Clothing line for TK?!

26 11 2011

Hey S!

So, you can get me this for Christmas if you want…

I know we said no gifts. But lets be real, it never ends up that way. ;) Size Small.

*sigh* oh, TK.

Countdown: 48 days

19 08 2011

Two letters can sum up this post: T.K. That’s right girls, there are Tyler Kennedy days left until the 1st puck drop and one can hope for more of this…

did it taste good?

TK has got to be the one Penguin (besides Flower) that has captured S & I’s heart. This boy is so adorable it hurts. And when I hear him swear…I giggle. I can’t wait to see this boy, he makes me smile. (We make him smile too L, don’t forget that! -S)

Is that ok? Or do you need to lick this one too?

48 days people!! GET PUMPED!

From us, to you!

30 07 2011

Give us a night off + any form of alcohol + Tumblr + Youtube–and you get a little something like this…..

(***The girls at Hockey’s Finest are not responsible for any drooling, hyperventilating or fainting that may occur as a result of this video. Cue the fan girl squeals in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…-S)

Take your sweet time…

27 06 2011

Ok. The Pens are taking waaaaaaaaay to long to seal these deals. July 1st is coming up all too quickly and so far the only favorite of ours to be resigned has been Craig Adams. We’re not complaining–trust me, not at all. After our road trip to Pittsburgh this past March, S&I got to see just how awesome of a guy he is.

Congrats "Hot Daddy" --yes, that's his new nickname...

The list of all the Pens UFAs and RFAs is just as long as their injured list this past season. EEEEP! That’s right, I’m in panic mode. Some of S&I’s favorites happen to be on that list and there is nothing we can do but sit back and wait for the news. Talk about feeling helpless.

S thinks I’m crazy and yes I realize it’s the industry, ┬ábut I can’t help but get so upset when/if my favorite player from a team suddenly disappears for good. I am PRAYING to hear good news soon…praying.

There are a few on that list who I don’t think have a snowballs chance in hell of coming back, like Mr. Duff –I mean, Mike Comrie– and Arron Asham. And then there are these 4: Tyler Kennedy, Pascal Dupuis, Mike Rupp and Max Talbot. All of which S & I love. Love with a capital L.


Where do we start on Dupper. We truly got to see his personality from the HBO Special. I wont lie, he wasn’t on my top list until I watched the series. And then throughout the season you got to see just how much he was needed on the team, in the locker room and on the ice. Sign Dupper.


This guy is awesome. Wait…every Penguin is awesome. But there is something about Rupp…I’m thinking it’s his hilarious Elf t-shirt. Or maybe it’s the Mystery Melon game he play with his Twitter followers throughout the season. Anyway, Rupp–like Adams & Dupper– is a hardcore grinder. He has no problem laying someone out just to make sure they know who they’re playing. He may go through a scoring drought every once and a while, but out of the blue he’ll start scoring game winners. Sign Rupp. (This one may break my heart. I have a sneaky feeling Mystery Melon will be played on a different team plane this season. -S)

TK...oh TK...

TK is the guy on the team that makes S&I giggle. Not like a “OMG! It’s Jordan Staal/Kris Letang” giggle. A “OMG! He’s frickin adorable” giggle. Maybe it’s the way he does the weather. Or the way he almost skated right into Cooke when S&I caught his attention at Southpointe one morning. Anyway, this is not the time to talk about adorable-ness. TK has a killer slapshot. He’s a true sniper and goalies hate him. You gotta sign TK.

And then there’s this guy…*holds breath and closes eyes*

*swoon* Max...

We just cannot lose Max. He’s literally the heart & soul of this Penguins team. The city loves him and he loves the city. If he leaves, which I pray he wont, I will proudly buy his jersey–wherever he goes. Even the Habs. God, I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth…doesn’t taste too good. YUCK! Anyway, he may not be huge on the point scoring end of the spectrum, but Max is a force on the ice. He’s not scared of anyone. Much like Rupp and Dupper, he’s tough as nails. I’ll cry–seriously, I will–if he leaves. SIGN MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I have to say this and I pray L doesn’t beat me for it…Superstar should bring his talent to Tampa -S)

Obviously, we know the Pens can’t sign all 4. And we know that some of these players have a chance to cash in. But I am praying to the Hockey Gods for a miracle. I’m having trouble deciding who stays and who goes. My must stay list consists of Max. And maybe TK…and Dupper…and Rupp. Crap. Can’t they all stay?? I’ll gladly throw my life savings into the mix. Anyone else want to join and add to the Keep Max, TK, Dupper & Rupp with the Penguins Fund? (MEEEEEE!!!!! I will gladly throw in some of my financial aid money HA!- S)