened?!

Even Coach McSteamy couldn’t figure it out.


I thought for sure there was going to be a major fight last night. Actually, S and I both did. Tempers were flaring early. But it seems whenever we say something about it, it never happens. Next time, I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself.

But there was one very brave Bolt. Steve Downie.

Z: What are you doing, you little pest?!

It made me giggle when I saw little 5’11” 191lb Downie try to take on the 6’9” 255lb Human Tree. If Big Z even looked in my direction, I’d cry. But no, not Downie. He went in right for the kill. Props to you, Stevie. You’ve certainly gained my respect!

Well, that was Game 2. It certainly wasn’t perfect and we still have a lot of work to do but now it’s onto the Sunshine State. Stay focused boys. You can watch all the girls in bikini’s you want ONCE the playoffs are over.

Welcome to our blog, Hockey’s Finest!

12 05 2011

After countless nights of making each other cry with laughter, we decided that maybe it was time to share our thoughts with you fine hockey-loving people. Apologies for our silly, and sometimes girly, posts in advance. But we certainly vow to never be boring.


Our names are Laura (me) and Sarah (beware of her insane opinions in bold)…well, not really…but we’re going to let you think they are.  We’re just your average girls who love the sport and the fine-fine (hence the name) men who play it.

We’re a little late here in the season, but we’ll start during Game 1 of Round 3. I should mention that we have a little bit of an internal feud going on here at Hockey’s Finest. We like to call it the Battle of Our Hometown Teams. The Big Bad Bruins take on The Bolts for what promises to be an intense and interesting Eastern Conference Final. Both teams are going in cold after having a week off.

The Lightning/Bruin Guardian Smashup

Who's going to the finals?

Laura’s Prediction: Bruins in 7
I will admit, Tampa has an advantage with their speed and PP being so awesome. I mean, come on, if the Penguins PP had been working in the first round (scratch that–if it had been working ALL SEASON) would Tampa even be in the third round? …I don’t think so.  Thankfully, the Bruins have something Tampa doesn’t. Two words: Tim Thomas (cue the Hallelujah chorus), Vezina Nominee and this season’s best goalie of the league. He is on fire!! And if Thomas’ stats don’t scare you, then The Human Tree will. Just one slap shot from him can make you want to curl up in the fetal position. 105.9 mph?! My car can’t even go that fast without wanting to break.

I will break you....

I can’t speak for Tampa, but I know that the city of Boston is restless. You can hear the enthusiasm in people’s voices as they talk about the Bruins, we’re ready for Game 1. Mr. Stamkos, hide your pretty face…the Big Bad Bruins are comin’ for ya. Bring it Tampa!

Sarah’s Prediction: Lightning in 6
In my best effort to stop this post from being a Bruin’s Free Love Orgy, I think the (mostly silent) partner in crime needs to say her peace.
Hockey is finally being mentioned in the state of Florida, can we get an AMEN!? Yes the Bruins have Tim Thomas…Yada Yada. But down in Tampa, the lightning are packing more than just the “pesky trio”. They also have my favorite trio, Nate Thompson, Steve Downie, and Victor Hedman. There are so many “blue collar” grinders on this team it’s hard not to want to give them a big BEAR (pun intended) hug after a hard fought win. They may have an old goalie, but he is HOT HOT HOT right now along with Sean Bergenheim who has turned into a Flying Fin since the start of playoffs. These boys are hungry and desperate to make a statement about their team. And don’t forget the Bolts have a secret weapon…Coach McSteamy AKA Guy Boucher.

Sarah's "Blue Collar Grinders"

So Boston, when it’s time to pack your speedos and sunblock to head down to our little Hockey Paradise, don’t forget there will be a massive blue wave and deadly lightning strikes waiting for you. BRING IT!