The Race to the Finish: East

1 03 2012

This is one of those times when “slow & steady” has no chance of winning the race.

Can you believe there is only a month & ONE week left in the regular season?! I find myself starting to panic thinking about the off-season. Anyway, this is when the season gets serious. The coaches lose sleep. The games get scrappy. And our boys power through their injuries. All for one reason. For a chance to compete for Lord Stanley’s attention for the next year. Let’s take a look at a few teams…

New York Rangers

With 86 points — they are absolutely blowing every team in the Eastern Conference away. And I don’t want to say word-for-word what I’m thinking in fear of jinxing myself, so I’ll say it a different way. I think something shiny is going to be visiting this team this summer. And I’m not talking about the Lombardi Trophy that has already been showcased.

So there ya have it. I made a prediction without ACTUALLY saying the words. I plan on using my special connections with the NYR to celebrate.

Boston Bruins

Here in Crazyville, MA — everyone is convinced that this team is capable of a repeat. I’m not necessarily saying they are wrong…but there are just BETTER teams this season. ::cough::RANGERS::cough::¬†But, I’m not here to burst anyone’s bubble. The great thing about hockey is the pace in which things change. Who knows?! This team could, once again, surprise the nation.

Florida Panthers

I really don’t have much to say about this team except: WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM?! Done.

And our beloved: Pittsburgh Penguins

It breaks my heart to admit this, but without Sid on that ice…I just don’t see anything shiny coming to the ‘Burgh this summer.The boys need the confidence & offensive power that he brings to the ice. Now, before all you Pens fans find your panties in a bunch, let me say that I’m not doubting the skills & abilities of Geno, Staalsy, Nealer, or ANY of the boys. Anything is possible with this team. Exhibit A: Last season. How many call-ups from Wilkes-Barre were there because of injuries!? And they still silenced the critics by powering into the playoffs.

I remember this moment like it was yesterday.

Dear Pens, this is me. Challenging you. Please, prove me wrong. I’d love to visit the ‘Burgh next fall for the Season Opener to see a special banner being raised. ;)

Now let’s jump down the standings a bit.

Washington Capitals

Poor Caps. Everyone’s gunning for their spot! The Jets are one thier heels. Toronto isn’t too far off. Hell, even Tampa has a shot! I hate the Caps just as much as any other Pens fan out there…but I can’t picture the playoffs without them. Hang in there, boys!

And just ONE more comment.

Montreal Canadians

You do realize that the hockey season starts in October, right?! Where are you!? As much as I dislike you (being from Boston and all) I still want to see a Bruins v Habs steel cage death match for the Cup! Seriously boys. Time to get your heads in the game. Especially since I’m coming to Montreal for a visit in 3 weeks. I want you to win when I’m there. It’d be no fun for the home team to lose! What kind of “WELCOME TO MONTREAL” would that be?!¬†Mathematically, I don’t think it’s even possible to fix the hole you’ve dug throughout the season. But then again…I went to art school & took a “Math: for Art Students” class. (no offense to any readers in Art School)



HELL YEAH! Hockey is back in Winnipeg!

9 10 2011

Am I the only one who is SUPER excited that hockey is back in Winnipeg? I mean, seriously…listen to this crowd! If that isn’t a hyped crowd, I dont know what is.

Go Jets Go!

I’m a little late. The puck dropped at 5pm & right now the Jets are down by 4 with 6:21 left in the 3rd…but I figured I’d wait until all the awesome coverage was released to share it with all of you. I’m secretly hoping that this boosts their spirits & gives them some good luck.

They did a heartbreaking tribute for Rick Rypien. Seriously, don’t watch the video unless you have a box of tissues sitting next to you and you’re in the mood to weep like a baby because I’m still wiping my eyes and sniffling. RIP Rick. [click here]

Poor Mommy Rypien... </3 still breaks my heart

If you decided to be brave and watch the tribute, maybe singing along to Oh Canada will cheer you up. [click here]

Ooohhhh Caaaannnaaadddaaaaa

This next video gave me chills. The Winnipeg Video department gets a round of high-fives from me. But I guess if you weren’t obsessed with fighter jets — like S & I are — then it won’t really mean much to you. [click here]

Fighter Jets + L = drool fest

Anyway, congrats to the Winnipeg Jets on their season opener. I can’t wait to cheer you on & possibly get some Jets gear…just because.

Welcome to the new Winnipeg!

22 07 2011

Congrats to the Jets on their new logo! All new gear hits store today!

Ohhhhhhh Caaaannnadaaaa

I may have to buy myself some Jets apparel just simply because this is so cool! First game of the season for them is Oct 9th against the Canadians. I’ll most definitely be tuning in!

Wheeling and Dealing

25 06 2011

The girls here at Hockey’s Finest would like to extend a congratulations to the league on yet another great NHL Entry Draft.

Some of the highlights:

-Seeing those boys put on their new jerseys and ball caps

-Watching all the proud mommas tearing up in the audience

-The ticker at the bottom of the screen updating fans on all the trade news (DRAMA CENTRAL!)

-Witnessing the first draft pick for the Winnipeg JETS 2.0 franchise

– And last, but certainly not least, Gabriel Landeskog

Couldn't Resist

Which brings us to the main point of this post. To all the draftees…Welcome to the big leagues boys! We look forward to watching you develop as men and hockey players! Love always, S & L

Fresh Meat

Trip to Pittsburgh: Part Deux

24 06 2011

S & I are like kids in a candy store right now…

which shall we choose?

The NHL just released the 2011-2012 regular season schedule and we’ve already marked up our calendars. Road trip to Pittsburgh numero deux is already in the works for next March. The thought of seeing our Hockey Husbands has us squealing like little girls already. We only have 9 months to go…

Although we can’t decide which game we want to go to…help us decide. We’re thinking it’s between Phoenix and Toronto. We’d love to see Biz ….or Lupul and our Penguin boys. It’d be like killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

No we can't do them all.

Between the two of us, we have a game (if not 4) every month of the season. On my student budget, I am SO going broke this season. -S

Season opener = yes please.

Every Bruins fan in Boston will be trying to get season opener tickets…so the chances of me actually getting tickets are slim to none. I was challenged to a hockey trivia game last night with a friend from work’s boyfriend (yes, if you’re reading this–which I know you do– I’m talking to you). If I win, I apparently get season opener tickets. So let’s just say I’ll be “studying” until our Hockey Trivia Challenge. Bring.It.On. (Oooohh!!! I can quiz you! I am a very good studier. Nerd alert! – S)

And I gotta get to a Habs game. That’s just how it is here in Boston. It’s a must.


lucky S--gets the first Pens game

I’m very angry with the NHL. Why does Tampa get a home game against the Hawks and the Bruins dont. *sigh* A Toewsless season = a sad L. Muahahahaha I am so excited for that game. -S

one lonely game.

S needs her Staal fix at least once–if not every other–month. Girl gets 3 brothers to drool over every season and I just get one boy to drool over. Lucky me. I will proudly admit that I am addicted to those brothers. What is in that farm water? -S

S gets her dose of our boys....again.

Another Pens game AND Canes…really S?! Unbelievable. You have a great month of January. Filled with Penguins, Bolts, EStaal, JSkinner, RNash, JCarter, MGreen, and BLaich…good god. I don’t expect to find you alive after all this…

At least I will die one happy woman! Can I just state how excited I am at the prospect of Carter to the Blue Jackets? I don’t know how I will survive with Carter, Nash, and my Bolt boys all so close to me. I HAVE to make that game! -S


I get some Penguin love. I will reppin’ my Tanger gear at the Garden. Sorry B’s fans. I also get to see Mr. Underwood. How awesome is that? Think Carrie will make an appearance?? …I suppose not, but one can dream.

what a way to end the season...

Just when I’ll be going through my Letang withdrawls, I’ll be able to see the B’s play the Pens one last time for the season…

Unless the dreadful happens and they end up playing in the playoffs. I have no idea how S made it through this season. Brave soul.

Well, our schedules are absolutely packed next season. Whether our bank accounts allow all this fun is another story entirely…

Looking forward to having you all with us to see how this season’s journey unfolds! -S

Goodbye Atlanta…Hello Winnipeg??

21 05 2011

Before we start congratulating the city of Winnipeg, S & I have to offer our thoughts and prayers to our friend J who *may* be moving to a hockeyless city in the fall for grad school. Just like us, J is an avid Penguins follower (Hockey Husband: Max Talbot) from Florida. Due to blackout restrictions (for all 3 of us) we can’t always catch the Pens game on TV, and that’s when we rely on our hometown teams. Thankfully, Florida has the Bolts…and dare I say it, the Panthers (Do they even count? -S)


Anyway, at first S & I were more than excited for J to move to Atlanta. I mean, she was going to a great school and plus if she couldn’t catch a Pens game on TV — at least she’d have the Thrashers, right!? WRONG. Sorry J, the Atlanta Thrashers look like they may become the Winnipeg Jets in the near future.

Get ready Winnipeg!!

Poor girl. She didn’t even get to ONE game! S & I are legitimately worried about her. So if anyone is ever in the Atlanta area and you see a pretty girl smashing her head against a wall…that’s J. Tell her to please stop and keep her chin up because S & L love her too much for her to hurt herself. Plus…that just gives us more of an excuse to talk her into coming back to Florida (or even a trip to Boston). We love you, J. Stay strong babe.

Who knows J, maybe you’ll become a Hawks fan! ….no? Ok…well– we tried.

I’d like to think the Thrashers are excited about a possible move. Maybe they’ll actually sell out some games up in the cold North!

"We get fans?! Wahhoooo!!"

Sorry Atlanta hockey fans…looks like you’ll have to travel to get your fix. How ’bout them Preds?!